Christmas Food Your Dog Can Eat


It can seem like your dog is getting a raw deal. Why do you get to enjoy a delicious plate of Christmas food, but your dog gets nothing at all? Rather than have your pup lose their jolly Christmas spirit, treat them to some holiday fare, too. While in some cases those tidbits are going to be more than fine for your pampered pooch, in others, they won’t be. It’s crucial to know what your dog can and can’t eat at Christmas time – even if you only want them to be happy. Celebrate Christmas with your dog by treating them to the food you can both enjoy. 


You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to look at those heart-wrenching puppy dog eyes any longer! Your pooch, fortunately, is allowed a small helping of turkey! However, that doesn’t mean you can let them drag a leg back to their bed. You can offer them plain turkey white meat with no bones or skin. Skip the gravy, sauce, and seasoning, too! 


If you’re treating your family to a big, hearty breakfast on Christmas morning, don’t let your furry pal miss out! Rather than loading up a plate of bacon for them though, skip right to the eggs. You can create a scrambled egg dish for your pooch that they will enjoy just as much. However, leave out the milk and seasoning – they won’t mind at all! 


If the set of puppy eyes staring at you from under the table is too much to bear, then it’s okay to give in. Offer your dog a helping of potatoes, and they will be more than happy. Plain mashed potatoes with no seasoning or butter will work well in a food-stuffed toy, giving them a treat while offering something to distract them too. 

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Raw or cooked carrots (without honey and other sauces and seasoning) will be a welcome addition to your dog’s dinner on Christmas day. Soft carrots will go down like a treat, while raw carrots will be like a fun new game. They are high in fiber while being beneficial for your furry friend’s teeth at the same time. 

Cranberry Sauce

If you want your dog to experience Christmas the way you’re supposed to, then break the rules and offer them a splash of cranberry sauce on top of their skinless and boneless turkey. Make sure it’s pure, fresh cranberry sauce with no additives, preservatives, or added sugar – and don’t go overboard! Remember, your dog should enjoy Christmas dinner in moderation (like the rest of us!)