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Dog Areas in Worcester

1 Shop
3 Eateries
8 Groomers

Worcester, Massachusetts was founded in 1673 and was named after Worcester, England. It is also the second biggest city in New England after Boston. The nickname “City of the Seven Hills” came from the hills of Hancock, Bancroft, Newton, Green, Chandler, Sagatabscot, and College Hill. Of course, there are more than seven hills in town, but these are the seven that have made the city famous. Also, over 41,000 dogs live in Worcester and there are so many dog-friendly things to do it would be a shame not to bring Fido when you visit.

Boynton Dog Park on Mower Street is the best dog park in Worcester. Beautiful flowered fields, forest, brooks, ponds, and about 10 miles of easy to moderate trails to get your exercise on. There are also benches and restrooms, water fountains, and even a playground for the kids. The people are friendly, and the dogs are fun.

Tufts Farm Field at the School of Veterinary Medicine has 60 acres where you can walk your pups and 5 acres of fenced area for dogs to play off-leash. There is tons of room to frolic, run, sprint, or whatever you want to do with Fido, and always at least a few dogs to play with. Be sure to bring some towels and extra water to wash Fido off before you get back in the car.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Worcester

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,885/sq mi

    #1 U of Mass Medical School/Lake Lane Neighborhood

    Green Hill Park is located in this rare, quieter neighborhood of Worcester and is itself is a huge attraction. The park is located close to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and is the largest in Worcester, with over 480 acres to explore. It features the Massachusetts’ Vietnam War Memorial, a children’s playground, and plenty of trails for walking and exploring with your pup. Leashed dogs are welcome. The neighborhood also contains Fuzzy Pants Pet Shop, a wonderland of dog daycare, grooming, specialized dog food, and more!
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  2. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 15,200/sq mi

    #2 Newton Square


    Newton Square contains some of the oldest parks around. Elm Park was purchased in 1854 for public use, making it one of the oldest parks in the United States. It’s equipped with benches, tables, and walking trails, and welcomes on-leash dogs. If you’ve warmed up at Elm Park and you want something more challenging, undertake a five minute walk from Elm Park to Newton Hill. The steep hill has several trails of varying intensities built into the side. It’s perfect for those looking to challenge their endurance and gradually increase it, whether they walk on four legs or two.

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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 21,000/sq mi

    #3 Beaver Brook

    Beaver Brook Park in Beaver Brook, Worcester, is a neighborhood gem. The local park is filled to the brim with activities for kids and adults, and is typically busy owing to the several population booms the neighborhood has undergone. While not a park to head to if you’re dreaming of quiet reflection in nature, Beaver Brook Park is great for when you need to tire your pup out right now. All the sights, sounds, and smells make even a short walk an intense sensory experience for dogs, relieving boredom and stress in a short period of time.
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  4. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 6,530/sq mi

    #4 Columbus Park

    Columbus Park features two attractions for dog walking adventures. The first is Columbus Park itself, the public space from which the neighborhood takes its name. Columbus Park is picturesque, with walking paths, a foot bridge to the beach (it borders Coe’s Reservoir), and plenty of benches for amazing views of the sunset. If you want something a little more rugged and less manicured, head just to the west to Coe’s Reservoir Conservation Restriction, a wilder, less tamed space for leashed dog walking or off-leash swimming. Both offer amazing views and space to stretch your legs.
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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 7,900/sq mi

    #5 West Side


    West Side in Worcester claims Hadwen Arboretum, a public space owned and maintained by Clark University. The Arboretum is a leashed-only dog walking zone that harbors some trees and plants over a century old. Hadwen cultivates more than forty kinds of plants. Though not a physically large space, the creative planting and trails of this Arboretum give it the feeling of a much larger space. Visit on a lunch break or take a morning to examine all the university has preserved here.

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