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Why Dogs Like Humans



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Why Dogs Like Humans




As children, having a puppy is a dream that is unlike anything else. We want a furry animal to kiss us, love us, and be with us at all times. As adults, having a dog is about having a companion, that we can love and take care of. Whether you are five years old, twenty years old, or sixty years old, having a dog is a dream of some kind and it may be one of the best experiences in life. It is safe to say that humans love dogs, but we cant forget, that dogs seem to love humans, too. They wag their tails when we are around, and love to be near our bodies. Understanding why can help enhance the relationship between canine and human. 

The Root of the Behavior

As we raise our puppies and grow with them throughout our lives, we know, hands down, that they love us. They look at us, as if we are family; yet, this may seem like it is just an interpretation of our own human minds. How can we really know that dogs like human beings? Science has begun to prove this concept quite well. Dogs tend to navigate the world using their mouth and their nose. Any taste or smell that they are sensing is going to help them decide whether they like something or not. Scientists have begun to study the brains of dogs, and in their findings, dogs respond to their owners and human companions as if they are family. Due to this, they are going to rely on their owners to be their support system and their source for when they are in need. 

When your dog smells your scent, there is a release that occurs within the “reward center” of the brain, which activates excitement and a desire. In smelling many different scents, dogs will prioritize their owners scent over any other scent that they smell. Dogs interact with their owners the way a baby will interact with it’s mother. They rely on humans for everything because they begin to know and understand their owners are their family. If it were a cat or another animal, this may not be the case, entirely. Yet, dogs are physically wired to understand and be aware of emotional changes in our voices and different mood changes that we have on a daily basis, as well. Their brains and bodies are programmed in ways that will connect with human beings in the proper way. This can possibly be from evolutionary changes, but as of today, dogs and humans are companions, and act in a way of need and strong desire. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Every human being wants to be loved by their dog. When people bring a furry friend to their home, there are strong hopes that they become apart of the family and act as a companion; the goal is that dogs will love human beings as human beings love them. The behavior of liking human beings should definitely be encouraged in your pet, as owners of all animals are human beings and in today’s world, humans live in an advanced society. Most dogs will live in a household and share space with human beings. Due to the dynamics of how animals and humans commune with each other, it is important to make sure that your dog is open and loving to all human beings that they come across. It is important to have a loving relationship with your pet, but making sure they do not set aside your scent as the one they love over other human beings that they come across is very important. They will love you more and consider you family than most strangers they come across, but being calm and loving to all humans is suggested. Socializing your dog from a young age can, tremendously, help with their adjustment to living with humans. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Animals, like humans, will be willing and loving to most people and animals that they come across, especially if they feel comfortable and safe. Socializing your dog is important, but allowing them to be around human beings who treat them in a way that they desire can help their liking for human beings to grow. It is recommended to be aware that you and your dog are family, and just like a child, your pet will love and cherish you more than others. Yet, as their “parent,” showing them that is okay to be loving to all that they come across because they are safe, can help with their integration with living around humans. If they don't socialize and understand how society works, they may act harshly around other humans or animals. Positive growth and raising is highly recommended around your animal.


Canines and humans are similar in many ways with how they think and feel, and without each other, life may be difficult. The connection that is created between man and dog is important to not only survival but love. Without the integration of dogs and humans, life could be a pretty boring world. 

By a Shiba Inu lover Patty Oelze

Published: 02/07/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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