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Wag! is the #1 dog walking and dog sitting app in South LA that dog owners trust. Wag! connects you to our community of trustworthy, experienced, and certified pet care professionals in South LA who offer dog walking, dog boarding, and dog sitting services when you need them. Book with confidence knowing your pup is guaranteed to be in the care of a loving, experienced pet care professional. All dog walking and dog sitting services on Wag! are fully insured, bonded and come with fur-tastic customer support.

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Wag! Has Certified Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Like These All Over South LA

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Circle Area
Play Wag Video 1 Long Beach, Circle Area Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 1
My name is Alyssa Alpert and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer by profession, but an avid animal lover by nature! I have grown up with animals of all shapes and sizes from rats, turtles, and guniea pigs, to cats, dogs, and horses! I have been a volunteer at local animal shelters for years and love any opportunity that I can get to work with and help animals! I am so excited to be your dog walker and can't wait to love your furry family member as if they were my own dog!
La Brea
Play Wag Video 2 Los Angeles, La Brea Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 2
Hi my name is Allison! I've always grown up with dogs of all sizes in my hometown in Northern California before moving to LA to go to LMU. I'm looking to let out all my extra dog love that I can't give to my pup back home on your doggies! I live in the west Hollywood area and can dog walk in the surrounding areas as well. Looking forward to taking care of furry family members!
Play Wag Video 3 Los Angeles, Sawtelle Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 3
My name is Emily and I live in West LA. I grew up in Seattle riding horses and pet sitting for the neighborhood dogs before I was able to have our two English Springer Spaniels that were a part of our family for 13 years. I continue to pet sit and dog walk for coworkers and friends here in Los Angeles and can't wait to meet you and walk your dog.
Play Wag Video 4 Santa Monica, Pico Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 4
My name is Carly and I've been a dog lover my whole life. Our family has always owned at least one dog and we've considered each of them members of the family. I've owned and cared for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments from high energy labs, to sassy chihuahuas to traumatized pit bulls, and I have loved learning how to adequately care for each of their needs. My husband and I currently own a rescued Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix who we adore and I regularly dog sit and walk friends' dogs who range from timid poodles to big excited boxers. I know what it's like to worry about leaving my dog for extended periods of time when I might be working or out of town and have always been grateful when a friend can step in and get my dog outside for a bit. So I am honored to be able to come care for your dog, giving them the love and attention they need while getting them out into the fresh air!
Mid City
Play Wag Video 5 Los Angeles, Mid City Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 5
I have owned or lived with dogs for the majority of my life. My mother was well versed in dog care from her time spent as a pet sitter, the knowledge of which she passed on to me. With this knowledge I was able to start dog sitting in high school, which I continued to do until college. Now as an adult I live with 3 dogs (owned by roommates), who I help to walk and care for in the absence of their owners. One day I will have a dog to call my own, but until that time other people's dogs still make great friends!
Play Wag Video 6 Los Angeles, Venice Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 6
Hi, My name is Mary. I have a huge love for dogs and also a passion for working out, so I will take great care of your dog on our walk! Growing up, I helped take care of our family dogs. Now, I regularly dog sit for a family in the Los Angeles area, and also help out my dog owner friends when they need a sitter. I am able to handle dogs no matter their size. I can’t wait to save you some time and take your best friend for a walk!
City West
Play Wag Video 7 Los Angeles, City West Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 7
Hello!, my name is Adam and I would love to meet your dogs. I grew up with Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands and have loved dogs ever since. I have worked with all sizes of dogs - most recently I fostered two chihuahuas, and I currently live with a 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback name Behr. I have been walking dogs regularly for the past 4 years, and I look forward to meeting your special friends. I am very aware of each and every dog I walk and take care of, and I look forward to giving your dog the attention and care they deserve.
Silver Lake
Play Wag Video 8 Los Angeles, Silver Lake Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 8
Hi! My name is Selena and I grew up in Maine raising multiple litters of puppies with my grandparents, and have experience with walking and training their six Labrador Retrievers. I also used to attend dog training classes with my parents' Australian Shepherd. I moved to LA in May of 2014. Since moving here, I walk and babysit my former roommate's Pitbull-Chocolate Lab when she goes out of town or while she is at work since she works in film production and the days can be unexpectedly long. I especially love walking her dog to my favourite park, Elysian Park. I love being outside, and I look forward to spending time with your dog!
Play Wag Video 9 Los Angeles, Reseda Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 9
Hi everyone, my name is Maria! I've lived with dogs most of my life even if they weren't my own I've treated and took care of them as my own so I have lots of experience with walking and house sitting dogs of all ages and sizes. I've done overnight stays and even have experience in giving pet medications. In my everyday life I am a very active and fun loving person and some of my favorite pass time is going on hikes and enjoying the beautiful nature and what's a better way to do that than with a furry friend at your side? I believe that every animal deserves lots of love, care and playtime and I can't wait to meet and walk yours!
Play Wag Video 10 Los Angeles, Hollywood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 10
My name is Jazmine and I love, love, love to take care of pets! Growing up in a suburban town just north of Sacramento, there were a lot of opportunities to take care of furry friends. My neighborhood had a few different breeds, and I would pet sit and also walk neighbors dogs. My family has also owned a dog since I was about 10 years old ( Jack Russell terrier ). Dogs are cute, loving and just all around happy animals, and I would be grateful to take them out to keep them that way! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Woodland Hills
Play Wag Video 11 Los Angeles, Woodland Hills Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 11
Hello everyone! My name is Nora, I am originally from Sweden but have been living in Los Angeles for more than 6 years. I grew up in a household with a wide variety of pets: I had two white german shepherds, two horses and a guinea pig. Since I moved to Los Angeles, I have not had my own dog - I have walked and trained friends' dogs when needed. I always strive for increasing my knowledge of the most recent pet care practices, and truly enjoy spending time and exercising your dog/s. I hope to meet you and your dog soon!
Play Wag Video 12 Glendale, Tropico Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 12
Hi, I'm Melissa. I live in Echo Park with my five year old Terrier. I'm the go-to dog sitter for my friends and co-workers. I've taken dog CPR classes and volunteered at shelters. I will give your dog as much care and attention as I do my own. Can't wait to meet you and your furry friend.

Wag! South LA Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Gives You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you in Los Angeles by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor you know and trust at your beck and call who will happily look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners all over South LA regularly using Wag! for dog walking and dog boarding have left us over 45824 reviews, giving our certified pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.95/5 stars!

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