Can Dogs Sense Demons?

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A lot of people believe in ghosts and demons. Many of those who also own a dog, swear by their dog’s ability to sense demons. Demons are mostly thought of as evil spirits, which are believed to possess humans.

Countless movies have been made on demons, many of them showing dogs being alert to their presence. Do demons exist? And if they do, can dogs see, hear or otherwise sense them? Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense Demons?

Signs Your Dog is Sensing a Demon

You need to remember that demons are mostly thought of as bad creatures. They are evil spirits. The concept of a “good demon” is virtually non-existent. This is why if your dog sees a demon, they will react accordingly. 

When your dog picks up on the negative energy of a demon, common reactions would include tucking their tail, snarling, and whining. You may also notice the hair on your doggo’s neck or back raised. You will also see the dog as being reluctant to enter a space where they are possibly sensing a demon. Overall, you will be able to see your dog is clearly reacting to something - something that you can’t see. 

The reaction may also vary a bit by the type of dog you have. For instance, smaller pups might run away. An older and/or larger dog may behave more aggressively. You may see them showing their teeth and getting into an attack mode. 

If a demon is particularly evil, has hostile intentions, and/or is powerful, your dog may end up cowering no matter how big they are. The strong force of the negative energy and its evil nature often prevails over your canine friend’s courage. In that case, you will notice signs such as trembling, tucking their tail between the legs or just simply running away.

Body Language

Here are a few signs that your dog can sense a demon:
  • Growling
  • Whining
  • Cowering
  • Tail tucking
  • Exposed teeth

Other Signs

Here are some additional signs that your dog is sensing demons:
  • Barking at nothing
  • Hiding
  • Not entering a certain room

History of Dogs Sensing Demons

History of Can Dogs Sense Demons?

While humans have been arguing over the existence of demons for the longest time, our four-legged best friends probably already sense these entities. Many dog owners believe that their pets have some a sixth sense. Throughout history, dogs have behaved in a way that has earned them this reputation.

 Historically, the lack of modern technology that we take for granted today may have further highlighted the acute senses dogs have. Centuries ago, a lot of unexplained phenomena were attributed to demons. For instance, epilepsy in humans was often understood to be a result of demonic possession. These factors all contributed to the countless stories we have been hearing for ages about dogs sensing demons.

Religious scriptures, especially of Abrahamic faiths, continue to validate demons. So even though many beliefs and perceptions about demons (and dogs sensing them) have changed, they still exist. The 1973 movie “The Exorcist” hugely popularized the concept of demons. In the opening scene where Catholic priest and exorcist Father Merrin finds the amulet of the film’s demon in an Iraqi desert, dogs are shown fighting each other. The idea was that the dogs were reacting to a powerful and evil entity, the demon, that was in the area.

Science of Dogs Sensing Demons

Science of Can Dogs Sense Demons?

Many things previously attributed to demons have been explained by science over the course of history. Still, the idea of demons is far from dead. And dogs continue to apparently sense these beings with what many people believe is their sixth sense. 

From a scientific perspective, it all boils down to a dog’s extremely sharp senses of smell and hearing. These superhuman abilities allow them to pick up sounds, vibrations and smells that we cannot. While skeptics and investigators have set up equipment to detect demons and other supernatural entities, the technology cannot smell anything. So for many people, dogs remain the best methods to sense the presence of a demon, if science rules out any logical explanation.

Handling Your Dog While Sensing Demons

Training of Can Dogs Sense Demons?

Based on the signs discussed above, you know the effects sensing a demon can have on your pup. Whether or not you believe in demons, you need to be able to handle your dog if they sense something upsetting. Even skeptics are sometimes intrigued by their dog’s unexplained behavior. 

You should take some time out and see your dog’s behavior if it continues to be troubling. Make note of things like if your dog seems to sense a demon at a particular time of day, or whether your doggo starts acting up in a certain room or area. You may or may not sense something is off once you focus on these times and areas. 

Try to comfort your dog and reassure him. If he continues to sense demons, or worse if you also sense an unsettling presence, it’s best that you call in a paranormal expert. These professionals will inspect your house and share their opinion about any demonic activity. In any case, don’t ignore your dog; be patient with them. Give them space or allow them to cuddle, whichever they want.

How to React When Your Dog Sees a Demon:

  • Reassure and comfort your dog.
  • Don't panic.
  • Inspect the area where your dog seems to sense a demon.
  • Call in paranormal experts if a situation continues.