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Wag! Badge - Hand-picked Top Pet Brands in 2021



Wag! Badge 2021

Wag! spotlights top food, clothing & apparel, toy, grooming, dog walking supplies, treat brands to pet shelters this 2021 with our Wag! Badges

This March, Wag!, the country’s largest on-demand mobile dog walking and pet care app, has been up to exciting business with Wag! Badge, a contest where Wag!’s promoting and spotlighting top food, clothing & apparel, toy, grooming, dog walking supplies, treat pet brands—allll the way down to spotlighting amazing pet shelters in 2021! 

Our team at Wag! handpicked these brands because they’re exceptional at what they do, which is something their clients can attest to as well. 

We’re so delighted that we’re teaming up with these pet brands to bring exclusive promo codes and discounts to you! So keep your eyes peeled—you don’t want to miss out!

Congratulations and a big thanks to everyone who entered!

🐾 Top Pet Food Brands

Bibim Paws

Bibim Paws was founded by long time pet lover Joyce Kang after her first dog, Gigi, became ill and died after eating from a bag of recalled kibble in 2012. After researching more about the recall, Joyce discovered the horrors behind commercial pet food and how kibble and other pet food products were made. The lack of quality control in pet food was causing many pets to become ill or even die after eating from recalled products that could potentially contain spoiled/cancerous meat, overdosing of synthetic nutrients and other dangers. So she decided to begin making her own pet food at home with only fresh, organic and real whole food ingredients with the guidance of holistic vets and nutritionists. Today, Bibim Paws is now the first and only certified organic and humane fresh pet food available for both cats and dogs that uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our pets get the safest and best food possible. 

Cali Raw Nutrition

We believe that healthy dog food is the best way to keep our dogs by our side! This is why Cali Raw Nutrition offers complete & balanced raw dog food made with human-grade ingredients and no fillers to ensure optimal health & longevity.

DISCOUNT: First time customers can use code 'WELCOMETOCALIRAW' to receive $30 off their first subscription box of $60 or more.

Instinct® Pet Food

As The Raw Brand®, Instinct® Pet Food believes that raw food has the power to transform lives. Raw provides unmatched nutrition for pets because it’s uncooked and minimally processed, which means it’s more nutrient dense than other forms of pet food. Instinct carries a variety of hand-crafted recipes for anyone who wants to upgrade their pet’s diet with raw – check out their frozen and freeze-dried Instinct® Raw options for the pinnacle of pet nutrition!


Jinx is an online destination for premium dog nutrition and holistic wellness. We craft our recipes using real ingredients in the right proportions, supported by personal service, and advice from experts.

COUPON CODE: Use code WAG30 for 30% off your first a-la-carte purchase

Primal Pet Foods

Founded in 2001, Primal Pet Foods is an established and experienced company that continues to set the standard for raw, freeze-dried and fresh pet foods. That’s why we’ve developed products that make it easier than ever to keep your pet’s diet as close to nature as possible. Every product in the Primal Pet Foods lineup is produced using the highest quality ingredients.  We are proud to craft our formulas with love and pride in our state-of-the-art facility in Fairfield, CA and are committed to elevating the health of pets through wholesome foods.

PROMO CODE (for coupons all year long): primalpetfoods.com/JoinThePack

We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw is a subscription meal plan service that delivers raw frozen food to dogs nationwide. Born out of a desire to feed dogs the healthiest diet possible, this family-run company creates easy-to-serve raw meals for pet lovers who possess the desire to feed raw but lack the know-how, time, and resources to do it themselves. All of their food is from USDA, human-grade meats with no fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors. No measuring, no guesswork--We Feed Raw's complete & balanced meals are ready to go from your doorstep to your freezer.

(2) COUPON CODES: 20% Off Your First Meal Plan Subscription WEFEEDRAW20 OR 10% Off Any Purchase WEFEEDRAW10

🐾 Top Pet Clothing & Apparel

FurRescue Fashions 

Handmade apparel 4 big dogs & small dogs too! Pitbull Advocate Store. We fight stereotypes & donate 30% to rescues each month ♥️

COUPON CODE: Wag15 (15% off code)


At House Dogge, we believe every day is a great day when shared with dogs. Dogs teach us that life is as simple as we make it, so we are following the lead of our canine buddies as we dream up products that (simply) prioritize love, comfort, quality, and eco consciousness. Visit the online shop to customize a sustainably designed dog toy or hoodie with your pups name.

COUPON CODE: 15% Discount code: WAGSXHOUSEDOGGE15 (Limit one per customer. No expiration date)

Little Beast

Based in NYC, Little Beast specializes in designing and producing pet apparel, ranging from dog sweaters to dog hoodies. They are women owned and operated and are on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs around the world! 


