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Dog Areas in Nantucket

17 Parks
9 Trails
11 Shops
8 Eateries
7 Groomers

About 30 miles out from Cape Cod in Massachusetts, you'll see through the fog a small dark island in the distance, known as The Little Grey Lady of the Sea. This is just a nickname for the island though, as it's really Nantucket Island, home to the town of Nantucket. In the off season, the town holds about 10,000 people, but  during the summer months, the population swells to nearly 50,000 with vacationers. 

With such a significant increase in population, it's no wonder the place turned out to be such a dog-friendly place to come. One spot that your pup will just love is the Dionis Beach. This beach is at the central northern part of the island and is very dog-friendly. Dogs must remain on their leash, but can frolic in the sand or swim in the open water.

The town boasts 8 different dog-friendly restaurants, including The Jetties, the Easy Street Cantina, and the Atlas. While they may vary in cuisine, all three offer dog-friendly outdoor seating, perfect for those easy summer nights by the water. The town also has three animal hospitals to cater to all the resident, or visiting, pups' needs, proving that you and your dog will feel right at home in Nantucket. 

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Nantucket

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 872/sq mi

    #1 Nantucket Town Center

    The Nantucket Town Center neighborhood is the urban area of Nantucket, and home to downtown businesses and bustling streets. Right off the shore is the dog-friendly Francis Street Beach. Dogs must remain on their leashes, but can play on the sandy seashore, swim in the water and even take a kayak ride with their human. If you want something more on the mainland, then head over to Lily Pond Park, a 20-acre park with walking trails through forested areas. Dogs must also remain on a leash at this park and humans must bring clean-up bags.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 35/sq mi

    #2 Madaket

    The Madaket neighborhood takes up the western point of the island and town. It is higher in elevation than other parts of the island, which provides some fantastic views from the cliffside. If you want to bring Fido to see some of these scenic looks, you'd have to take the Tupancy Links Trail, a dog-friendly trail that allows dogs to roam off-leash for their walk. The path is usually a popular one with other dog owners and can make a good socialization spot for Fido. There are benches along the trail and trash bins in the parking lot. B sure to bring bags for clean up, and your own water.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 862/sq mi

    #3 Cisco

    The southern neighborhood of Nantucket offers the Cisco beach which takes up most of its shoreline. The beach is dog-friendly to all dogs before 9 am, or after 5 pm in summer, or anytime in winter. Dogs must remain on leash while at the park and be picked up after, but for access to features like water fountains, trash bins, and benches in the parking area, its a small price to pay. The neighborhood is also home to Cisco Brewers, a small-town brewery with a sizeable outdoor seating area that's friendly to leashed dogs. Dogs are offered complimentary water, and free treats at the farm stand next to the brewery.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 407/sq mi

    #4 Long Josephs Point

    The Long Josephs Point neighborhood may seem a bit scarce at first, but once you begin to explore, you'll find it's taken up by scenic forests and beautiful beaches. Some of those woods are from the Nantucket State Forest, a 50-acre piece of land filled with towering trees, 2 miles of nature trails and vibrant green vegetation. Dogs are welcome throughout the park, but must remain on a leash. Near the parking area of the park, there is even an obstacle course for pups. The park also features picnic areas, benches, and trash bins. Be sure to bring your own water and clean up bags.
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 60/sq mi

    #5 Siasconset

    The Siasconset neighborhood is most known for its long shorelines and sandy beaches, and it's most famous one is the Siasconset Beach. The beach is dog-friendly before 9 am and after 5 pm in summer, or anytime in the off-season, as long as dogs remain on leash. If you're tired of the beaches, the neighborhood has an inland option known as the Masquetuck Trail. This short hike travels through freshwater bogs, salt marshes, hardwood forests, and finally a boardwalk that leads to the ocean. Although there aren't many features, dogs are welcome to explore this beautiful natural area as long as they remain on a leash.
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