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Wag! Mutt Madness 2022 Championship


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 03/15/2022, edited: 03/25/2022


Wag! Mutt Madness Update for March 25th - And the Winner Is...

The Ultimutts!!!

That's right, these mixed breed pups of all shapes, sizes and colors have shown their true athletic ability, and have risen to the top of all the pawmazing canine contenders in the Wag! Mutt Madness 2022 Championship!

A tip of the hat to the Pitbulls, who put up a good fight, and played their best to the end. These furbulous pooches were once thought to be vicious fighters, but loving families have proven that a big heart and an easy-going nature are truly standard for these dogs. Cuddle-bugs to the end, Pits still love a good game, and have made this competition exciting until the finish line.

Mixed breed pups will surprise us all with their enduring love, incredible variety and drive to live each day fully. They'll go paw to paw with any purebred pooch, and continue to prove they are woofderful furiends to the end! The Ultimutts gave it their all, and have come out the champs of this paw to the sidewalk battle!

Hurray, for the Ultimutts! You can celebrate this furbulous win by spoiling your lovable mutt, or giving a mixed breed in need a second chance

Stay tuned to Instagram for more pawtastic animal news!

Wag! Mutt Madness 2022 Championship Bracket

Wag! Mutt Madness Update for March 24th - The Mutt Madness Showdown!

Day 3 of the Mutt Madness Championship revealed some stiff competition for these pups! With only four breeds left, these pooches had to bring their A-game if they wanted to move on to the showdown!

The Ultimutts, backed by their pet parents and fans, took on the tough German Shepherds with gusto! Despite our prediction that the fortitude and strength of the Shepherds would win the bracket, the Ultimutts gathered their best players and walked their paws off to "ultimuttly" defeat them in their own court! The fans went wild, howling up a storm for these unsung heroes of the sidewalk who have proven why mutts are simply the best

As for the Shih Tzus who we predicted would best the Pits, their small legs and lack of muscle proved to be their downfall. These spritely pups put their all into it, but just couldn't keep up with their agile competitors. In the end, the Pitbulls triumphed by hitting the pavement with a focus to rack up those miles and outpace their tiny rivals. 

Now, for the Wag! Mutt Madness Showdown!

  • The Ultimutts vs Pitbulls

Will the Pitbulls prove their mettle and make it all the way to the top? They've certainly got the drive and the endurance to give it their all for the title! Or will the The Ultimutts show there's more to them than just a cute cuddle buddy? These contenders have taken on some of the top-rated athletes of the canine kingdom and are barking for more! 

Fans are predicting the Ultimutts will win, and with this breed surprising us all throughout the competition, we agree! But with the Pits' love of the game, they could snatch the title right out of their paws. 

Who will win the Wag! Mutt Madness Showdown? Grab those leashes and stay tuned to find out!

Wag! Mutt Madness Update for March 23rd - The Furry Four

Day 2 of Mutt Madness pitted pup against pup in a canine competition for the ages. Those striving for victory separated from the pack to prove who was in for the stroll, and who was looking for the Championship title! 

We were sure the Doodles could outwalk the Ultimutts who were a fan favorite, but the mixed breed group was not to be trifled with! The Ultimutts swept the win with their diverse team! The German Shepherds easily gained more miles over the short-legged Frenchies, while the Shih Tzus maintained their winning streak against the cute-nosed Pugs who were predicted to be a shoe-in. And in the most intense matchup, it was ultimately the Pitbulls who triumphed against their Australian Shepherd rivals, but they sure put up a good fight!

Now, we are down to the Furry Four, and the predictions are flying! In today's bracket, we have:

  • The Ultimutts vs German Shepherds
  • Pitbulls vs Shih Tzus

With only four teams in the running, these pooches will have to work hard to move on to the next bracket. Between the Pitbulls and the Shih Tzus, the Pits obviously have the endurance to outpace their smaller rivals, and the fanbase to back it up- but you can't underestimate a Shih Tzu's boundless energy! In this showdown, we are predicting the Shih Tzus will sweep it!

