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Dog Areas in Curtice

Curtice, Ohio is a small town with only 1,526 inhabitants. This small township is located only fifteen miles from the giant, bustling city of Toledo, Ohio. Like Toledo, Curtice is close to the shore, as well as plenty of neighboring towns and parks. Although the town itself may not have any parks, anything you could dream of is only a short car ride away!

One of the reasons why people in Ohio choose to work in Toledo but live in Curtice is that the town is quiet, peaceful and away from the busy city of Toledo. Sometimes you and your pup just need some peace and quiet. Lucky for you, there are two large wildlife refuges next to Curtice that you can explore with your pooch!

In addition to the close proximity to the parks, Curtice is also incredibly close to the shore and beaches of Ohio. You could start your day at the beach and end it with camping in the vast wilderness. Trust us, there is no shortage of activities for you and your pooch in and around Curtice. Whether you live in Curtice or are simply visiting, you and your pup are guaranteed to have a pawesome time!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Curtice

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 522/sq mi

    #1 Momeentown


    Driving only nine miles from your home in Curtice will bring you to Momeentown, home to Maumee Bay State Park. This state park is as high end as they come. Situated on the edge of Lake Erie, it is unlike any other park because it has cottages, a luxurious lodge and even a golf course! If that's not really your speed, you and your pup can always take a stroll through the wildlife-filled forests and meadows. You are even likely to see some deer and exotic birds on your walk. Just make sure your pup is leashed at all times. 

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 522/sq mi

    #2 East Curtice

    Located in East Curtice is one of the largest, most beautiful nature preserves in the area, the Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge has an interesting history because it was donated to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in the 1960's by the owners of the Cedar Point Shooting Club. It is 2,445 acres of land with many marshes and three large pools. You will often see people walking through the marshland with their dogs and equipment for camping and fishing. There is plenty to do in the park, so you and your pup will remain occupied for an entire day or even weekend!
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 522/sq mi

    #3 Southeast Curtice

    Although this is not a dog park, it is the next best thing. Located in the southeastern area of Curtice is Metzger Marsh Wildlife area. This wildlife area does not have grassy land, but instead has marshes and a beautiful stony coast from which many people like to fish. You will often find families enjoying ice cream, fishing, and playing games here. How furtastic would it be to catch and eat a fish with your dog? Your pup will love the coast and fresh lake water here. Just make sure you take your own doggie poop bags and keep your pooch leashed at all times.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 522/sq mi

    #4 North Elmore

    Located less than ten miles from Curtice is yet another ginormous wildlife preserve. You will find the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in North Elmore. This sprawling stretch of green, gorgeous land is 6,858 acres in size, so you know there is plenty of space for you and your pup to stretch your legs. The park is also special because it is a natural habitat for many endangered bird species. Make sure you take your camera with you and take plenty of photos of your pooch posing with the gorgeous birds. You are both guaranteed to have a pawesome time!
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 522/sq mi

    #5 East Oregon

    Located only five minutes from Curtice is Pearson Park. This park is pretty bare bones, but provides plenty of open space for you and your pup when you want to relax in the sun. Pack a picnic, grab a good book and plenty of doggie toys, and you will be occupied the whole day! Just make sure you take a leash and doggie poop bags with you, as the park can get quite crowded in the evenings. You will also see plenty of people running and playing with their pups in the park, making it an ideal place to make friends!
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