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Dog Areas in Edgewood

2 Parks
3 Shops
5 Eateries
3 Groomers

Where you find people, you'll find their furry friends, and no other place is more of a testament to the human and doggo bond than Edgewood, New Mexico! The town is part of the Santa Fe community and has grown immensely as commuters settle down with their dogs in this bedroom community to Santa Fe. The town also serves as a middle ground between Santa Fe and New Mexico's capital — Albuquerque — for drivers who curve eastward on NM-41. Even with the major cities a close drive away, Edgewood's community has grown so much that it now has a life of its own for the two- and four-legged!

Dog owners have everything needed for their pups in Edgewood! There are 4 veterinarians, 3 pet groomers, and 3 pet shops right here in town. You won't have to travel far into the "Land of Enchantment" to get everything Fido needs! 

There's also a bunch of fun you can have with your dog here too! With the San Dias Mountains further down south and the colorful hues of the desert painting the landscape, your dog's inner Georgia O'Keefe will love long walks in this town! There are 2 town-owned parks you can visit with your dog and plenty of equestrian trails that also make great hiking spots. 

If you're looking to grab dinner with your doggo, there are 5 restaurants with outside seating areas where dogs can join you for a meal! Just grab the leash and head out into the desert lands of Edgewood with Fido by your side!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Edgewood

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,416/sq mi

    #1 Central Edgewood

    Does your dog love it when the family goes out for pizza? Fido knows it's tradition to give the crust to the dog as a treat! If you live in the heart of town, there's a pet-friendly pizza spot that serves up New Mexican takes on classic Italian pizza! With fire-roasted green chile as a staple topping, you and Fido know it's going to be delicious at The Pizza Barn! Dogs are welcome to join their owners in the outside eating area as you munch down on specialty pies like The South Mountain, The Barn Burner, or The Route 66. Pizza Barn also serves classic pizza-restaurant dishes like buffalo wings and calzones on top of offering both beer and wine. Fido's ready for some pizza dough!
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  2. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 6,416/sq mi

    #2 Northwest Edgewood


    Does your dog think he's more beast than brawn? If your doggo thinks that the living room is his jungle, then taking him to The Wildlife West Nature Park will appease his inner "Call of the Wild." At Wild Wild West, you and your dog can embark on a fun outdoor educational opportunity. You'll get the chance to see wild animals like elk, black bears, coyotes, foxes, eagles, and many more! The whole family is welcome at the park -- even dogs -- so feel free to bring Fido, but don't forget his leash! Wildlife West also hosts camps, music festivals, and other outdoor learning opportunities. Fido can't wait to explore the park!

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  3. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 6,416/sq mi

    #3 Cedar Crest Center

    Does your dog hate being left alone and loves joining you for every meal of the day? Nowadays, with pet-friendly restaurants becoming more pawpular, it's easy to bring Fido everywhere. In Cedar Crest, there are 2 different pet-friendly restaurants to choose from. First, there's Burger Boy, a local New Mexico joint that's been serving up the greasy goods since the early '80s. Try the World Famous Green Chile Cheeseburger Special for a treat with some heat! Another great pet-friendly spot is Trail Rider Pizza over in Tijeras. Trail Rider has dozens of toppings and even vegan options for all kinds of tastes for dog owners. Fido doesn't have to stay at home. He can come right along with you!
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  4. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 6,416/sq mi

    #4 North Horton

    Does your Fido resemble Pavlov's dog when you mention the word "hamburger"? All dogs' mouths start to water when that word gets mentioned! If you live in the North Horton area, you can drive about half an hour over to Blake's Lotaburgers in Moriarty to grab New Mexico's most famous burger. Blake's serves up an iconic flavor with Hatch Green Chile and Cheese smothering their patties. This pet-friendly restaurant also serves burritos, hot dogs, and fries and rings. The best part is you can top all your food with that pawesome green chile! Fido's already begging you for a bite of your fries! Maybe if he's lucky he'll get a piece of your burger too!
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  5. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 6,416/sq mi

    #5 Torrance Park Rd

    Does your dog love to pitch a tent and spend the weekend out camping? If you live in the southern part of Edgewood, toward Moriarty, then you're within close access to Torrance County Park. With over 30 campsites, the park makes a great place to camp! The night sky in New Mexico is breathtaking, and what better way to enjoy it than sleeping in the desert, beneath the stars outside with Fido by your side? The campgrounds are mostly covered in juniper and pinion trees so your dog will feel right at home in the New Mexico wilderness! No leashes needed out here!
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