PawCessories is handcrafted in Rhode Island by partners Megan Robillard, and Sebastian Hernandez. Our vision at PawCessories is to craft high quality, unique products for you and your pets!

COUPON CODE: Use code WAG25 to save 25% on your first purchase!

Pawcific North Designs

Our mission is to bring you exceptional dog adventure ready gear at an affordable price. Handcrafted from start to finish, Pawcific North Designs is owned by a Navy female veteran.

COUPON CODE: WagWalking for 10% off. Expires April 30th 2021. 

Royal Collections and Co.

Royal Collections and Co. is a brand for dogs and dog lovers. We create trend-forward dog lover apparel and dog accessories that are hand-made and made with love by our small team.

COUPON CODE: WAG15 (for 15% off your total order)

Sassy Woof

Sassy Woof is an e-commerce leader and innovator in the pet retail industry.  We focus exclusively on developing affordable dog accessories and products for every season to keep the wardrobe of dogs everywhere looking modern and classy.  Our designs are the direct result of endless hours of careful thinking and meticulous attention to detail and crafting. We also strongly believe in giving back and every harness order feeds a shelter dog. Sassy Woof is a woman-owned small business proudly based out of northern-Virginia.

COUPON CODE: SASSYWAG (for 15% off until May 31, 2021)

Snugpups Dog Coats

Snugpups crafts stylish and comfortable coats for dogs.  Our coats are super-simple to put on and with 12 unique sizes (including Doxie, Frenchie and Bulldog sizes) we have mastered the ideal fit.  Snugpups’ original fleece line comes in an astounding (really) slew of patterns and colors.  We also sell dog raincoats, cotton coats, cooling coats and officially licensed Grateful Dead themed coats.  Snugpups is family owned, and our coats are made in a healthy working environment in Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania.

COUPON CODE: WAG! (Save 15% on entire order.  No expiration date.)


SWAGGLES is a Detroit-based apparel and accessories company, whose mission is to support causes and organizations that are dedicated to rescuing, providing compassion, protection and forever homes to dogs in need. They offer paw branded items, and their motto is "The Paw is the Brand". Swaggles donates a percentage of their proceeds every month to local and national rescues. Temeria Heard founded Swaggles because she was constantly heartbroken about the endless amount of abuse afflicted on dogs near and far, and wanted to make her own impact.

COUPON CODE: Wag!10 (for 10% off) 

Toy Doggie Brand

Toy Doggie is a leading pet apparel and accessories brand designed by Viviana Rivera, a Certified Pet Fashion Designer. With a mission to deliver great fashion, function and comfort for pets in Puerto Rico and now the U.S., Toy Doggie products are made for dogs and designed for owners. Our designs are colorful, distinctive and comfortable. We believe pets deserve the best fashion has to offer and that being a pet owner is a responsibility and a way of life. Find Toy Doggie at any Walmart in Puerto Rico.

COUPON CODE: DOGGIEWAG gets you 15% off (expiration date May 10, 2021)

Zoo Snoods

Zoo Snoods launched in 2016, introducing a collection of adorable knit animal-themed headwear "snoods" for dog lovers everywhere. Featuring high-quality hand-crocheted details, and designed for flexibility and comfort, Zoo Snoods have quickly become a favorite accessory of dog owners all over the world.  Zoo Snoods are both "fun and functional," protecting your dog's head and ears from the cold, dirt, and moisture, all while looking incredibly adorable!

COUPON CODE: WAG15 (for 15% of until August 31/2021)

ZoZo’s Paw

ZoZo’s Paw is a modern dog accessories brand located in Brambleton, Virginia.  They believe that dogs should have the same quality of products that we would want for ourselves – beautiful, functional, and made with a purpose. Featuring handmade dog collars, bow ties, leashes, bandanas, and more, every product aims to not only make your dog feel good, but do good.  Every order gives back to pets in need, to help fund the steps needed for a homeless pet to finally go home. 


🐾 Top Pet Grooming


Espree is a thoughtful health and grooming brand that understands health and beauty go hand in hand. We too are pet parents. Our products are never indulgent - You won’t find excess ingredients or an excessive impact on the environment. Simply formulated, real and clean. Espree takes a fresh approach in doing right by our pets.

Natural Care

Protection for your pet and the spaces you share - We make safe and effective solutions to protect your pet from nose to tail — keeping them and all the spaces you share healthy and clean, lovable and livable.

Patika Pets

We are raising the bar in pet grooming products. 

