Traveling with Your Dog over the Holidays: Everything You Need to Know


The holidays are finally here! Time to put a pause on the daily grind and simply enjoy yourself with your friends, family, and of course, your beloved dog. While traveling somewhere is an activity hardly anyone doesn’t like, it is not all fun and games. There are some things you must know before you venture into the great unknown with your pup by your side. You need to be prepared, keep your dog safe, and of course, have some fun, all of which you can do if you are properly informed and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Do Your Research

With or without a dog, when you are traveling, you need to do your research to make sure that you will: 1. Get to your destination safely; 2. Have a place to stay; 3. Learn how to navigate the area. Get your laptop out and find a good dog-friendly lodge, find budget-friendly transportation, and of course, learn about the place you are going to.

Be Prepared

Next, before you even think about going anywhere, introduce your dog to a setting similar to an airport, train station, or a long car ride. Dogs can get uncomfortable and nervous in the airports and similar places due to a lot of people and an unknown area, so pre-exposing them to these places will help with their anxiety and make the travel day easy peasy!

Microchip and More

Make sure that you get dog tags and put them on your dog’s collar. They should be wearing them at all times in case they get lost. Include your name and phone number on the tags so a finder can contact you when they spot your dog! You can also get your dog microchipped before you go on the trip.

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Pick an Airline

This one can be a bit tricky. Try your best to find a dog-friendly airline that will allow your dog to fly in a cabin. Some of them allow large dogs to travel with you, so if you do not want your pup to fly in cargo, give them a call and ask. Do your research, and have a safe flight!

Get a Passport

If you are traveling abroad, your doggo will need a pet passport. You can ask your vet for advice, but you will need to vaccinate your pet for rabies and have proof of vaccination not older than 30 days, as well as a health certificate. If you are returning from some countries, your dog may need a screwworm inspection and tapeworm treatment, too.

Pack Smart

Make sure to pack all the necessities such as your pup’s medicine, food, first aid kit, their medical records and passport, a leash, their crate, and some toys and treats as well. Consider packing a jacket if you are going somewhere cold, and bring grooming supplies if your dog’s fur will get tangled from all the fun you will have!