The Ultimutts have proven that pedigree is no substitute for fortitude, and have walked their hearts out in this competition to get to the top of the heap. Will the industrious German Shepherds stand in their way? We just can't predict which players from the The Ultimutts will get court time, so it could be any pup's game. The Shepherds have a long history of not backing down, and won't take a defeat laying down. In this matchup, we predict the German Shepherds will run circles around their rivals and go on to the championship!

Who will win and move on to the Mutt Madness Showdown? Get those paws on the pavement, and stay tuned to find out!

Wag! Mutt Madness Update for March 22nd - The Pet-tential Eight

It was a pavement pounding first day of the Mutt Madness Championship as the pups racked up the miles and scored big for their breeds. In some brackets, the competition was stiff, while in others, there were some surprises in store. 

Despite the Golden Retrievers talking a big game, the Doodles cast off their easy-going stereotype and let their competitive streak shine by sweeping the win. While it was no surprise that the German Shepherds bested the Boxers, who were probably too busy looking for a good napping spot, we were shocked to see the Shih Tzus beat out the bossy Yorkies who aren't used to defeat.

But perhaps the most exciting matchup was between the Huskies and the Australian Shepherds, two working breeds who stand paw to paw in size, strength and endurance. In the end, though, the Aussie's proved they are in it to win it!

Here are today's Pet-tential Eight!

  • The Ultimutts vs Doodles
  • French Bulldogs vs German Shepherds
  • Pitbulls vs Australian Shepherds
  • Shih Tzus vs Pugs

Stay tuned to see who will rise to the challenge and move on, and who'll get left in the dust!

What is Mutt Madness?

Do you like making your dog’s day with a walk? So does Wag!, the nationwide 5-star dog walking, dog sitting and pet care company! But not only do we want to give your dog an experience they’ll love- we also want to reward you, their pawrific Pet Parent, for giving your dog the best with daily prizes, and a grand prize for the Ultimutt Winner!

So, how do you play the funnest, furriest and most barkingly pawsome game around? Mutt Madness pits the most pupular dog breeds registered on the Wag! App against each other in a bracketed competition over four consecutive days, from March 21st to March 24th. And best of all, Pet Parents and their pooches can play just by taking a walk!

That’s right, just by logging into your Wag! App and booking a furbulous walk for your qualifying pooch on March 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, you’ll boost your dog’s breed in the rankings. The dog breed in each matchup with the most walks booked each day will advance to the next round until the winner takes it all in the Mutt Madness Championship!

Plus, post a pic or comment on your Instagram that includes your dog’s name and breed, and be sure to tag #wagwalking and @wag for a chance to win some pawtastic prizes! Each day, one winner will be randomly chosen to win a free dog walk or a Wag! swag item!

Be sure to check out our Instagram page on Friday, March 25th for the announcement of the Grand Prize Pup and their Pet Parent chosen from social media who’ll win a choice of a deluxe Wag! swag package or 75 Wag! credits! 

So, without further ado, let’s meet the qualifying breeds vying for the title of the Mutt Madness Champion! 

Meet the Mutts

For Day 1 of Mutt Madness on March 21st, we’ve pitted 16 furbulous dog breeds against each other to see who can advance to the next round. Here are the Slobbery 16 Matchups!

Mixed Breed Mutts vs. Labrador Retrievers

Mixed breed mutts come in all shapes, sizes and abilities, so there’s no telling how agile they’ll be on the court. These pooches can excel at every position, from big and strong centers to small forwards that display their versatility, but in any position, they are sure to make a splash!

Labrador Retrievers are known for their athletic ability and team mentality, as they love to be social and active! Pawfect as centers and power forwards, Labs can score big and dominate the court with ease!

Golden Retrievers vs. Doodles

There’s no dog as versatile as a Golden Retriever, who excels at any task put in front of them. While their attention to their team would lend well to being a point guard, their tall frame and natural athletic ability makes them better suited to be a top scoring power forward or center.

Like mutts, Doodles combine the skills, talents and abilities of two or more breeds into one furbulous pup! Big ones can run laps around their opponents all over the court as a small forward, while small ones can lead the team as a point guard. The pawsibilities are simply endless when a Doodle is in the game! 

