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Dog Areas in Fergus Falls

15 Parks
3 Trails
20 Shops
1 Eatery
4 Groomers

The town of Fergus Falls was named after the large waterfall in the area that was founded in 1856. Not only is the town known for its famous waterfall, but also the abundance of bodies of waters that include ponds, lakes, and the Otter Tail River. Large prairies and grassy fields surround these lakes, and not only provides gorgeous scenery, but open spaces that are dog-friendly to pups and humans.

On the outskirts of the city lies one of the cities most famous parks, known as the Broken Down Dam Park. The park is in a rural area, and home to the old collapsed damn along the Otter Tail River. With over 80 acres of natural land, there are 2.1 miles of dirt trails and boardwalks, with wooden stairs and small docks along the shore, offering spots for fishing and swimming. This park is a great place to walk around for the day with Fido, especially since your pup is not required to be on a leash. Don't forget to bring some water and clean-up bags here!

Hikers and outdoors lovers alike will enjoy the time they spend outside with Fido inside the Fergus Falls State Wildlife Management Area. The area is over 797 acres, with protections over the natural and unnatural grassland that makes up the area. There's a small spot with picnic tables, open areas for recreational games, and access to miles of trails. There are trash bins and benches throughout the park.

With two different veterinarians, and multiple developed and rural areas for play, you and Fido won't want to leave the small town of Fergus Falls.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Fergus Falls

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 416/sq mi

    #1 Southern Fergus Falls

    The Southern Fergus Falls neighborhood is filled with some of the largest lakes in the city, surrounded by rows of residential homes. Right on Pebble Lake is a park called Delagoon Park. The park has over 196 acres of wetlands and forests, with open areas and paved walkways winding throughout. The area is dog-friendly and has different attractions, like a boat launch, beach, fishing area, baseball fields, soccer fields, and camping spots. Pups must be on a leash inside the park whether playing or going for a walk along some of the paths, and have access to additional features like water fountains, benches, and clean-up stations.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 862/sq mi

    #2 Valley View

    The neighborhood of Valley View rests in the dip of surrounding hills and acts as a suburban community outside the city's center. The neighborhood has a great park place called Old Smokey Ski Hill Park and provides activities for everyone. The park rests right along a small lake, with a large waterfront path featuring access points for fishing. There are trees that line and cover a large portion of the park, providing plenty of shade and privacy along the open spots of the park. Dogs are not required to be on a leash inside this park, but don't forget to bring water and clean-up bags.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 490/sq mi

    #3 North Fergus Falls

    North Fergus Falls is a small and quiet neighborhood, with a few residential homes and lots of natural areas. Godel Park is a great place to head out to experience some of the natural areas of the neighborhood, with a large open space that borders Hoot Lake. The lake offers residents a place to swim, fish, and go boating. There is also open space for playing, around, or picnicking for you and Fido. Dogs must remain on a leash, and have access to water fountains, benches, and trash bins. Northeast Park is a rural area with open space and forested trails, dirt pathways and a baseball diamond. No need to leash up Fido here, but you'll need to bring your own water.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 430/sq mi

    #4 Summit

    The neighborhood of Summit is quiet but large, with plenty of rows of residential homes and bustling streets. Among the houses is North Broadway Park, a large recreational park for humans and pups. The area is dog-friendly to leashed pups, and offers plenty of things for you and Fido, like large open areas, enclosed baseball fields and tennis courts, a fishing pond, paved walkways, a playground, water fountains, and clean-up stations. The Van Dyk Park is also in the neighborhood and is much quieter, but still offers lots of space for you and Fido to run around and play. There's a small pavilion, benches, and trash bins.
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 407/sq mi

    #5 West Fergus Falls

    West Fergus Falls is a pretty rural neighborhood, with large acres of prairies that surround the communities residential homes. The best place to head to walk Fido in the community is Kennedy Park. The park is an undeveloped park, with unruly trees and vegetations, nature trails and a gravel parking lot. Fido is not required to remain on a leash inside the park, although it is not fenced-in. With plenty of room to run around and exercise, the only thing you'll need to worry about is bringing water and clean-up bags. if you want to stay in the neighborhood, the Super 8 motel is a dog-friendly hotel that allows up to two dogs of any size to stay for an additional cost.
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