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Dog Areas in Newton Centre

2 Eateries

Newton Centre is a small village in Massachusetts, one of thirteen that make up the city of Newton. Many of the villages in the larger Newton area have thriving downtown areas of their own, as well as thriving economies and the populations are nothing to sneeze at either! Newton Centre, as the name implies, is towards the center of Newton. While the area is small, it’s a must-see area for the dog enthusiast in all of us. 

It boasts dog-friendly restaurants in the immediate area, like Sandwich Works, a sandwich shop with a number of hot and cold sandwich selections among a plethora of other choices. Your dog isn’t just welcome here; you’re encouraged to bring your pup along! A water bowl will be provided for your wily woofer, and fresh drinking water is available when requested. Although the outdoor area where your dog is welcome is only made up of two tables, it lends the privacy any shy dog could want. It’s just large enough to make a new pup pal, and the perfect size for a moment of solitude with master.

With Boston and other large cities also being nearby, the merits of Newton Centre are obvious!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Newton Centre

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 3,426/sq mi

    #1 Chestnut Hill Village

    Just east of Newton Centre, you’ll find yourself in Chestnut Hill. A beautiful town with wonderful scenery and a number of places for you and your pup to explore, you’d be doggone crazy to miss this stop on your doggie to-do list. While you’re there, be sure to check out White Mountain Creamery, a shop that makes nearly any treat your sweet tooth could desire. Best of all, your dog is welcome to join you at the outdoor tables while you eat your sweet treat. Be sure to bring some yummies for puppy’s tummy as well, and you’ll be set!
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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 3,161/sq mi

    #2 Weymouth

    Follow your pokey pup’s paws a little ways off, and drop in to see Stodder’s Neck Park. Surrounded on three sides by water, and a rock wall on the fourth, your dog is free to romp off-leash and make some new friends! A popular location for tourists and locals alike, you’ll find plenty of water bowls available, but be sure to bring your own drinking water. Additionally, doggy waste bag stations are available throughout the park. Enjoy a day of splashing in the water and hiking the numerous trails; or, you could let your dog have all the fun!
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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 26,290/sq mi

    #3 Back Bay

    A doggy day trip to Boston is a no-brainer when you’re in nearby Newton Center. Mosey on over to Back Bay, a hop and a skip away from Peter’s Park. A relatively new park, Peter’s Park is a fenced-in area where your puppy pal is free to enjoy some off-leash fun. With over 13,000 square feet in the park total, as well as 3,000 dedicated to small breeds alone, you can’t go wrong in this pristine park! Be sure to bring doggy waste bags to keep the fresh gravel clean, and plenty of drinking water.
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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 158/sq mi

    #4 Emerald Street

    If you happen to find yourself in Wrentham, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a perfectly pristine and quite large dog park nearby. On Emerald Street, Wrentham Dog Park is a massive field fenced in on all sides, leaving your pup plenty of room to prance. There is nearly always one friend for Fido to play with, and the space is so expansive, your pup won’t have any trouble running themselves weary. Particularly well laid out for large dogs, you’ll find water bowls in every corner, and doggy waste bags available as well. Just bring plenty of water and treats!
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,457/sq mi

    #5 South Bend

    Back in Boston, a hop and a skip away from Newton Centre, make your way to South Bend and you’d be doggone crazy to miss out on the dog-friendly restaurant known simply as Blunch. Serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch, this restaurant is one of the most dog-friendly in the area. Enjoy a nice meal in their outdoor eating area, and be sure to grab one of those tasty dog biscuits that the kind owners keep near the door of the establishment. Bring plenty of drinking water, and be prepared to clean up after puppy. Though your dog is not allowed indoors, that shouldn’t stop you from having a ball. Ball? Ball!
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