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Dog Areas in Pompton Plains

6 Parks
10 Trails
2 Groomers

Pompton Plains is an established community within Pequannock Township. The community benefits greatly from being within this township. Its surburbanite folk have access to the numerous recreational spaces of Pequannock. People with a canine family member will flourish living in Pompton Plains! One veterinary clinic operates in the community and will attend to your pup's routine and emergency needs. The surrounding communities boast every kind of specialty care a pup may need.  

Many green spaces are also readily accessible. Pequannock Township has dedicated fifteen places for recreational use -- six can be found within the Pompton Plains community.  Mountainside Park has six trails of varying lengths and difficulty to explore with your leashed pup. Some are a bit challenging. A trek up the mountainside provides a good workout and a scenic view. On a clear day,  a hiker may be rewarded by the sight of the New York City skyline. Numerous picnic sites can also be found in Mountainside. Aquatic Park includes sixty-four acres dedicated to conservation, and its access to the river makes it a fine destination for a resident angler accompanied by a leashed buddy.

 The Pompton Aquatic Park follows the Pompton River. It spans two counties -- Passaic and Morris -- and several communities. Ten acres of the park are situated in Pompton Plains and the remaining twenty-nine are in Passaic. This linear park is home to an extensive trail that's open to leashed pups. This trail system is one of three in Pequannock Township. All trail maps are posted on the township's website.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Pompton Plains

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,175/sq mi

    #1 Tudor Dr/ Mountain Ave

    The residents of this community of mostly single-family homes enjoy the benefit of living in the larger township of Pequannock. The township maintains the Foothills Park, home of the Bark Park. Only resident canines have free access to this fully fenced play place. The dog park is covered in mostly gravel with a few patches of dirt and grass. A double-gated access makes sure even an excited pup gets in and out safely. A separate space is reserved for the smaller pups. Human companions will find many of portable chairs and a few benches scattered around the park. Trees surround the perimeter of the park and provide welcome shade. No water is on-site, though, so be sure to bring some. Nonresidents of the township must pay a fee to use this dog park.
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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 5,971/sq mi

    #2 Upper Montclair

    Montclair is located eleven miles south of Pompton Plains. Brookdale Dog Park is the destination of the day for a restless pup! This dog park offers a fully fenced space for a canine to get out and run. A separately fenced area takes care of the smaller pups. This dog park includes several pieces of agility equipment. A ramp attracts the attention of a curious pup or two. Water on-site is convenient for all. The ground of gravel mulch keeps the place tidy even after a big rain. Waste stations are generous with the supply of waste baggies. Grateful human companions occupy the many shaded benches, especially on those hot summer days.
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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,259/sq mi

    #3 Beverwyck

    Parsippany is located fifteen miles north of Pompton Plains.  Cameron Dog Park makes the trip worthwhile! A cooped-up pup will love the fun of running leash-free in this fully enclosed plot of natural terrain. Cameron includes a separately fenced area for smaller pups. A tunnel in the large dog section will demand some sniffing out. A romp with other canine companions completes the experience. Water for people and their dogs is provided within the dog park. Pet parents will find a few places to sit. Unfortunately, shade here is limited. Waste stations are stocked with waste baggies for those necessary pickups. Registration is required with the city prior to visiting.
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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 6,420/sq mi

    #4 West Morristown

    Morristown is located fifteen miles south of Pompton Plains.  Lewis Morris Dog Park offers a fully fenced, paved area dedicated to canine socialization and exercise. A separately fenced section is reserved for smaller dogs. Forest surrounds this dog park -- the natural green setting offsets some of the objections of the human folks who don't like the paved surface. Plenty of shaded benches help people relax while their pup goes dog wild with some new furry pals. Waste stations provide those baggies to keep the place clean. Hankering for a hike? Twelve miles of trails supply plenty of exercise opportunities for person and pup.
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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 4,509/sq mi

    #5 Lyndhurst

    Lyndhurst is located sixteen miles south of Pompton Plains. Riverside County Dog Park offers two separately fenced spaces for off-leash exercise and socialization. One area is reserved for the smaller pups. Your pup will certainly romp with a new furry friend in this pupular doggie playground! Water faucets complete with water bowls and a hose are great conveniences. The gravel mulch surface makes for cleaner play even after a hard rain. The human companions will find plenty of shaded benches to rest on, as well as stocked waste stations. Numerous toys, including a few tennis balls and frisbees, add to the fun. A final walk with person and pup on-leash completes the perfect day together.
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