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Dog Areas in Thornton, CO

18 Parks
9 Trails
15 Shops
19 Eateries
9 Groomers

Colorado has always been a favorite state among dog-lovers, and its no wonder that the state's sixth-biggest city, Thornton, is just as good with all its fur-residents. A lot of the old farmland that made up  Thornton has now been converted into dog-friendly parks, trails and open spaces that can provide Fido with whatever his heart desires!

One of the dog-friendly parks in the city is the Trail Winds Dog Park, a fenced-in area for off-leash play, with separate areas for small and large dogs. Both areas have double-gated fences, water spigots with water bowls, and shaded sitting areas. Owners can also enjoy the clean-up stations and trash bins provided by the park. Dogs can even venture out to the rest of Trail Winds Park, which takes up about 50 acres that includes paved trails and open, grassy areas. Dogs must remain on a leash outside the fenced-in portion.

Another popular destination in Thornton is the East Lake Shores Park, one of the largest parks in Thornton with miles of paved trails that surround the East Lake. The area also includes open areas and a sandy shoreline, as well as benches, water fountains, and trash bins. Fido is welcome to all areas of the park, but must remain on a leash.

There are twelve animal hospitals in town, and if that's not enough for you to love the city, then just take a step outside and see how happy Fido will be with all the places you can walk around Thornton!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Thornton, CO

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,644/sq mi

    #1 Lamberston Lakes


    Lamberston Lakes is a residential neighborhood with plenty of densely packed houses, and the Lamberston Lakes Open Space, a large open area with two lakes and plenty of vibrant green fields. The park isn't just eye candy though; it has lots of paved trails, designated picnic areas, fishing holes, and a boat launch. The park is dog-friendly for leashed pups, and also provides benches, trash bins, and nighttime lights. South of the park is the Tuck Ditch Park, another open space lot with a children's playground and trails that encircle a small creek. Leashed dogs are welcome at the park, but humans must bring clean-up bags.

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,043/sq mi

    #2 Old Thornton


    Old Thornton holds most of the former land that was made up when the town was incorporated, and nowadays provides a historically beautiful neighborhood. The Community Park is the featured place to go for most dog-lovers, with large areas dedicated to recreational ballfields, a children's playground, and picnic shelter. Dogs are allowed on leash at the park, and have access to the picnic shelter, concrete trails, and open fields, but are not permitted to go in the children's play area. Additional features include water fountains, trash bins, shaded sitting areas, restroom access, clean-up stations, and nighttime lights. 

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 4,031/sq mi

    #3 Woodglenn Park


    Woodglenn Park isn't a park, but a residential neighborhood with not too many wooded areas. Despite the lack of trees, the community still has plenty of dog-friendly parks for Fido. One of these includes the Brookshire Park, a small park with a few trees and a large, open area for Fido to run around in and go about his business. Dogs must be on a leash, and owners must bring water and clean-up bags. South of the park is a bit more impressive park known as Carpenter Park, a dog-friendly area that surrounds a pond with green fields and paved trails for leashed pups. This park is a better option to take a walk with the concrete trails, trash bins, water fountains, and benches.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,370/sq mi

    #4 Remington


    There's no shortage of dog-friendly areas in the Remington neighborhood. The E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park is a fan-favorite at the community, with plenty of open space to run around and over 2 miles of paved trails that surround the scenic Webster Lake. Dogs are welcome on a leash, and have access to picnic shelters, trash bins, water fountains, and a clean-up station. Another option would be the Charles C. Winburn Park, a peaceful park with shaded walking trails and a fishing hole at the pond. Dogs are welcome at the park, but must remain on a leash and be cleaned up after, with clean-up bags and water fountains provided.

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 7,038/sq mi

    #5 Southwest Thornton


    The amount of dog-friendly activities in the Southwest Thornton neighborhood may surprise you. The Civic Center Park provides dog-lovers the best place to walk Fido, providing concrete trails around the beautiful Croke Lake, open play areas for Fido to play fetch at, and additional features like water fountains, trash bins, benches, and clean-up stations. A quieter park is the Northstar Park, which will provide some great one-on-one time with a leashed Fido as you take him for a short walk on the trails that encompass this space. Although, no park can beat a dog-friendly frozen yogurt shop, like TCBY that provides outdoor seating for you and Fido, and vanilla options so even Fido can have a treat!

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