Can Dogs Have Edible Gummies?

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We understand the want to share everything with your four-legged best friend. We know that the hardest battle you'll ever face is your little pup staring up at you while you enjoy a piece of food, a drink - anything really - and having to decide whether or not to divide it up and share the wealth. With dogs though, sharing isn't always caring. 

Pups have different systems than we do, and often, they're not set up to digest things the same way we are. This applies to a lot of food, alcohol, and definitely edible gummies. As the edible marijuana trend sweeps the nation and as states continue to legalize recreational and medical marijuana the fad for edible weed concoctions remains in demand. 

As delicious as you might find these treats, and as delicious as they look, it's not a good idea to share these edible gummies with your pup. THC affects dogs much differently than it does people, and although there are some studies circulating that support the idea of giving regimented edible to dogs, the fact remains that pups are incredibly sensitive to marijuana and giving it to your dog can be dangerous. 

 Do you want to know how you can tell if your dog has eaten too many of your edibles? Want to better understand how marijuana edibles affect your pup? Read on!

Introduction of Can Dogs Have Edible Gummies?

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Signs Your Dog Has Eaten Your Edibles

While there are a few studies circulating that promote the benefits of marijuana edibles for dogs, the fact of the matter is, pups will always be more sensitive to substances like this. That being said, it's quite possible for dogs to eat too many edibles and get very sick, suffer severe side effects, and even face death. 

So, what signs should you be looking for to determine if your dog has eaten too many marijuana edibles? First, keep an eye on your dog's physical behavior. Does he or she seem lazier than usual? More excited? More lethargic? Your dog's energy will certainly be affected by a dosage of edibles. 

Next, your dog will likely suffer from system depression, have a lack of coordination, seem disoriented, and lose their balance. Even more serious things like seizures, ataxia, tachycardia, and body tremors can happen, too. Your dog might vomit, have accidents in the house, or have severe bouts of diarrhea, as well.

Body Language

Here are a few signs your dog might be exhibiting that could suggest he or she is sick from marijuana edibles:
  • Panting
  • Yawning
  • Raspy panting
  • Drooling
  • Back hair on edge
  • Ears back
  • Pupils dilated

Other Signs

There are other signs you should be on the lookout for as well, including:
  • Lethargy or Fatigue
  • Excitability
  • Seizures
  • Hypothermia
  • Incontinence
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Body tremors
  • Depression

The History of Edibles and Dogs

History of Can Dogs Have Edible Gummies?
Unfortunately, marijuana poisoning doesn't just happen when dogs get into their owner's stashes of edible marijuana. Often, people will get the idea that because edibles help them with many medical and mental ailments, it could help their pups, too. 

Any medicine, whether prescription, holistic, or home-remedy, should be cleared by a vet beforehand, and often, people will simply feed edibles to their pups in hopes that it will cure whatever malady they're facing.

Some of the most common causes and reasons people will feed their pups edibles? Many people claim that edibles can help with their dog's appetite, anxiety, and stress levels. Others claim that edibles can help with allergies, arthritis, glaucoma, and inflammatory bowel disease. Even more, people believe that edibles can help remedy seizures, increase a detiorating quality of life, and cure cancer.

The Science Behind Edibles and Dogs

Science of Can Dogs Have Edible Gummies?
If you find yourself asking what it is about edibles that some people think can help remedy your dog's maladies, we've got the answers you're looking for. Cannabis edibles are essentially marijuana that's is baked into some type of food - think brownies, candies, baked goods, and more. Gummy edibles are made with sugar and gelatin - much like any other type of chewy candy.

Typically, edibles are unsafe for dogs because pooches are extra-sensitive to dosages and marijuana, but edibles have the added danger factor of the ingredients they're put into. 

For example, edibles can contain things like chocolate, caffeine, and things like xylitol, a sweetner that is toxic for your pooch. Edibles, if prescribed your vet in dosages, could be safe for your pup, but unfortunately, most of the edible things, like the gummies you're eating, won't be a safe way to deliver cannabis to your dog's system.

Training Your Dog to Stay Away from Your Edible Gummies:

Training of Can Dogs Have Edible Gummies?
When it comes to teaching your dog to avoid certain things, we know it can be a hassle. Dogs are curious creatures - they want to be in your space, sharing things with you, and be a part of whatever you're doing - especially if it involves food. But feeding your dog edible gummies is a bad idea, and not just because the dosage of marijuana might be too much for them. 

The fact of the matter is, those edible gummies you're eating are probably packed with xylitol and other sugar-like substances that are toxic for your poor pup, so keeping them away is vital. But, how do you train them to avoid your gummies? 

First, you need to make sure that your dog understands the command "no." This obedience command can be your best bet if your doggo is making a beeline straight for the gummies you left out on the table. A firm "no", "drop it", or "leave it" could save your dog's life, so it's important they understand what it means and that when you say it, you mean business. 

That being said, training yourself to not leave your gummies out is going to be one of the biggest factors in your dog's safety. Try keeping your gummies in a high place or in a locked compartment where your pup can't get his or her paws on it. You can train your pooch to stay away from the area where you keep your gummies, too. Just as people train dogs to avoid furniture, you can teach your pup to avoid your kitchen, bathroom, or closet - wherever you choose to leave your edible gummies.

Safety Tips for Storing Edibles Around Dogs:

  • Hide your edible gummies up high.
  • Keep your gummies in a locked compartment.
  • Don't leave your gummies out and vulnerable.
  • Know the canine-marijuana-toxicity symptoms.
  • If you're keeping edibles in the house, have a plan of action if your dog gets into them.