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Dog Areas in Inkster

10 Parks
6 Eateries
1 Groomer

Inkster is a moderately sized city with a lot to offer residents and travelers. If you enjoy the nightlife, you will have options here in Inkster that can include your furry friends if you so choose. If you are looking for a meal that will get your tail wagging, you will love the downtown area for its variety and convenience. If you love the outdoors and need somewhere for you and Sparky to stretch your legs, heading to the north side of town will show you the best green spaces around. You will find four animal hospitals located in Inkster if you need some help with your canine while on your trip.

There are a few dog-friendly restaurants throughout the city that welcome dogs in their outdoor seating areas. Dog lovers who come to Inkster enjoy the abundant neighborhood parks and friendly atmosphere found there. Many dog owners who enjoy fenced in areas for off-leash fun travel just ten minutes north to the Hines Dog Park, which has separate facilities based on your dog’s size. But if you don’t mind a nice walk on a leash, your dog will love just traveling around town with their favorite human, taking in all of the sights and sounds this unique city has to offer. 

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Inkster

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,868/sq mi

    #1 Downtown Inkster


    Downtown Inkster is a great place for dog owners looking for a busier scene to visit during the day. You will find the local Early Bird Coney Island welcomes travelers with four-legged companions in their outdoor area. You will also find Moe’s Fish and Chicken a great spot to quickly grab something to take back to your room if you and your dog find yourselves all wagged out. Moe’s has great comfort food options; just make sure Fido keeps his eyes in his head when he gets a sniff of your dinner! Bring your waste bags with you as you walk the town in order to keep the walkways in great shape for everyone. 

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  2. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 3,975/sq mi

    #2 North Inkster


    North Inkster is where the doggie party is! Here, you will find open green spaces and local parks where your dog can walk and play with you all day long. You can grab some food to fuel your journey at Tim Horton’s. You then have your choice of destinations. Leashed dogs are welcome at the Lower Rouge Parkway, which has many streams that run through the lush greenery. You are also welcome to bring your dog with you to Westwood Park, if you prefer a smaller, more intimate park area for walks, sniffs, and fuzzy cuddles until the sun goes down! 

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,975/sq mi

    #3 West Inkster


    The west part of the city of Inkster is home to Inkster City Parks and Recreation. This area will give you hours, even days, of outdoor entertainment for you and your dog. You'll also love the scenery just north in Garden City Park if you are looking for a space with unique topography, perfect for energetic dogs! When you start to feel famished, head over to Captain Jay’s Fish and Chicken or the local Burger King for fast service and plenty of outside seats for your dog to enjoy more time with you. Bring your waste bags and plenty of water, and prepare to get your exercise in this neighborhood. 

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,975/sq mi

    #4 South Inkster


    South Inkster is largely residential, but you are welcome to pass through here with your dog if you are looking for a good place for an afternoon walk. If you are working on your dog’s social skills, you will encounter many dog-walking residents who would be happy to help you practice and work with your dog on cues and concentration. You will want a short leash, two-handed if you can, for this kind of work, but the reward is the confidence to take your pup with you even to the busiest of cities without fear of your dog’s reactions to the stimulation. 

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,921/sq mi

    #5 Crowley Park


    Crowley Park is just outside of Downtown Inkster, and is known best for its namesake park. You and your dog can rest assured that you will enjoy yourselves in the Crowley Park area, whether you are taking a stroll through the neighborhood or visiting the park for an afternoon of tail-waggin’ fun in the sun with your best friend. Make sure you bring plenty of water and waste bags so that you can stay hydrated and clean up after yourself before you leave this enchanting neighborhood on the east side of the city. If you get hungry, you should head over to Bangkok 96 for dog-friendly Asian fusion. 

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