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By now you probably already know that Dublin is the capital of Ireland, a city with a rich history, numerous stories to tell, and grandiose historic sites you must visit. Indeed, the city is fascinating, but this is a story of another Dublin, Dublin of activities, hidden cafés, and gorgeous nooks you can visit with your new dog, and hey, maybe you’ll get inspired and name them after a famous Dubliner! If you like your coffee like you like your country, independent, you can visit one of Dublin’s many artisanal coffee shops, snuggly fit into small shop windows, surrounded by rustic buildings. Or if you are more into art, you can satisfy your avant-garde needs in the Project Arts Centre. Ireland is fascinating and inspiring, and your doggo can bear the name of one of the famous Irish men or women and maybe even get some of that luck everyone is talking about!

Dublin Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dublin Dog Name Considerations

Dublin is full of inspiring places and people who could lend their name to your new pup. If you are a music enthusiast, you probably know about the band The Dubliners, formed in the capital of Ireland and playing Irish traditional folk music. One of the band members can be your inspiration, so your doggo can be named Luke, after Luke Kelly who plays the banjo, Ronnie, after Ronnie Drew – a guitarist, Barney, after Barney McKenna who plays the mandolin, or Paddy, after Paddy Reilly – the guitarist. If you are a fan of the band Thin Lizzy, you can name your special princess – Lizzy! Or you can borrow the names of the bandmates and use them instead! So, your doggo can become Phil, After Phil Lynott, Gary, after Gary Moore, Midge, after Midge Ure, or Snowy, after Snowy White, a name that would work perfectly if your doggo has fluffy white fur.

Keeping close to the realm of music, another cool band comes from Dublin, The Script. Danny O’Donoghue can bear the same name as your doggo, and so can Rodney Alejandro or Mark Sheehan. And who can forget the famous boy band Boyzone, and the members with fantastic names such as Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, or Michael Graham, all of which can suit your doggo perfectly, especially if they are fond of “singing.”

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Community Dogs with Dublin Names

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