Our mutual desire for made in USA, human and cosmetic grade products is what brought Portland based  veterinarian Dr Mike, DVM, and skincare industry experts Linda & Kim together to create the safest and most effective products for healthy skin and vibrant coat. Clean, cruelty free, botanical based, made in USA and vegan, we provide a complete cleanse and herbal therapy in every innovative wash. 

COUPON CODE: WAG30 for 30% off through 2021


Created by 4 female partners, Pride + Groom is the first-ever all-natural/clean collection of dog grooming products, built on a beauty platform, specially formulated for dogs’ specific fur, coats and skin. Our dogs were always members of our families but NOW more than EVER, we want to care for them the same way we care for everyone else in the house. Created from ingredients sourced from all over the world like Marshmallow Root and Niaouli which have amazing benefits for a dogs’ coats and skin.

TropiClean® Pet Products

TropiClean® Pet Products offers a full range of naturally derived pet care products. TropiClean signature grooming products – including shampoos, conditioners, and between-bath products – are enriched with a mild coconut cleanser to help provide a gentle, yet effective clean in fresh tropical fragrances that leave pets smelling clean and ready for snuggles. The TropiClean brand family also includes SPA by TropiClean luxury grooming products; TropiClean OxyMed® gentle yet powerfully soothing products; TropiClean PerfectFur™ coat-specific shampoos; TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick, which provides complete defense and relief for pet, home & yard; and TropiClean Fresh Breath oral care and dental products. Made with naturally derived ingredients – TropiClean defines ingredients to be naturally derived if they are either naturally occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally occurring plant- or mineral-based raw materials. YOU MAKE THE MOMENTS. WE MAKE THEM FRESH.™

Vet’s Best
Founded over 35 years ago by a veterinarian, Vet’s Best is committed to using premium quality and plant-based ingredients scientifically formulated to ensure your pet’s overall well-being. Our products are naturally derived, so you’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals. Your pet’s health is our first priority, so we’ve done the research, created the products, and care what you put on—and in—your pet as much as you do.

ZYMOX® Ear and Skin Products

For more than twenty years, the ZYMOX line of veterinarian-approved enzyme-based products have helped animals find relief and comfort for ear infections, itchy allergy skin and hot spots. Proudly made in the USA, ZYMOX products are safe, non-toxic, easy-to-use and free of antibiotics and harsh ingredients helping animals to lead healthy, happy lives.

COUPON CODE: Free shipping on your first order. Use code SHIPFREE.

🐾 Top Pet Shelters

OC Pom Rescue

OC Pom Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Southern California that was created to be an educational resource and an ally to animal advocates. We rescue and rehabilitate Pomeranians of all ages, sizes, and conditions, and also welcome other small dog breeds into our care. Our purpose as a dog rescue is to find them their perfect forever home based on their individual needs and history.

🐾 Top Pet Treat Brands

Chill Paws

Chill Paws is a pet CBD brand who knows our furry friends are more than just pets; they are family, that’s why we focus on producing the highest quality of CBD products and lab test every batch. At Chill Paws, we have developed the perfect CBD treat formula that our furry friends absolutely love. Our 150mg CBD Dog Treats (Peanut Butter Flavor) have a soft and chewy texture that is extremely easy to chew and digest, while their delicious peanut butter flavor makes them absolutely irresistible to canines. We love to partner with nonprofits, rescues, and organizations we believe in to help raise money and awareness for their causes. Help your furry friend chill out and keep the chill times going with Chill Paws!

COUPON CODE: WAG20 for 20% OFF (*excludes bundles and e- gift cardsExpiration date: Dec 31,2021

Fruitables Pet Treats

Fruitables is on a relentless pursuit for deliciously healthy pet treats with wholesome goodness. Our pet treats combine fruits, vegetables, and proteins to create fun-tastic, flavor-filled bursts your pets will love.

Naked Beasts - A Wildly Natural Path Towards Health

Naked Beasts offers clean & holistic pet supplies ranging from all-natural single ingredient treats and chews to recycled eco-friendly plush toys and chew holders. Our shop is Female and POC-owned with core values in fair working conditions, sustainability, and overall devotion to providing the best possible products for the benefit of our animals and our home. We strive to educate and inspire others to heal lives, reduce waste, protect the planet and cultivate real change.

DISCOUNTS: Sign up to be a member and start earning points toward free products and deep discounts!

Plato Pet Treats

At Plato, we continually strive to earn your trust by making high-quality treats with a single source, real meat proteins, limited ingredients, and without corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors. All our treats are naturally preserved, and we take the extra time to air-dry them in batches to avoid high-temperature processing and to maximize palatability. We’re a Family Company that believes that the better we care for and love our dogs, the better humans we become.

