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Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butts



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Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butts




As humans, we love to hang out with our animals, watching them, playing with them, and enjoy the happiness they bring to our lives. Sometimes, our dogs tend to act in ways that seem a bit bizarre, that almost seem wrong or just plain odd. One of those peculiar actions that dogs may do is dragging their butts across the floor. Many of our dogs seem to do this, and sometimes, they do it quite frequently. Once we understand why our dogs act in certain ways, we can better understand them and help them be confident and healthy in all that they do. 

The Root of the Behavior

It can be common for dogs to drag their butts across the floor and there may be a wide range of reasons as to why they do that. To begin with, dogs drag their butts across the floor due to some sort of irritation. Just as we itch ourselves or find some avenue of relief when we are in pain or have an irritation, so do our dogs. The irritation can be anything from a simple infection to something more serious such as inflammation, or even worms. The main reasons that dogs drag their butts across the floor are due to anal sac problems, fecal contamination, worms, rectal prolapse, as well as other wounds or issues that may cause discomfort. If there are issues such as anal sac problems, it usually indicates that their sac has some sort of irritation through inflammation or blockage. This can be extremely irritating for dogs and when this occurs, the smell along with the irritation will lead them to search for some ease. Fecal contamination can also be a big cause of irritation, and simple relief can occur through dragging their butt across the floor. This irritation can be a simple fix through cleaning up the area, if there is no infection. Worms can be another cause, and if your animal has these, it may be important to get your dog checked out by the veterinarian, as medication may be needed, depending on the severity. Rectal prolapse may be the most serious issue, as a part of the large intestine may be exposed after major constipation and diarrhea. All of these issues are valid reasons for your dog dragging his butt, and finding the right one for healing is important. Although not every issue is an emergency, it may be important to figure it out, so your dog is back to being healthy and happy. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

When your dog begins to drag their butt across the floor, it may seem a bit peculiar and something that is not in their best interest. Yet, your dog dragging their butt across the floor is not necessarily a bad thing. If your dog is trying to relieve a minor irritation, it is not something to freak out over, but it is also not something that you want to encourage in your dog. When your pet is acting this way, there are certain irritations that will present themselves, and you, as their owner, can take proper care of their irritation, helping your dog find relief. If your dog has something of a more serious nature like worms or rectal prolapse, it may be wise to call the veterinarian, immediately, but if it is something such as a minor irritation, it may be best to allow your dog to drag his bottom, at the moment, and encourage him to heal it, helping him relieve his irritation, so he moves forward in life, healthy. It is suggested that you watch your dog, help them find relief in whatever their irritation is, and to allow them to move forward in a healthy manner.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog seems to have any bit of irritation, it may be wise to check and see what is going on. If you decide to help your animal on your own, giving them antibiotics, increasing fiber in their diet, flushing their sacs for relief, and even putting a warm compress on the area can help, tremendously. If your animal still seems to be in pain after administering these avenues of relief, it may be wise to take them in to see veterinarian so they may get further relief. Your dog’s habit of dragging their butt across the floor is not necessarily a bad thing, and can help them find relief, and give you a chance to help them heal.


Sometimes, your dog may act in ways that seem odd and disturbing, but they are only for relief and coincide with the health of your pet. Allowing your animal to express their pain and show you that healing is needed can help you and your pet figure out what is wrong, how to heal the irritation and develop a stronger relationship between each other. 

By a Shiba Inu lover Patty Oelze

Published: 02/06/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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