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Dog Areas in Roy, WA

2 Parks
4 Shops
2 Eateries
1 Groomer

Roy is a community that’s risen and fallen since it was established in 1908. Like many of the neighboring communities, Roy was hit hard by the Great Depression. When the railway also stopped using Roy as a major stop, the boom was officially over for this boom town. Today, Roy is a stable, if small, community. Given that, it’s all the more impressive that Roy has a private vet’s office and an animal hospital--proving that no one loves their animals like Roy!

If you’re looking for a truly ewe-nique experience, try Ewe-topia! This is a novel dog training center where they allow dogs of all breeds to try their hand--or paw--at herding! You have to call in advance, so set up an appointment ASAP if you know you’re going to be in the area. Herding is great mental and physical exercise for dogs, and the knowledgeable staff keep anything baaaahd from happening!

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for your treat! Roy’s very own Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon has eight dog friendly outdoor tables for you to enjoy. Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon serves up American favorites. This includes hot off the grill BBQ and a wide variety of hearty breakfast items. Locals love the speciality burgers, so start with one of those if you’re undecided. Just part of that Roy hospitality!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Roy, WA

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 79/sq mi

    #1 Central Roy

    The Roy City Park in Central Roy is a classic, small town park experience. This one is a little better than most because it balances catering to children with the wider population. First, the playground: there’s a collection of equipment and room to play. From there, the park widens out. A lot of the park is given to wide, grassy meadows and wooded paths that are perfect for dog walking. There’s a bridge across a creek that makes for a lovely photo op. Best of all, the park is mostly green and quiet, allowing you and your dog to get back to nature! Dogs must be leashed in the park.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 381/sq mi

    #2 McKenna


    The river is the key attraction in McKenna Park. The neighborhood of McKenna used to be a separate town. Today, it's part of Roy. This McKenna Park attracts its fair share of visitors. With water access and sandy river beaches, who’s surprised? If your dog doesn’t love to paddle in the water, McKenna Park has some walking trails. They’re suited for all activity levels, and tend to be on the easier side due to the topography. Skirt the edge of the playground and you can follow the paths along the river for a great view without the wet dog smell. Bring your own water if you’re going to roam far!

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 208/sq mi

    #3 Five Corners


    Five Corners is a tongue in cheek neighborhood where five small districts come together. Longmire Community Park is on the Yelm side of this neighborhood, and a 13 minute drive from the heart of Roy. This distance is very much worth it to walk your dog at a great community park. The sports fields are the main draw of Longmire Community Park. Leash up your dog and walk laps while the kids practice or play in their little league games. The park also has fields for soccer and a basketball court. Dogs will love the chance to explore such a large, open green space!

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 204/sq mi

    #4 Central Yelm


    The Cochrane Memorial Park in Central Yelm is a peaceful place to spend some time. The park is set up with water features as the main attractions. There are ponds, rivers, and even a waterfall! Catch and release fishing is allowed, but your dog will be more interested in following his nose to the duck trails! Wildfowl are very common in the park. It’s important to keep your pup on leash for everyone’s health and safety. Ducks won’t be eggstatic to make a new friend! This park is large enough that most dogs should be satisfied with a walk through it, and there are enough paths that you can double back a few times for your endurance dog champs!

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 381/sq mi

    #5 South Roy


    If exploring Roy has worked up your appetite, look no further than Varsity Pizza! This local pizza shop emphasizes great value and great pizzas. They have an outdoor, dog-friendly patio with plenty of room for your pup. Bring a friend or be prepared to quickly tie your dog up while you order, as they lack table service outside. They have bowls of water available on request! Their signature pies are the local favorites, but they also offer build your owns, classic combinations, and some menu items like salads and soups. If you’re not a huge lover of all things pizza, fear not! With other menu choices, this is still a great restaurant for you and your pup.

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