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Dog Areas in Monroe, WA

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Located about thirty miles northeast of Seattle, the city of Monroe was officially incorporated in 1902. Up until the Great Depression, Monroe had been quite a thriving city. Many sawmills operated in the city, and soon, several dairy farms followed. Many of these industries came to a stop in the 1930s, but the town managed to quickly get back on its feet through agriculture. Today, Monroeville thrives and serves as a bedroom community for Seattle. It’s also been the setting for the popular movies The Ring and The Ring Two.

Monroe is a great place to explore if you’re wanting to take in a city with rich history, but what if you’re out and about looking for something to do with your four-legged companion? Unfortunately, Monroe isn’t the most dog-friendly place. With one dog park and no dog-friendly restaurants, you might be better off heading to a nearby larger city. Have no fear, though! There are dozens of options located just a short drive away, so you’ll never be too far from having serious fun with your pet. The good news is that Monroe does have a veterinarian clinic or two, so if you need care for your dog, you aren’t far away from getting it. With its convenient location, Monroe is surely worth the visit!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Monroe, WA

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 263/sq mi

    #1 Downtown Monroe


    Located in the heart of Monroe is Wiggly Field at Sky River Park, which is Monroe’s only dog park! This popular bark park has plenty of room for your dog to run around, and there’s also agility equipment for you to play with your dog on. You’ll want to bring your own water and waste disposal bags, as none are provided. Some locals have expressed concerns about the height of the fence, so if your dog likes pretending to be an escape artist, keep your eyes on him. Wiggly Field at Sky River Park is open from April to November.

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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 3,914/sq mi

    #2 Totem Lake


    About twenty miles from Monroe is Totem Lake’s Jasper's Dog Park, located in Kirkland. This fenced-in, off-leash dog park has plenty of room for your dog to run around. Because of all the rain, this park is surfaced with mostly wood chips so that it doesn’t get too muddy. There’s a separate section of the park for smaller dogs, but this section can also be used for dogs who are shy and less-socialized, letting them work up to playing with the big dogs. Make sure to bring along your own water and waste disposal bags!

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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,910/sq mi

    #3 Marymoor Park - Redmond


    Thirty miles from Monroe, you and your dog can have fun exploring what locals call “the Disneyland of dog parks.” Marymoor Park is a huge dog park; it spans over forty acres! There’s open fields for your dog to run through, woods to be explored, and there’s even a body of water that more adventurous dogs can go swimming in. You will want to bring your own waste disposal bags, and there is a $1 parking fee, but access to the park itself is free of charge. If you’re looking for somewhere for your pooch to have a ball while getting in his exercise, look no further than Marymoor Park!

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,910/sq mi

    #4 Downtown Redmond


    If you’re looking for somewhere to chow down with your chow-hound, make sure to visit downtown Redmond, which is about thirty minutes from Monroe. This district has several dog-friendly eateries. The Stone House serves up delicious American cuisine, including fresh seafood. Your dog can join you on the patio, but he’ll need to be on his best behavior. Redmond’s Bar and Grill is known for their burgers and steaks, and Fido can join you at any outdoor table! He’ll need to stay on his leash, but it’s on you to resist giving him a bite or two.

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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 30/sq mi

    #5 Central Gold Bar - Gold Bar


    Gold Bar, located about fifteen minutes east of Monroe, has its pros and cons. One pro is the Gold Bar Off-Leash Dog Area! Your dog is welcome to run around and get in his exercise off his leash, which is probably much more exciting for him. This area isn’t fenced in, though, so please use your best judgment. No water or waste disposal bags are provided, so you’ll want to grab some from home. If your dog listens well, this dog park is sure to be fun for both of you! The con of Gold Bar? You probably won’t leave with an actual gold bar.

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