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Words of Affirmation Love Language Ideas For Pets



Published: 02/05/2021

Renowned author and marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman penned the #1 New York Times bestseller The Five Love Languages. Although aimed at human couples, the concepts in this insightful book can easily carry over to the canine world. Wag! has done just that to give you the tools to show your pooch the love. The Five Love Languages are words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service.

Let’s run through them:

  • Words of affirmation: This can mean verbal praise. If your dog looks engaged when you talk, this love language may be impactful to them.
  • Physical touch: Some dogs will love to be patted and for others, another love language is more desirable.
  • Receiving gifts: What dog doesn’t love a new toy? If your pupper looks pleased and plays happily, receiving gifts may be their favorite thing.
  • Quality time: Simply making your dog feel content because you are together can be quality time. Make eye contact and let them know you see them.
  • Acts of service: If your doggo’s favorite time of day is when the leash comes out for a walk, acts of service may take the cake for them.

Words of affirmation for the praise-loving dog:

Does your pupster wag their tail and wiggle their butt every time you talk to them? That’s a sure sign that your special dog’s love language is words of affirmation. Connecting with your fur-baby is the first step to forming the bond that every pet parent wants with their canine family member.

There are plenty of unique ways to use words of affirmation to show your doggo you think they’re divine!

Your tone of voice

Use a cheerful voice when giving words of affirmation. When you want to show your dog extra love, praise them with a high-pitched voice and a smile. A praise-loving pup will lap up the love and feel super special.

Commands for fun

Pupsters have no problem learning what fun time means. Teach your dog commands like “play ball!” and “time to run!”, affirming with words that you treasure spending time with them. Teaching your dog tricks and tasks gives them the attention they adore, too.

Commands to train or work

It’s a fact that woofers want to work! Dogs love a challenge and thrive on dog training. Using words of affirmation to mentally stimulate your clever canine is love language they can really understand. 

Imagine the recall you’ll achieve when training your praise-loving pooch. Keep up the affirmation and your dog will work hard and be enthusiastic about it!

Walking and talking

Taking a promenade is a pupper’s preferred pastime! When out and about on a trek or trail, have a loving conversation with your dog. Fulfill your four-legger’s need for affirmation with a discussion about the awesomeness of nature as you walk. 

If you can’t always get in the long walk you were hoping for, give your pupster a short meaningful stroll and call on a dog walker to do the rest.

Massage with hands and voice

Give your mutt a massage and use a soft voice to lull them. This method of affirming your love with a calming combo of words and touch is the perfect way to relieve tension or provide relief to sore muscles after a day of play. 

How to give a massage? Have your pupper lie on the ground and gently manipulate their limbs. If your dog is older and possibly has arthritis, check with the veterinarian for the go-ahead first.

Positive reinforcement

Telling your dog “good dog!” is not only a way to give words of affirmation but also a technique to encourage your pooch to be on their best behavior when on outings or even at home. The more focus is placed on your pup’s positive actions, the less you’ll see negative behavior.

Sit and praise

One of the most useful commands to teach a dog is to “sit”. It’s also one of the most often things you can ask of a canine, too. Integrate “sit” into your dog’s daily routine by having them sit before everyday tasks. 

For example, ask Sam to sit before a meal, sit before the leash is put on, and sit before a grooming session. When you give high praise for your doggo completing the command, you are giving words of affirmation many times a day. 

Words of affirmation benefit you and your dog!

It’s easy to see that bestowing love language on your dog is a gift that goes both ways. Your furry best friend will be glowing from the words of affirmation. 

In turn, you will have a dog that hangs on every word and seeks to please to gain more of the love language that makes them know they are loved.

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