Can a Dog Smell When You're On Your Period?

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Many women feel on edge when they are going through their monthly period. This is not just because of the hormonal changes that take place during that time but also due to the fact that they think other people may know that they are on their period simply because of the smell. 

However, it is important to remember that although you may sense a different smell because you already know you are on your period, most people will not. If you have a dog, on the other hand, it will most likely be able to smell when you’re on your period. 

Introduction of Can a Dog Smell When You're On Your Period?

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Signs Your Dog Can Smell You're On Your Period

There are various signs that may indicate a dog senses that you are on your period. This is largely due to your pooch’s sense of smell, which is far keener than that of humans hence their popularity as jobs such as sniffer dogs for police officers. When you are on your period, you will probably notice that your dog is sniffing around you more and particularly going to sniff your crotch area. This can be highly embarrassing if you have visitors or are out with your dog, so you need to try and train your pet to stop doing this.

You may also notice that your dog is circling around you more or spending more time at your side during your period. Remember, your dog not only picks up on the different scent from your period but also on the fluctuations in your hormonal levels, which is another reason it will act differently when you are on your period. Your pet may be more attentive during this time, which could be in response to your hormonal or behavioral changes. All of these signs show that your dog is able to smell and sense something different about you although they obviously will not have any concept of what a period is. 

It is also worth looking at your dog’s body language to indicate whether or not they can smell or sense when you are on your period. One of the main signs, as mentioned earlier, is your dog sniffing around you more and making a beeline for your crotch area. However, some dogs also become more loving and cuddly with their owners during this time of the month. Again, this may be due to changes in your hormone levels or changes in your mood and behavior, which your pooch can also pick up on.  Other signs may include head tilting and following you around. 

There may be other signs that could indicate your dog can smell when you are on your period. In fact, in some cases, you may even notice your dog taking an interest in your discarded feminine products because of the smell that emanates from them. 

Body Language

While on your period, you may notice your dog:

  • Head tilting
  • Sniffing
  • Licking

Other Signs

Other signs that your dog knows you are on your period include:

  • Crotch sniffing
  • Snuggling and cuddling you
  • Circling you
  • Following you around

History of Dogs Sensing Periods

History of Can a Dog Smell When You're On Your Period?

Dogs are extremely adept at using their senses, particularly when it comes to their sense of smell. They are also very good at picking up on changes in a person such as a change in behavior and hormone levels. In fact, this ability to pick up on things that humans cannot has resulted in dogs becoming everything from sniffer-dogs to migraine-alert-dogs over the years.

Plenty of research has gone into learning more about the way in which our dogs pick up on things over the years, and their sense of smell is one of the key factors that enables them to excel in this area. This is why dogs are adept at being able to pick up on the different smell that comes from you when you are on your period. 

Researchers have also discovered that many dogs will sniff out tampons and pads with menstrual blood on them once they have been discarded. This indicates that they can follow the smell and will know that it is not just on you but also in items that have been discarded in the bathroom. Some will even make an effort to find the feminine products with the menstrual blood, as they are drawn to them by the smell. 

Science of Dogs Smelling When You are on Your Period

Science of Can a Dog Smell When You're On Your Period?

As a result of changes in smell and hormone levels, dogs are able to smell and sense when you are on your period. They won’t know what the smell is, but they will be able to detect it, which is why some go on the hunt for the used products they know are hidden away in the bathroom as well as sniffing at you when you are on a period. Your hormone levels can fluctuate far more than normal during your time of the month, which is why some women find themselves experiencing mood swings or feeling low at this time.  

Training Your Dog to be Polite Through Periods

Training of Can a Dog Smell When You're On Your Period?

Of course, you cannot train your dog not to sense or smell when you are on a period, as this is their natural instinct. However, you can ensure that they do not embarrass you when you are on your period. Your dog will not embarrass you out of spite – the fact is, they will be able to smell something different because of your menstruation and hormone levels and they will naturally go to sniff at your crotch area where the smell is emanating from. This is just instinct for your pooch, but you obviously don’t want this happening when you are around others or taking your pet out for a walk.

You should make sure you use obedience training to stop your dog from trying sniff at your crotch when you are on a period - or someone else's, as otherwise, this could start to get embarrassing. You need to be firm when you tell them ‘no’ and get them to sit when they try to approach you to have a good sniff. In addition, you should make sure you are changing your pads or tampon regularly because this will reduce the risk of your dog picking up on a strong smell that piques their curiosity and makes them want to come over to find out more! 

You should also be mindful of your dog’s tendency to go looking for used products in the bathroom, as some will drag these items away because they are drawn to them by the smell. Make sure that you dispose of these items properly and seal them up so your pooch cannot get to them. Puppies appear to be particularly fond of used items such as these, so this is something that you should bear in mind when you are stashing your used products. 

How to React to Your Dog Being Able to Smell When You are on Your Period:

  • Seal up used products before discarding.
  • Be firm about discouraging your dog to stay away from crotch sniffing.
  • Change your sanitary pad or tampon regularly.