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Dog Areas in Lauderhill

8 Parks
1 Shop
1 Eatery
1 Groomer

Lauderhill was a designed community in the 1950s, and today it’s grown to be a major player in the county. As the community grew, so did their emphasis on canine companionship. Today, Lauderhill has half a dozen animal hospitals and vet options. When you’re in Lauderdale, you know your pet is going to have the highest level of care. 

Kick off your exploration of Lauderhill with a trip to Tijuana Flats, an eatery where you can combine your favorites of Tex-Mex meals into one perfect lunch or dinner, while your dog will enjoy joining you at an outdoor table!

The Ruth Rothkopf Park in Lauderhill is a small, but beautiful place to go with the whole family. Children will love the play structure while adults can enjoy the shaded picnic area. Bring a meal or a snack with you and rest your feet. Leashed dogs are welcome to explore the park, from the picnic area to the grassy fields!

The James D. Bradley Jr. Park is another great place to go. This park is quiet, and while it lacks many amenities, it does feature art! If you’re looking for a relaxing walk in nature with man’s best friend, this is the park for you!

Explore Lauderhill for dog-friendly fun in the Florida sun!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Lauderhill

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,988/sq mi

    #1 Inverrary


    Lauderhill’s historic Inverrary neighborhood has been a bustling residential center since Lauderhill’s founding. Today, people flock to the Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens to get away from the stress and relax with their dogs. Dogs must be on leash in the park, which is open to the public. You don’t want an excited pup trampling the flower beds! The park is small, but with fitness stations and an amphitheater, there’s always a lot going on! Enjoy being in nature, or pick up speed to get in an invigorating walk with your dog without spending a lot of time here! Bring your own water supply.

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,781/sq mi

    #2 Boulevard Forest


    The Jackie Gleason Park in Boulevard Forest doesn’t actually have a forest, but the park is pawsome enough that you’ll forgive it. The park has a walking path, which is where most dogs will have the most fun. This simple looped path is neither long nor challenging, making it suitable for all ability levels. Your dog can find plenty to look at and sniff in the park, including water fountains that they’ll need some help using. Try a water bowl! There’s also a playground for kids and restroom facilities. There aren’t any picnic tables, however, so bring a blanket if you want to grab a meal in the sunshine!

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,390/sq mi

    #3 South Lauderhill


    The Westwind Park in the South Launderhill neighborhood is a beautiful place to work out. There are fitness machines throughout the park, as well as basketball courts, sports fields, and a playground. The main draw for canines is the walking path. This half mile loop circles a small lake! The local ducks are well fed, and sure to fascinate any dog you bring in! Keep your dog on leash to avoid a quacktastrophie. You’ll also want to bring a water bowl with you so your pup can take advantage of the ample drinking fountains. Whether you’re looking for a quick morning/evening walk with your dog, or you want to work up a sweat, Westwind Park is the place to do it.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,231/sq mi

    #4 Cascades of Lauderhill


    Veterans Park in the Cascades of Lauderhill neighborhood is a small, community park that cares. The area is well equipped with a small gym and fitness equipment throughout the park. There’s a playground and sports fields for soccer and courts for basketball. You can also work up a sweat just following the paths through the park! Social dogs will love how busy the park typically is, but be aware that the park also hosts community events some weekends. If your dog doesn’t do well with crowds, you may want to go elsewhere those days. Otherwise, take your dog and enjoy!

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,731/sq mi

    #5 East Lauderhill


    The Central Broward Regional Park is a huge, complex park that's perfect for exploring with the whole family. Kids can enjoy the playground, and there are extensive picnic spots. You can also enjoy it just you and your dog--the park features jogging lanes and trails to make your workout as varied and as intense as you want it to be. Dogs have to be on leash inside this park, and cleaning up after your pup is mandatory and enforced. Bring a doggie bowl to help your pal access the drinking fountains. The park is also used for events, so check the schedule if your shy pup doesn’t love crowds.

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