Can Dogs Hear Ghosts?

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The very mention of ghosts can send a shiver up the spines of many people. However, when it comes to ghosts, there are plenty of people that don’t believe and many others that do. There are even professionals and agencies that use high-tech equipment to try and pick up on ghostly activities and the race to prove the existence of ghosts is still on.

However, perhaps the best-placed creatures on the earth to prove that ghosts do exist are our pets. Cats, dogs, and other animals have been known to pick up on ghostly and paranormal activity. So, do you think that your pooch may be able to hear ghosts?

Introduction of Can Dogs Hear Ghosts?

Signs Your Dog Can Hear Ghosts

We know from the decades of research that have been carried out that a dog’s hearing is excellent. Dogs can hear, smell, and sense things that we as humans cannot. In fact, in many industries, dogs are thought to be more effective than high-tech equipment and machines when it comes to sniffing things out and hearing them. 

We do know that dogs, like many other animals, can hear sounds at extremely high frequencies. These are sounds that we cannot hear, so we may wonder exactly what it is that our dog is listening to. Some believe that when it comes to ghosts, dogs use their sense of hearing as well as their sense of smell to pick up on the ghostly presence.

If your dog is able to hear a ghost, you will be able to see a number of distinct signs. Your dog may sit and stare at where the sound is coming from. Many dogs will head tilt in the direction of the sound while others will run up to it and start barking or jumping up. Of course, there are also nervous dogs that may not be as happy about the sounds that they hear. These dogs may whine at the noise, the hair on the nape of the neck may be raised, or they may run and hide. 

So, what sort of body language could indicate that your dog can hear a ghost? Well, it does depend on the type of dog you have. If your dog is an excitable or curious pooch, some of the signs could include a wagging tail, running to and from a particular spot, sitting and staring alertly at something, or jumping up. If your dog is of a more nervous disposition, it may tuck its tail, back away from the sound, cower, or stick very close to you. Some dogs may run and hide from the sound if they are very nervous. 

Body Language

Signs that your dog hears a ghost include:

  • Staring
  • Alert
  • Head tilting
  • Cowering
  • Jumping up
  • Wag tail
  • Back hair on edge
  • Running

Other Signs

More signs that your dog can hear a ghost are:

  • Hiding away
  • Sticking close to you
  • Reluctance to go into certain room or area

History of Dogs Hearing Ghosts

History of Can Dogs Hear Ghosts?

Over the decades, researchers have carried out a lot of tests into how efficient a dog’s senses are. We have come to realize from these tests that a dog has extremely acute hearing and can hear things at very high frequencies. These are sounds that we cannot hear. 

Therefore, if we see our dogs apparently listening to or picking up on something that isn’t there, we often put it down to our pooches just having one of their peculiar moments (which all dogs seem to have at some point or another!). However, it could be the case that your dog is able to hear something that you cannot hear because of the frequency of the sounds and the effectiveness of your dog’s hearing. 

Some experts believe that it is not just the sound of a ghost that dogs react to, but also the smell and the fact that it can sense the ghost. Some dog owners put their dogs’ abilities to sense paranormal activity down to having a sixth sense. However, it is more about the fact that dogs are able to sense energy and have excellent existing senses, so they do not need to have a sixth sense in order to pick up on the presence of ghosts and spirits. 

The Science Behind Dogs Hearing Ghosts

Science of Can Dogs Hear Ghosts?

Over the years, a lot of high-tech equipment has been developed to help researchers further investigate ghostly activities. We have all seen this type of equipment on TV shows and in movies. However, many would agree that perhaps the only equipment that is needed to pick up on a ghostly presence is a dog, as they can use their inbuilt sense of hearing and smell to pick up on this sort of thing.

A dog’s hearing is far superior to that of humans, so they can often hear things that we cannot detect. This is one of the reasons why dogs may be able to detect the presence of ghosts, while we sit there blissfully unaware that there is anything amiss. 

Training Your Dog to Hear Ghosts

Training of Can Dogs Hear Ghosts?

Are you interested to learn whether your dog may be able to hear ghosts? While many of us would rather not know if there are ghosts roaming around in our homes, your pooch will not hold back if it detects something, so the first thing to do is see how your dog reacts in your own home. Perhaps you live in a very old house or one that has a long history. If so, this could be even more interesting, as these are the types of places that are more likely to see ghostly activity occurring.

If you do find that your dog acts strangely for no apparent reason, check to see whether there is any pattern behind the behavior. For example, does it tend to happen at a particular time of the day or night? Does it happen in one particular room or area? When you see your dog behaving this way, can you also detect anything strange such as dropping temperatures? 

All of these things could indicate ghostly activity and if your dog does hear something, you can be certain that it will react and let you know in one way or another. You could even consider getting paranormal investigators in to see whether they pick up on anything in the area in which your dog seems to focus its attention.

If you don’t live in a house with a history or your dog does not react to anything in your home, you could take your research elsewhere. For example, you could find outdoor areas locally that are meant to be haunted and take your dog there for a stroll. You can then see whether your pooch picks up on anything in a place that is known to be haunted and where paranormal activity has already been witnessed or experienced by others. This will give you more of an indication as to whether your dog is actually able to hear, smell, or sense ghosts. 

How to React to Your Dog Hearing Ghosts:

  • Take your dog to a local haunted outdoor area.
  • Speak to paranormal experts.
  • Check to see if it behaves strangely in certain areas or rooms.
  • See if your dog acts strangely at a particular time of day or night.