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Quality Time Love Language Ideas For Pets


Every pet parent looks forward to spending quality time with their dog after a long day. To your dog, this quality time might be more than just time together; it may be how they recognize your love for them. Quality time is such a fun and rewarding love language to share with a pup, and speaking it is as simple as a belly rub and some playtime. There are many ways to speak this love language to your dog — here are just a few of our favorites!

Go for a hike

There's nothing like bonding with your pet family in the great outdoors. Leash up and hit the trails for some fresh air and some quality time with your fur-baby. Better yet, bring the whole pack! 

Go shopping for dog toys

Who doesn't love shopping? Let your pup go dog wild in the clearance section of your local pet store — your pet will love getting the chance to pick their own toys and treats. Shopping also checks the box for gift-giving, if that's another of your pup's love languages

Cuddle and watch a movie together

Movie nights are a cheap and relaxing way to spend quality time with your woofer. While your pup probably won't understand the plot, they will love being beside you. Remember, you get extra points for mid-movie belly scratches.

Bake dog cookies and let your dog sample the batter

Cooking is such a great pastime to share with your fur-babies. Whip up some vegan/raw flour-free treats so your pup can sample the batter as you prepare them. Check out these nutritious and delicious dog cookie recipes!

Host a doggie playdate

Playdates are a fantastic way to socialize puppers and spend quality time with your pet. Call up your fellow puppy parents and arrange for some human and woofer social interaction. Your pup will have a blast romping with other dogs, and you'll get to catch up with your human friends.

Throw them a birthday or "gotcha" party

What better way to show your pup you care than with a birthday "pawty"? Go all out — make a dog-friendly cake, blow up some balloons, and invite their favorite furry pals. Don't know your pup's bday? Have a "gotcha" party to celebrate the day you brought them home. 

Pamper their paws

After a long day of walking, give those tired paw pads a good rub-down with some paw ointment. Slip some socks you don't care about over their feet to keep the oil from staining your furniture. This activity will surely make your pup feel treasured.

Enjoy a "puppuccino" on the patio of your favorite coffee shop

Bring your pup along on your morning coffee run for a little extra quality time together. Order yourself a latte and a puppuccino for Fido. Puppuccinos are just whipped cream in a cup, and many coffee shops will make them for free. Obviously, this isn't something your pup should eat daily, but it's a delicious occasional treat.

Go out to a fancy dog-friendly restaurant

Sharing a meal is a tasty way to show your pup you love them, so why not treat yourself and Fido to a fancy dog-friendly dinner? Many upscale restaurants have dog-friendly patios where well-behaved pups can enjoy dinner alongside their parents. Your pooch will love the quality time together — the food is just a bonus!

Take your pup to scent work classes

Scent work is a "furrific" exercise to engage with and mentally stimulate your pup. If you don't feel up to classes, try some scent work games at home. Hide-and-seek with treats is a super fun way to test out your pupper's nose.

Try your paw at flirt pole

Flirt poles are a fun spin on playtime and a terrific way to speak the quality time love language to your pet. Flirt poles are essentially a string tied to a rod with toys on the end. In essence, they're a jumbo-sized cat toy and a lot of fun for dogs. You can easily DIY a flirt pole or purchase one for around $20. You'll have a blast watching Fido zoom around, and Fido will be thrilled just to spend time with you. 

Explore your city on paw

Take a dog-friendly walking tour to keep yourself and your pooch in top shape. Exploring the town on paw is an exciting way to spend quality time with your fur-baby and learn about new places you've never noticed. Link up with a tour group or plot your own course for a fun adventure.

Take a dog yoga class

Doing yoga with your canine companion is a "furrific" way to find some inner peace. Doggy yoga has all sorts of benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. It also helps strengthen the core and increase flexibility. Besides the health benefits, dog yoga is a great way to involve your woofer in your hobbies. So roll out your mat, put on some ambient music, and remember to breathe.

Visit an assisted living facility.

Assisted living residents absolutely adore visitors, and pups are no exception. Taking Fido to snuggle with the residents is sure to brighten their day and bring them comfort. Find an assisted living facility near you to spread the love and make some new friends!

Set up a puzzle for Fido

Puzzles are a "woofderful" activity for pups and humans to bond over. Snuffle mats are a simple puzzle, similar to shag carpet, that conceals treats for Sparky to go hunting for. There's also jackpot style puzzles that will teach them to press buttons and levers to release a cache of goodies. Your pup will be happy for your help showing them the ropes and you'll have a blast watching them furiously trying to solve it.. Time to throw on your thinking cap and solve some puzzles with your best "fur-iend".

Enjoy some homemade ice cream together

What better way to bond on a sunny day than with an ice cream date with your pet? Pups shouldn't have the sugary store-bought stuff, but they can have banana "nice-cream". Blend a few frozen bananas and a glob of peanut butter, and you've got a frosty treat fit for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Activities are nice, but the truth is, your dog will appreciate any form of quality time with you. Make time every day to speak your pup's love language, and they'll return the affection 10-fold. Dogs are, after all, human's best friend!

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