COUPON CODE: WAG (expiration is March 31, 2021)

Suzie's CBD Treats

Suzie’s Pet Treats is a USDA organic CBD company based around beliefs of transparency, self-sustainability, and a whole lot of love. They are employee-owned and vertically integrated, so every member of the team is engaged and committed to helping people and pets in need. That same passion is reflected in the quality of their products with each being 3rd party lab-tested, USDA certified organic, and created with human-grade ingredients. Suzie’s honors their mission to help pets both through that standard of quality and by donating 10% back to shelters and rescues across the country.

COUPON CODE: SuziesWag10 for 10% off

Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets is an all-natural, nutritionist-crafted, sustainable dog and cat treat brand, upcycling misfit and surplus fruits and veggies into delicious & healthy treats for your pet. The company was founded when James & Alex (our co-founders) were dismayed at how much food was being thrown out every single year (63 million pounds), and being big dog lovers themselves, they decided to fuse two passions into one. Shameless Pets is on a mission to save waste on every level possible, not just with foods, but also at the production and packaging level. This means reducing single virgin plastic use in our bags, and finding new ways to save energy in the production of making treats. Just this past year, they've switched to using 100% solar power energy to make their soft baked, dental, calming chews, and cat treats, started using packaging made of 25% PCR material, and have saved over 215,000 pounds of food in this past year! They're continually fighting to be as sustainable as possible, so we can love our planet the way we love our pups & cats. 

COUPON CODE: WAGON25 for 25% off- no expiration date.

Unicorn Bully Bites, LLC

Magical, minimal ingredient dog treats and human apparel that is cute AF! Fighting stereotypes of pitbull type dogs one unicorn headband at a time.

Be part of the solution together - 10% of sales are donated monthly to rescues.

COUPON CODE: WAGUBB10 for 10% off (Expires May 2021)

🐾 Top Dog Walking Supplies

Bags on Board

Bags on Board is all about giving responsible pet parents strong and reliable solutions that make poop pick-up a lot less yucky! The Bags on Board bags are the highest quality in terms of thickness and bag size, while still being fun and fashionable! Enjoy the outdoors with your dog, responsibly, with Bags on Board.

Beast & Buckle

Beast & Buckle is a dog harness and accessory company started by a young man and the little French bulldog who saved his life. In addition to creating fun, affordable, high-quality gear for your pup, Beast & Buckle does its part to support all of the dogs out there that need help - 5% of every sale is donated to charities helping animals.

COUPON CODE: WAG10 for 10% off sitewide. No expiration date.


Boo Oh is a lifestyle brand uniquely designed to elevate ordinary moments. Minimalist designs at first glance yet sophisticated in the selection of the finest materials, we meticulously obsess over every detail.  Our desire lies in delivering the highest caliber of products driven by attitude, taste, and story. From concept to manufacturing and into our customers’ hands, we passionately create products that people not only need but love.

Coastal Pet Products

We have been inspired by pets since 1968 and are committed to delivering high-quality products people trust for the pets they love. We are a family-run business based in the small town of Alliance, Ohio, which puts us in the heart of the country. Coastal Pet has also been a huge part of establishing industry standards for product safety, strength, and durability throughout the years, like curving a collar’s buckle so it’s more comfortable on your dog’s neck or using 3M material to create super reflective collars for nighttime safety. We make products for dogs and cats of every size, shape, and lifestyle – from Adventurers to Travelers, to Li’l Pals, and Trendsetters.  

COUPON CODE: wagfan (for 15% off all items on our Facebook and Instagram shops)

Designs by Wildside

We aim to offer durable, quality, and adventure dog wear that is fun, functional, and built to last.

Tails N Trails dog apparel is easy to clean and made for active use. We have been designing our products with the working dog in mind giving them the freedom and ruggedness needed for the outdoors! With fun prints and our modern feel, you will be sure to find something your pup will love.

COUPON CODE: Wag10 (for 10% off your order)


DJANGO engineers high quality, modern, and stylish travel and adventure gear for dogs and dog owners. Our mission is to help you and your dog get outside, travel and adventure more often. Visit us at djangobrand.com

DJANGO was launched by Steph and Mike, a couple madly in love with their adventure dog Django. A lifestyle of travel and adventure has inspired a beautiful, original, and weather-resistant line of dog gear. The 2021 collection includes DJANGO's widely acclaimed waxed canvas and leather dog carrier bags, adventure-ready harness and leash sets, all-weather dog jackets, insulated winter dog coats, and more. 

