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Dog Areas in Hayden

Up to 1955, Hayden was known as Hayden Village. After that, it was incorporated as a city. Located in northern Idaho, this place is a part of Kootenai County. One of the notable people that lived in this city was the American actress and a double Golden Globe Award winner Patty Duke. The biggest city in the vicinity of Hayden is Washington's Spokane, located around 35 miles west of Hayden. While you are visiting Hayden, it is helpful to know that the city has its own animal hospital and more than three veterinary services that will help out with anything related to your pooches' health. 

Hayden has two awesome water parks that you can visit, that, unfortunately, do not allow pets. This medium-sized city has also more than six city parks that you can explore with your pup. Other than the Airbnb rentals in Hayden, there aren't many options for pet-friendly accommodations, but you should check in Coeur d'Alene, around 6 miles away from Hayden, where you have more options. 

Other places that you can bring your pup to in Hayden are the Capone's Pub & Grill, Thomas Hammer Coffee and Chomper Cafe for chilling with a coffee, The Donut House for pups and people with a sweet tooth, Rancho Viejo for some Mexican food, and more!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Hayden

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    #1 Gateway Regional Park

    We only want the best for our canine buddies, so if you're in Hayden and you want an excellent place to take your pooch to, check out the Scraps Dog Park. The park is around 17 miles away from Hayden and can be found in Gateway Regional Park, across the border in Washington. The park has something for every pup's preference, like an open grassy area, wooded terrain for the walkies, and a paved trail around the grassy area with wheelchair access. For the human visitors, there are restrooms. The place also has a doggie water fountain that works during the warmer months only. 

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    #2 Liberty Lake Park

    Another 23 miles away from Hayden, across the state line in Washington, you can find the Liberty Lake Regional Park. This park is one of the largest county parks in Washington and offers around 3,000 acres of nature, wetlands, trails, and so much more. The beaches don't allow dogs, but there are parts of the park that Fido is allowed in. You should especially check out the Liberty Lake Loop Trail, which is around 6.5 miles long and will take you around 4 hours to finish. There are other trails that you can explore as well; just make sure you bring water and poop baggies and you're good to go!
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    Population Density 1,346/sq mi

    #3 Atlas

    If you need a place where you can take your pup that is closer to Hayden, you should pay a visit to Central Bark Dog Park. The park is located around 5 miles away from Hayden and it grants 1.8 acres of fenced, off-leash area where all sizes of doggos can play together. The park has a fence that is high so dogs can't jump over it. The ground is covered in grass and it's gentle on your pooches' paws. You don't have to bring water or poop baggies because the park provides them both for you. There are plenty of trash cans and benches too. 
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,344/sq mi

    #4 Blackwell

    Feeling like you need a break from the urban life and need some peace and quiet with your dog in the great outdoors? We have the perfect place for you, and it's located just 5 miles away from Hayden -- Marie Creek Trail. The hike is pretty long, around 10 miles, so you have to go prepared. Bring water, waste bags, snacks, and towels! It will take approximately 5 hours to finish this hike. The hike is pretty quiet; there are no vehicles or motorcycles on it, and it goes along a beautiful creek where your pup can dip his paws and cool off. 
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,574/sq mi

    #5 South Coeur D Alene

    A great natural area around 8 miles away from Hayden is Tubbs Hill, which offers 120 acres of scenic and peaceful spots where you can relax. Your pup is very welcome to come with you there; you just have to make sure that your pal is leashed. The perimeter of the place is surrounded by a great loop trail where you can experience both the natural beauty of the place and plenty of historical facts. The trail will take around two hours to complete. There are other smaller trails that will take you down to the lake where you can find little cute beaches where your dog can cool off. 
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