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Dog Areas in Collinsville, OK

2 Parks
2 Trails
1 Shop
6 Eateries
4 Groomers

Pet-friendliness has a backdrop of prairie grass, golden plains, and rolling foothills in the pawesome city of Collinsville, Oklahoma! The city is split between the outskirts of Collinsville, which are farmlands, and more rural areas with around 3 square miles devoted to residential living spaces within the developed city limits. This makes Collinsville a true "tail of two cities"! The city was settled in the late 1800s by pioneers who followed the Santa Fe Railroad. Natural gas was found in the area, and soon, the city felt a boom in population that has continued to grow over the years, both with two- and four-footed residents!

Dog owners love living in the prairie lands of Collinsville! Within less than a 5-minute drive, you'll find 3 veterinarians, 4 pet groomers, and a pet shop. On top of these amenities, Fido has plenty of options for fun day outings to keep his tail wagging! There are two trail systems to choose from in Collinsville. You can walk by the Caney River by the Collinsville Lake Trails, or check out the tall grasslands by walking through the Osage Prairie Trail. There are also two city parks to play in right in the heart of the city! Fido can even hang out with you for a meal, as there are myriad choices in pet-friendly restaurants that allow the doggos to join you for dinner in the outside seating areas! Collinsville’s a city fit for "appaws"!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Collinsville, OK

  1. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 766/sq mi

    #1 East Skiatook


    If you live in the northwestern pocket of Collinsville in the Skiatook East neighborhood, you're right on top of an Okie favorite! Tastee Freez is a pet-friendly restaurant that serves up the gluttonous good stuff, like freezes, chili cheese dogs, and burgers! You can grab a Butterfinger Freeze to pair with a Big Tee Burger, and don't forget to order a side of chili cheese fries! After gorging on some Tastee Freeze, you and Fido can head down over to Osage Prairie Trail to walk off the delicious grease. This nearly 15-mile trail extends through a few counties in Oklahoma touching through eastern Collinsville. The trail is lit up at night just in case you and Fido feel like walking through the prairie under the moon!

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  2. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 1,426/sq mi

    #2 Cooper Crossing


    Does your dog like to live right in the heart of town where all the action can be found? If your Fido calls Cooper Crossing his home, then your front yard will lead right out into the Collinsville's industrial section. With all the action, you'll need a cup of coffee before your doggo's morning walk! There's no better place to grab breakfast and a cup of coffee then the pet-friendly Scoops & Grinds Bakehouse & Espresso Bar. At Scoops & Grinds, you can grab a specialty espresso like the Red Eye, Shot in the Dark, or a Frozen Cafe. The coffee shop also serves delicious baked goods and ice cream if you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fido's more than welcome to come hang out here, so don't forget the pooch at home!

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  3. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 1,426/sq mi

    #3 Cooper Mill


    Does your dog love the ranching lifestyle? If you live in the Cooper Mill neighborhood, it's more than likely your doggo hops in the bed of your truck before you head out to shop at Tractor Supply Company. Dogs are more than welcome to come with you as you shop for everything you need for your farm. Also in the Cooper Mill neighborhood is the Collinsville Park. This park is the center of life for those who live in Cooper Mill! There's a splash pad that sprays cooling water during the hot summer months, a skate park, and for Fido — play fields and walking trails! You can join your dog for a picnic and a ruff game of fetch! This park is a perfect escape from the bustle of the more urban areas of Collinsville with Fido!

    Dog neighborhood?
  4. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 621/sq mi

    #4 Carriage Park


    Does your dog go mutts when he smells beefy hamburgers cooking? If you live in the Carriage Park neighborhood, your pup can smell the scent of the grill wafting over from Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers! This pet-friendly chain can be found all over middle-America, and dogs know the menu well! After walking down to Freddy's, you and Fido can indulge in a Triple Steakburger with fries doused in chili cheese. To pair sweet with savory, you and Fido have got to order a Dirt N' Worms Concrete Custard! Also in the Carriage Park neighborhood is an Atwoods Ranch hardware store where dogs are allowed to shop with their owners. Carriage Park e-pet-tomizes Oklahoma in a few blocks!

    Dog neighborhood?
  5. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 621/sq mi

    #5 Sheridan


    Does your dog love getting out of the house with you for a nice meal? If you live in the southern pocket of Collinsville in the Sheridan neighborhood, then you have two options in dog-friendly dining. First, there's Lone Star Steakhouse, which serves entrees with a "Texas Steak of Mind." Here, you can get every kind of beef cut, from a New York strip to a bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon. Fido will be begging you for some table scraps! The other option in Sheridan is El Tequila Cocina Mexicano, which serves up traditional Mexican foods like burritos, chimichangas, and fajitas with a slightly upscale but still dog-friendly experience. Either way, Fido's kicking down the door with his leash ready for dinner!

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