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Dog Areas in Clarksville, NY

Clarksville is a small but beautiful neighborhood in Albany County, New York. It is found as you make your way along the Delaware Turnpike. Clarksville is situated in the middle of several small rivers all flowing in different directions. These local water sources keep the area green and lush year-round. You will need to keep your dog on leash in this area per local regulations. Your dog will not be bored as you explore the sights and smells here. In fact, there are enough new smells and areas full of local wildlife to keep your dog’s tail wagging all afternoon!

Locals enjoy fishing in one of the many rivers that surround Clarksville on the weekends. The climate here is brisk but clear during the fall months. Winters can be bitter cold, but the spring and summer months are always bright and clear with cooling winds that even the pickiest dog will appreciate. The locals love Jake Moon Restaurant and Café for a nice bite to eat. Dogs are welcome in their outdoor seating area. The servers at Jake Moon are always courteous and will offer your pup a bowl of water on a hot day as you sit down to enjoy your meal.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Clarksville, NY

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 21/sq mi

    #1 North Clarksville


    North Clarksville is full of rolling grassy hills and trees that truly whisper in the fall breeze. A walk through the north side of town is sure to have your pup’s tail wagging most of the day away. Make sure you have plenty of waste bags. Even though much of the area is rural, the property owners here take pride in how clean their lands are. You will find the locals welcoming, friendly, and more than happy to help you find your way around with your fuzzy best friend. Make sure you check out the many local ponds while in North Clarksville if you find yourself in need of a splash!

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 21/sq mi

    #2 South Clarksville


    South Clarksville is the area of town south of the Delaware Turnpike. The Onesquethaw Creek is a small sparkling river that runs right through the middle of town and makes a great stop for travelers with dogs looking for a quick picnic or even a dip in the water on a hot day. Make sure you bring plenty of towels for after your visit to the lake and have extra drinking water on hand for both you and your pup for the car ride (or nap) afterward. Your dog will thank you for bringing the treats and snacks along for the ride too! 

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 1,495/sq mi

    #3 North Reidsville


    North Reidsville is just a few minutes away from Clarksville. This northern neighborhood of Reidsville is characterized by grassy areas and rural homes with plenty of space in between them. If you are staying in North Reidsville, your afternoon walk with your dog will include a beautiful view of the simple landscape and the green flatlands contrasted with the glittering streams and creeks that run throughout this neighborhood. Make sure you bring plenty of waste bags with you on this trip so that you can help keep the landscape simply wagulous! 

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 1,495/sq mi

    #4 South Reidsville


    South Reidsville is found to the south of the Delaware Turnpike, just 7 minutes from Clarksville. Your dog will remind you in his barktastic fashion to bring the clean-up bags and treats on your way out the door. As long as you are careful not to forget them, you are in for a relaxing and enjoyable day full of barking and wagging all over town with your dog. The south side of town has just as many creeks and streams as the north side, which makes for a very green neighborhood pawfect for rolling around and sniffing every interesting leaf that comes your way. 

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 74/sq mi

    #5 Lawsons Lake


    Lawsons Lake is about ten minutes from Clarksville. This village is built around the lake and makes for a beautiful place to get away and take in the scenery. The well-watered green fields seem to sparkle nonstop in Lawsons Lake, day or night. Your dog’s tail won’t stop wagging here once you get out of the car and start walking toward the local lake.  Make sure you bring extra towels, since most dogs (and humans) can’t resist the enticing water especially during the warmer months. Keep snacks and dog treats on hand for afterward when you are relaxing in the sun. 

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