COUPON CODE: Enter WAG10 at checkout for 10% OFF sitewide on djangobrand.com


EarthHero is the one-stop shop for everything sustainable, making it easy to find trusted eco-friendly products from over 175+ ethical brands. Every order is shipped carbon neutral through our partnership with Carbonfund.org, and comes packaged and shipped plastic-free – or with minimal plastic packaging. We donate 1% of sales towards environmental nonprofits worldwide through 1% for the Planet, and we’re a Certified B Corp, joining a network of companies using business as a force for good. From eco-friendly pet products to zero waste living products, to sustainable clothing, to tech and home products and beyond, EarthHero aims to have an eco-friendly alternative to anything and everything you need to purchase. That’s sustainable shopping made simple.

COUPON CODE: WAG10 (for 10% off site-wide; this coupon code does not expire, is not case sensitive, and can’t be used on sale items, can’t be paired with other coupons, can’t be used on Gift Cards, TerraCycle boxes, Zeal Optics, or Naturepedic products]

Goin' In Style!

Goin' In Style is a woman-owned company located in Silver Spring, MD. GIS created the Dog Walker Organizer, a thoughtful solution to keeping all of your dog walking essentials in one place.  This cross-body bag has specially designed pockets to hold your phone, waste bags, treats and even has a key fob for an extra house key.  The bag also has a dirty little secret - you can temporarily store the used waste bag in the zippered compartment!   Place your phone in the phone pocket backward and turn the flashlight on when walking after dark - now everyone can see you and you can see everything!  Safety, comfort, style and convenience - that's Goin' In Style!

COUPON CODE: Use WAG20 (for a 20% discount on all Goin' In Style items until April 30, 2021)


Highwave has been creating products to help humans live in harmony with our planet since 1983. Everything from our travel mugs for humans, to our travel mugs for dogs has been designed to respect Earth & its natural resources. 1% of each sale goes to non-profits focused on healing our planet.

COUPON CODE: WAG15 for 15% off

Jax & Moonie

Share a lifetime of adventures with your pup! At Jax & Moonie, we consider this a love story between man's (and woman's of course) best friend, Canine Adventuroso. As the years go by, add our travel Been There™ tags to any of our hand-stitched leather collars to remember the journey of discovery with your canine companion. This wanderlust, nature-based, eco-friendly life is what Jax & Moonie aspire to share. A curious life lived on your own terms- with your dog front and center.

COUPON CODE: Get 10% The Minimalist Collar or The Signature Collar with code WAG2021

K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack started when our founder, Joseph, rescued a puppy from a dumpster. Little Daisy wanted to go everywhere with him, but at the time he was training for a long distance cycling race and couldn't bring her along. Sad to leave her behind, he searched far and wide for a solution but ultimately had to come up with his own and called it the K9 Sport Sack. 

Now, Joseph's first prototype has evolved into 6 different models that work for small to large dogs up to 80lbs. Each carrier is built with a range of essential safety and comfort features that cater to a range of activities and lifestyles. No dog is left behind with a K9 Sport Sack.

The Modern Dog Company

As dog owners, we know how important our four legged friends are.  In fact, they aren’t just friends, but family.  It is our commitment to offer you a variety of great product options so you can spoil your furry friends while staying on a budget.  As a new company, we may be starting small, but we hope to continue to grow and expand our product lines and our relationships with you.

COUPON CODE: Wag15 for 15% off the entire site (no expiration)

Mimi Green Dog Collars

We believe in combining the two: YOUR GREAT TASTE + YOUR DOG = MIMI GREEN. At Mimi Green we make high quality collars and accessories that keep your dog safe with custom engraving and stylish with tons of fabrics and styles to choose from. You are sure to find a style that fits you and your pup that will make them look and feel good. All of our products are handmade in the USA with the best materials we can find! 

COUPON CODE: mgwag10 (Good for 10% off our website, no expiration date.)


MoHapDog is the creator of the PooVault and Number Two bags to make every walk less smelly. No one ever said that it is a requirement to smell a full dog waste bag to be a good dog person. Go out with your favorite four-legged friends and enjoy fresh air and not dog poop air. Make every walk More Happy and Less Crappy. 

COUPON CODE: When you visit the site, there will be an immediate 20% discount available through a pop-up. 


Inspired by the WONDERful mix of joy, adventure, and fun that our dogs bring into our lives, W+W creates products that are colorful, cheerful, and durable with incredible attention to the smallest details. We source from women-owned, sustainable small businesses, give back to animal charities, and believe in only the best customer service. Oh, and zoomies are guaranteed.

COUPON CODE: Use the code "WAG10" to get 10% off their purchase (ends 4/5/21)

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