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Dog Areas in Independence, MO

1 Trail
1 Shop
1 Eatery
11 Groomers

Missouri is known for its high dog population and the city of Independence is no different. With an estimate of over 20,000 dogs in town it is clear that people love their dog. The city caters to dog owners by offering a multitude of dog-friendly attractions and amenities. Whether you are just passing through or your stay is more permanent, your dog will feel right at home.

Your Fido will get plenty of sniffing action while exploring the Little Blue Trace Trail. This 15-mile long hiking trail follows the bends of curves of the Little Blue River and makes a great way to calm all of your senses. The park offers shelters, picnic tables and playing fields for your convenience and leisure.

Another great option for your dog to release its energy in Independence, Missouri, is the Santa Fe Dog Park. This dog run is part of the larger Santa Fe Park and offers a leash-free zone so your dog can run wild. As a local favorite dogs are sure to meet new companions and get social with other dogs.

One exciting and unique dog-friendly feature in town is the Twin Drive-in Theater. Not only can you enjoy new movie releases in a nostalgic, 50’s style setting for an extremely reasonable price (especially considering the awesome experience!), you can also take your canine companion as your date!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Independence, MO

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,234/sq mi

    #1 Remington Estates


    Remington Estates is a pleasant place that lays claim to a gorgeous stretch of land named George Owens Nature Park. With three miles of hiking trails, two lakes, and beautiful forested areas, there’s no shortage of things to be done. You can take a scenic walk through the trees, go for a swim, or even sit and relax in a family picnic area and simply enjoy the view. It’s an ideal place to take your favorite pup to and enjoy some quality time together. Your dog is sure to thank you for it!

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  2. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 4,923/sq mi

    #2 Glendale


    Glendale is a bustling neighborhood with a friendly community.  The southern bounds of the neighborhood feature two parks for outdoor recreation and fun! The larger park, Van Hook Park, is a gorgeous, grassy expanse with a lake. The outside of the park is lined with trees to ensure a scenic view and comfortable atmosphere. Glendale Park, to the west of Van Hook Park, is a humble area with open fields and dotted trees that provide nice shaded areas. Your dog is certain to have a blast making friends and exploring the great outdoors!

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  3. Dog Parks 3
    Population Density 4,700/sq mi

    #3 Santa Fe


    Santa Fe is a humble area nestled amongst three parks. Chrysler Park, near the northern end, features a pleasant field dotted with trees and plenty of area to roam. In the middle of the neighborhood lies Santa Fe Park, which hosts not only a wonderful picnic area but also a paved walkway and gorgeous grassy stretches.  Continuing south leads into the Lipton Conservation Area, complete with hiking trails through beautiful forest and woodland.  With so many adventures to be had, your four legged friend will just be begging to go!

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  4. Dog Parks 3
    Population Density 3,471/sq mi

    #4 Rock Creek South


    Rock Creek South is a beautiful stretch that’s dotted with parks on either end.  At the west side of the neighborhood lays Phil Roberts Park, a grassy stretch housed in by trees.  The park features a serene nature trail, perfect for those quiet mornings or bustling afternoons.  At the east side, Cassell Park makes claim to the area.  With a vast field and ample shade provided by the planted trees, there’s plenty of space for your dog to exercise their free spirit.  Whatever your choice, these parks are sure to be a hit for your favorite pooch!

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  5. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 4,857/sq mi

    #5 Fairmount

    The lovely Fairmount lays claim to a gorgeous nature area. Named after the neighborhood, Fairmount Park is the perfect place for you and your dog to spend some time in the great outdoors. Bursting with trees and shaded woodland, there are plenty of trails to choose from that offer a wide variety of scenic views. If open fields are what your dog craves, you can head down to Davis Park for some wide open running space that your dog will love to pieces. There’s no place like a park to spend some quality time with your four legged friend!
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