French Bulldog vs. Chihuahua

A French Bulldog may look lazy and meek, but once they get running, they are a force to be reckoned with! This spritely pooch can easily roam all over the court while dodging other players for an unexpected win. Just be careful when they need a break and decide to lay down in the middle of all the action!

With a commanding tone and regal nature, the Chihuahua is a natural leader- or thinks they are! With their tiny frame close to ground for pawrific dribbling, the Chi can be seen giving orders and directing the team as an aggressive point guard.

Boxer vs. German Shepherd

Far removed from their days as bull baiters, Boxers are extremely strong and agile. These playful pups can take guarding seriously, making for a formidable power guard that keeps their center safe from tall and quick opponents. 

As far as contenders go, it’s hard to beat the skilled German Shepherd. Whether on a crime scene or the court, these working dogs can easily sniff out a win as a center or power forward, no matter what breed is pitted against them. 

Pitbull vs. Beagle

Athletic, playful and loyal, the medium-sized Pitbull loves to please its team by racking up the points from all over the court as a shooting guard. With the right training, this pup can also excel at defensively guarding the opposing team’s star players to help his pack steal the win! 

There’s no hiding the ball from this scenthound! The versatile Beagle can quickly grab the ball from anywhere on the court as a pawrific small forward, then weave effortlessly through the other players and find an open pawportunity to score! But if the refs make a bad call, this stubborn pup’s baying and howling makes it clear where they stand!

Husky vs. Australian Shepherd

It’s hard to lose with a Siberian Husky on the team! These energetic shooting guards excel at communication and thrive on executing their job with focus and determination. With eyes on the prize, these working dogs won’t rest until they lead their team to victory with furrific shots and a flawless defense.

Large and in charge, the Australian Shepherd’s high intelligence could easily gain them a leadership position. But their incredible guarding skills may be put to better use on the court. Placed as a center or power forward, this extremely energetic breed can easily rack up the points while ensuring the opposing team is safely shepherded away from the basket. 

Shih Tzu vs. Yorkie

The ferocious “Little lion” can run circles around adversaries on the court as a small forward. The Shih Tzu’s alertness also means that they know what’s happening all around them, and their small stature allows them to quickly dodge opponents to receive the ball for tremendous shots. But if you step on this lion’s territory, prepare to get an earful!

Another shorty with high goals, the Yorkshire Terrier wants nothing more than to boss the team around and direct all the action. As a point guard, this loud yapper can make sure their pack is reaching their full puptential, while pawfectly passing the ball to support their best players. 

Pug vs. Dachshund

Some may think the Pug could win by cuteness alone! But this tiny contender uses their pawdorable looks to distract their opponents and steal their balls. Not one to spend too much energy running around, this smooshed face breed would rather sit back and make long shots as a shooting guard- and just in time for a nap break!

Last up in the Slobbery 16 Matchup is the formidable Dachshund! As point guard, this possessive pup will ensure that only their team gets the ball with flawless dribbling and laser-focused passing. But if a shot opens up for them, they may forego the team spirit and stubbornly aim for a win themselves!

Are you and your playful pup ready to jump in the action? Download the Wag! App today to register your dog, and book a walk to help your dog’s breed reach the next bracket! And don’t furget to post all about your walk experience on Instagram to win furbulous prizes from Wag!


How do I enter Mutt Madness?

Anyone may enter by posting an image of a pet that matches a breed in the current brackets and tagging @wag and #wagwalking, or commenting on our post(s) with your dog’s name and breed or the name and breed of a dog you cared for. Booking a service is not required to enter the contest.


If my dog’s breed won its bracket, does that affect my chances of winning?

No. The winning breed has no effect on the winner of the daily prizes or the grand prizes.  The odds of winning a prize are based solely on the number of entries.


How do I know my dog breed qualifies?

Your dog qualifies if they are one of the Slobbery 16 breeds listed above.


How will I know if I’ve won a prize?

Wag! will reach out to you via Instagram Direct Messages.


How do I claim a prize?

If you are chosen as a winner, simply respond to the DM sent from Wag! informing you that you won.

How do I know if my mutt is considered a mixed breed or another qualifying breed?

Your dog will be counted as mixed or as a specific breed based on the information in their Pet Profile.

Where are the official rules posted?

You can find all the rules for Mutt Madness here.

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