5 Things to Know Before Traveling at Christmas with your Dog


Traveling and dogs, are there more beautiful things in this world? Hardly so, but traveling with family can be stressful, complicated, and sometimes seem impossible to accomplish! Luckily, nowadays it is pretty easy to include your beloved pet in your Christmas travel plans. All you need are some planning, a little research, and a good old-fashioned checklist of things you need to do and know before traveling! Pet passports, vaccination records, a verification of your dog’s health, and an assessment of their overall behavior are just a few of the things to consider. Be well prepared for a warm and fuzzy Christmas vacation!

Ability to Travel

Before you consider traveling for the holidays you should ask yourself – can my dog really accompany me on this trip? Maybe their health isn’t at its best right now, or they are too sensitive to the cold or hot weather. Perhaps they have anxiety issues and cannot fly cargo. Maybe they have arthritis and spending a long ride in a crate won’t be good for them?

Permission to Enter

If you are traveling abroad for Christmas, before you buy a ticket and announce it to the world, check if dogs are allowed to travel to that country. Many countries do not allow dogs to enter, or they have overly complicated waiting times or procedures that you cannot deal with during your short stay. Be informed and check ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises.


If traveling abroad or cross country on a plane, bus, or car, you will probably have to have a stack of papers to prove your doggo’s clean health. Most border crossings and airlines require you to have a health certificate for your pup, vaccination documents, pet passports, and other certificates. Do your research and consult with your veterinarian about the vaccinations.

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Depending on your holiday destination, you may use your car, take a train, or fly. Be well prepared if you are going on a long car ride with your doggo, not overfeeding them and finding ways to keep them occupied. If you are flying, choose a reputable airline that is dog-friendly, and if you are taking a train, see if dogs are allowed to ride!

Accommodation Tips

Do your research and find a pet-friendly hotel or a hostel that can accommodate your needs. If possible, ask for a ground floor room so you can take your doggy out with ease, and check how dog-friendly they are. Do they have dog food in the restaurant, doggy bowls, proper beds or day sitters you can use when you want to go to a fancy dinner?