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Celebrate Your Dogs on National Dog Day



Most dog people appreciate their pupsters every day, so why is August 26th’s National Dog Day special? Started in 2004, it not only celebrates all dogs as companions and hard workers, but it’s also meant to raise awareness of the plight of homeless and shelter dogs waiting to be adopted by a loving Pet Parent or family. 

The National Dog Day Foundation, established by Colleen Paige, a well-known Animal Welfare Advocate, has as its motto, “Saving 10,000 Dogs - One Day at a Time!” To them, National Dog Day is an awareness day, on which they have multiple events, online and off, to create a strong focus on the many dogs who need to be adopted.

You can help celebrate National Dog Day at home by taking some time to include awareness activities while having fun with your furvorite canine! Here are some ideas to make this day furtastic!

Make Dog Day boxes

Create Dog Day Boxes to distribute among the animal shelters in your area. Get a group of people to help! Along with pet food and basic supplies, you can include a new toy and a luscious treat or fashion accessory tucked inside a small box. Local pet stores may be interested in donating some great stuff! This will mean instant happiness for the shelter pups, and fun for you! 

Make it a party, and plan to do the box stuffing somewhere where people can bring their pups, like a fenced yard or a secured community center. Ask for help locally with donations from sponsors like pet stores and groomers. And don’t furget to inform the National Dog Day Foundation about what you’re doing so they can feature the event on their web page. 

Share the wealth

If you can, make a contribution to one or more local shelters and animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA or Humane Society. Deliver the donations in person if possible, and don’t forget to bring Fido along! If you can't give donations, volunteer your time to help our the pups!

Get some exercise

Walking your leashed dog in a local neighborhood or at a dog park

Show your own pup how much they mean to you by taking them for a special long trail walk, a hike in the wild or a stroll on a dog-friendly beach. For those living in the city with their pups, a park or greenway is pawfect for exploring or playing. Don’t forget all your essentials, such as sunscreen, bug spray, and water. 

Visit dog-friendly eateries

Many restaurants and cafes, even taverns are opening their doors, patios and beer gardens to doggos so they can enjoy a special meal with their Pet Parents. No-condiment burgers and turkey burgers, or a fine beef or chicken stew will hit the spot! Kick back and introduce your canine kid to the other patrons and your friends. On National Dog Day, they deserve lots of petting and cuddling!

Have a parade!

Invite your friends and other Pet Parents to participate in a leashed doggy parade down your street. Invite your dog-less friends to watch and participate, as it just may encourage them to adopt their own furball. All the enthusiasm associated with the usual marching bands and floats will be directed at the doggos who will love the adoration! Balloons, streamers, and flags make for a festive touch. End the parade with a doggy party in the backyard with doggy ice cream and pupsicles, and lots of water for the thirsty pups! Or get in a stock of dog wine or beer for your furry friends to enjoy!  

Visit the dog-less

Plan a visit with a dog-less friend or older person who may love a visit from a furry friend!

If you know some people who don’t have dogs of their own, and they can’t get to the parade and party, plan a visit with your well-behaved pupster to share the love. Older people, especially, have sometimes had to give up their dogs, or their special pups have passed on, and they may just love a visit from a furry furiend. 

Kick back together

This is a pawrfect day or evening to relax with a dog-friendly show or movie. There are quite a few available that would make a great way to end the day. Choose from movies and shows about dogs and others made especially for dogs to enjoy. Who’s bringing the popcorn?

National Dog Day is all about recognizing the dogs who haven’t been adopted yet and brings awareness to their plight, encouraging adoption and generosity. But it’s also about the pleasure our fur-pals bring to our lives with their antics and never ending love, so be sure your pup knows how special they are. Enjoy this furbulous day with your pooch!

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