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Gift-Giving Love Language Ideas For Pets


Published: 02/04/2021
The popular book The 5 Love Languages by marriage counselor and author Gary Chapman aims to help couples learn how their significant other naturally expresses love to build a healthy, mutual relationship. But did you know your doggo has love languages too?

A common and easily recognized love language in canines is gift-giving. If your pupper's tail starts wagging whenever you bring them a new toy or they offer you their prized bone to play with, the chances are gift-giving is one of their love languages. So when Baxter's birthday rolls around, consider buying them one of these extra special gifts to show your love in a way your fur-baby understands.

A Wag! walking or sitting service

Heading out of town and want the best care for your canine compadre? Nothing speaks to your dog's love language like a dog walking or sitting service with Wag!. Your pupper will get the chance to make new friends and go on an adventure while you're away. You'll also sleep soundly knowing Fido is in the best possible hands.

You can also purchase a gift card to give to a fellow pet parent, which can be redeemed on several services, including online vet care, training, walking, sitting, and more!

A food puzzle toy

Pet parents with a clever Collie will love watching their doggo figure out a food puzzle toy. Not only will one of these toys give your pup hours of playtime, but they'll also get a tasty treat once they solve the puzzle. A food puzzle toy is a gift that keeps on giving, and it's the perfect way to speak your pupper's gift-giving love language.

A bag of tasty dog treats

There are plenty of food-motivated mutts out there who'll do anything for a tasty morsel. One of the best (and most simple) ways of speaking your dog's gift-giving love language is with a bag of extra special tasty treats. Alternatively, have a go at baking your own peanut butter dog treats and show Baxter your baking prowess!

Ball launcher

If your pupper loves chasing a ball across your neighborhood field, then they'll love a ball and ball launcher combo as a gift. Some dogs and their balls are inseparable, and your pupper will love you even more if you can launch their favorite toy even further. It's also a great toy to bring with you on your next outdoor camping adventure!

A cozy dog bed

What do dogs love even more than eating and playing? Sleeping. Show your pupper plenty of love by getting them a brand new plush dog bed to cuddle up on. Not only will it make your pup feel safe, but they'll think of you every time they take a nap.

A long leash

Let your pupper blow off some steam on your next walk with a long leash. This will give your pup some more freedom to meet new furry friends and to stop and smell the roses during your walk. Long leashes are also a "grrreat" training tool for dogs working on recall skills or leash reactivity.

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