8 At Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Your Dog


You don't have to fork out hundreds of dollars on gifts and make reservations at an expensive restaurant to show your two- and four-legged companions how much you love them. A little planning and a few inexpensive supplies can help you to create the most memorable Valentine's Day yet for your fur-family! From a relaxing spa day to decadent doggy dinners and exciting puppy "pawties", we've compiled a list of the very best at-home date ideas for your beloved dogs! These ideas are guaranteed to make your pack fall head over paws in love with you all over again!

Rent a movie

Nothing makes you feel more warm and fuzzy than snuggling with your squad while watching a wholesome movie. Make this family night extra special with some freshly popped "pupcorn", dog biscuits, and some soft blankets. We're certain this little activity will make your dog feel like the luckiest (and comfiest) pooch on the planet! 

Whip up some dog-approved confections

Pup-cakes, ice cream, and cookies — oh my!  Nothing says "I love you" like sweets, but unfortunately, many of the human confectionaries contain harmful ingredients for dogs, like chocolate, sugar, and xylitol. The internet has tons of delicious doggy and human-approved recipes. Our favorite is doggy "ice cream" made with plain yogurt, honey, bananas, and peanut butter — just don't eat it all before Fido gets a taste! 

Play with a dog puzzle

Playing with dog puzzles is a super fun (and funny) way for a dog to learn and receive treats. These toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels, making them an entertaining option for dogs of all ages! Be sure to have your video camera ready — watching them solve the puzzle is half the fun!
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Matching paw-dicures

Pamper your pooch and significant other with an at-home paw-dicure! Dog-safe nail polish can be picked up at most major pet retailers, and are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, all of which are toxic to canines. Just make sure you lay down a towel beforehand to keep your floor polish-free! If Fido doesn't like sitting still, buy toenail caps for a paint-free fashion statement!

Cook dinner together

The way to your dog's heart is through their stomach; show them you care with a decadent home-cooked meal of dog-safe foodies. Steak or chicken with carrots and brown rice is a healthy and balanced meal that both humans and canines will love. Bake some banana slices with honey and cinnamon at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes for a sweet after-dinner treat!

Arts and crafts

Commemorate your doggy date with a paw-print masterpiece! Pick up a set of non-toxic finger paints, a tarp (or newspaper), and a large canvas to get started! Want to take your painting to the next level? Paint a colorful background on the piece before you do the paw prints and finish it off with your favorite dog quote. Don't forget to date your piece!

Puppy play date

If you really want to surprise your canines, then invite a couple of their furry pals over for a V-Day play date. Have the paw-rents bring over their dog's favorite toys and treats to make the occasion extra special. Your dogs will love getting to spend the international day of love with all their favorite two- and four-legged peeps!

Doggy massage

Just like in humans, cold weather can cause aching joints and lethargy in dogs, especially for giant breeds and older canines. Treat your pup to a massage to show them just how much you care! Type in "dog massage techniques" into your search engine for some tips and tricks that will make Fido feel like a brand new pup!