Can Dogs See Dead Spirits?

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It is likely you have had an experience where your dog is barking at a corner of you a room in your house for no apparent reason or your dog seems to get restless and agitated at the same spot during your walking route. You may wonder if they are sensing something, such as a ghost or spirit, when they display any type of erratic or unusual behavior.

Ultimately, dog's can sense things that humans cannot through sight, smell, sound, and more. Whether they can see ghosts or not is mostly up to your personal beliefs about the afterlife. Science is split between whether dogs can sense ghosts or not, and much is still unknown about dog behavior. We have a lot to learn about dogs and our world.

Introduction of Can Dogs See Dead Spirits?

Signs of a Dog Seeing a Dead Spirit

If you do indeed believe that dogs can see spirits, there are some commonly noted signs and evidence that your dog may indeed be seeing a spirit. If you see your pup standing in a particular spot inside or outside the house, and barking, but seemingly at nothing, many people believe it is because they are actually experiencing a paranormal event that we as humans cannot witness. This could be a spirit of a family member, the prior person who lived in the house, or something else. 

They could simply just be barking at an energy that is present in that location that should not be there. Dogs may also whine, howl, and growl at certain spots in your home, when on a walk, or maybe even down your hallway. If you are with them and can't see any physical reason why they are acting that way, some believe that they are seeing a supernatural presence.  

Furthermore, some dogs will even roll on their backs, seem like they are playing with something when there is nothing there, or just appear as if they are interacting with someone like they would if a person was really there. All of these signs can possibly suggest they are interacting with the dead and we just cannot see what they are actually experiencing. 

Body Language

Here are some signs you might notice when your dog is seeing a spirit:
  • Alert
  • Barking
  • Head tilting
  • Whining
  • Wag tail
  • Pacing

Other Signs

These are other signs you may notice if your dog is seeing a spirit:
  • Running Away/Hiding
  • Growling at Nothing
  • Acting Agitated
  • Interacting with Something Unseen
  • Playing with Something Unseen
  • Staring at a Wall

History of Dogs Seeing Spirits

History of Can Dogs See Dead Spirits?
It has been believed for a very long time that humans and animals have something of a sixth sense. This can encompass a lot of different things but also includes the ability to see spirits and experience paranormal phenomenon. Furthermore, it is widely accepted that dogs and other animals are particularly sensitive to experience things like seeing ghosts. 

It is easy to presume that as long as dogs have been with humans and as long as humans have believed in the spirit world, people have had experiences with their dogs interacting with the unknown. However, just as many people who believe dogs have this ability, do not believe this is possible. Rather, today, most of the scientific community believes your pooch is just using their strong senses to smell, hear, or see small sounds or movements humans are not able to detect. 

This doesn't stop believers though, and for good reason. There are heaps of stories of dogs having paranormal experiences. For example, one pet owner claims one night her and her dog were about to go to sleep in a house more than 100 years old. 

All of the sudden the dog jumped up from sleeping and stood over the edge of the bed and began staring at something through the air. Despite the owner's attempt to call the dog's name, the dog would not respond to her calls. Eventually, the dog went back to bed but would wake up periodically to stare at the same spot in the air. Events like these suggest dogs have the ability to sense things, such as ghosts, that not all humans are in tune with. 

The Science Behind Dogs Seeing Spirits

Science of Can Dogs See Dead Spirits?
Although there is a lot of controversy within the scientific community about whether or not dogs can see spirits, or if spirits even exist, what they can agree on is there is still a ton we don't know about dogs and our world in general. 

Science does not always explain everything, and if it can, we just do not know the answers as of yet. This leaves plenty room for the possibility of dogs seeing dead spirits as reality. A dog's sixth sense is likely due to their super keen senses - like sight, smell, sound, and taste. Their senses allow them to detect even the slightest movement that humans cannot detect themselves. 

Your dog's sense of smell is 1000-10,000 times more powerful than your own, his eyes can detect the smallest of movements, and can detect many more sound frequencies and hear 4 times farther than you. Therefore, it becomes much more likely for them to be in tune with supernatural experiences and the ability to see ghosts. 

Pet psychologist Marty Miller believes that dogs can indeed sense spirits due to their ability to detect changes in the atmosphere. We can actually see this in the works when a dog is able to sense an impending storm or bad weather approaching them. 

Other studies also seem to suggest dogs have a very strong intuition and much is still unknown about what dogs can and cannot sense. A dog seeing a ghost is far beyond our scientific understanding as of today. 

Training Dogs to See Spirits

Training of Can Dogs See Dead Spirits?
If you believe in the spirit world and are interested in training your own pooch to see ghosts, unfortunately, this is something you cannot train your dog to do. If your pup has the ability to use their sixth sense and see spirits, this is something they will do naturally. 

Your pup is able to use their senses at all times during the day and they are always working to their full strength - if they are healthy. They will be able to pick up on a paranormal phenomenon, spirits, and changes in the atmosphere and energy around them at any given time. 

All you have to do is keep an eye on their behavior and see if they act strangely throughout the day for no clear reason. Your dog is very in tune with their surroundings and will generally alert to you if something is wrong.

How To React if Your Dog Sees a Spirit

  • Remain calm, yourself.
  • Let them explore if they want to.
  • Don't make any sudden sounds and movements.
  • Don't startle them.

Safety Tips for When Your Dog Sees a Spirit

  • Gently and calmly settle them down if they are scared.
  • Make sure not to scare them so they don't hurt themselves or you.

We Want to Hear Your Story About Your Dog Seeing a Spirit!

13 Years
No Way!

Well Minnie’s owner passes away a week ago today, and she was laying in her bed, staring at the seat that her owner used to sit at, and she stared there for 30 min even though no one was there. Then she ran in a circle, and jumped on her other owners lap. Then she ran back to her bed and stared back at the chair. I’m not sure though because there is another dog that doesn’t show any signs of seeing a ghost

2 days, 12 hours ago