Can Dogs Sense Ghosts or Spirits?

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There are many people that firmly believe that ghosts and spirits do not exist but there are also many people who are convinced that they do. Whatever your thoughts on this topic, the one thing that we can be pretty certain of is that dogs do not have the same split opinion about the matter. 

Dogs have no thoughts on whether ghosts and spirits exist, but they have been known to sense entities such as these over the years. This has been seen in real-life cases and has been demonstrated in movies and on TV shows. So, whether you believe or not, it seems that our four-legged friends can actually sense ghosts and spirits. 

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts or Spirits?

Signs Your Dog Senses a Ghost or Spirit

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and hearing. They can also pick up on energy, which makes them adept at detecting ghosts and spirits. When a dog senses a ghost or spirit, you will see a change in their behavior and actions. This can vary based on the personality of your pooch. In addition, it can vary based on the type of ghost of spirit that the dog senses. Dogs not only have acute senses but they can also tell the difference between good and bad. Their action can, therefore, vary based on whether the ghost or spirit they sense is a good a bad one.

When a dog senses a good ghost or spirit, some of the signs you may see include wagging tail, the dog raising its paw up in the air toward something, excited barking, running toward something, and an alert look. Your dog may run toward something as though in play even though you can see nothing there. 

If the dog senses a bad spirit or ghost, then signs are likely to be very different. These could include tucking its tail, the hair on its neck and back raised, reluctance to go into a particular area or room, and whining or snarling at something. 

Body Language

Some signs to watch for if you think your dog has sensed a ghost or spirit are:

  • Staring
  • Alert
  • Barking
  • Head tilting
  • Whining
  • Cowering
  • Whimpering
  • Tail tucking

Other Signs

More signs to look out for include:

  • Circling a particular area
  • Sniffing at the air
  • Staying away from a particular area

The History of Dogs Sensing Ghosts and Spirits

History of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts or Spirits?

Many decades of research have been carried out into canine behavior and senses. We know from this research that dogs not only have excellent hearing and smell, but that they can also pick up on energy and detect things that both humans and even high-tech equipment cannot pick up on. This makes them the perfect ‘ghost detectors’ as they can use their sense of smell, hearing, and ability to detect certain energies to pick up on paranormal activity and various entities.

Even if you have never seen your own dog react to something you cannot see, there are documented cases throughout history of dogs apparently doing this. Movie makers have used these cases to depict dogs sensing ghosts and spirits in many movies and TV shows. Although the dogs are acting in these movies and shows, the movie makers use research from real experiences to direct the dogs accordingly and make it seem realistic. 

The other thing to remember is that dogs are not opinionated and they do not lie. If a dog senses a ghost or spirit, it won’t sit and think to itself ‘I don’t believe in them’. It will simply react to what it hears, smells, and senses. 

The Science of Dogs Sensing Ghosts and Spirits

Science of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts or Spirits?

So, what is it about dogs that makes them adept at sensing entities such as ghosts and spirits? Well, many dog owners believe that their pets have a sixth sense and that is why they are able to sense these entities. However, according to researchers, it is more about the existing senses of the dog such as their excellent sense of hearing and smell that makes this possible. 

Dogs are also able to pick up on energy and can detect and sense things that humans cannot. Again, this makes it possible for them to sense things that we cannot detect ourselves. 

Reacting to Your Dog Sensing a Spirit of Ghost

Training of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts or Spirits?

Have you ever taken the time to look at the way your dog behaves at home? Have you ever noticed your pooch reacting to something that you cannot see? If you haven’t taken the time to look at your dog’s behavior and actions at home, it may well be worth doing this. You may pick up on things you never noticed before, such as your dog acting strangely when it goes into a particular room or area of the home. 

You may also notice that your dog behaves strangely at a certain time of the day or night. Even if you have noticed this in the past, you may have put it down to your dog just being a little wacky, as many dogs are. However, what if this behavior is down to something else, such as your dog sensing a ghost or spirit at a particular time of the day or night or in a particular area of the home?

If you do notice your dog behaving strangely and displaying some of the signs outlined above, it is well worth doing your own checks. This means going into the room or area where your dog seems to sense something and checking to see whether you can pick up on anything. Of course, you won’t have the high-tech equipment that is used by paranormal experts but you may be able to sense or feel something. 

In some cases, you may find that the hair on your arms stands on end or you get goose pimples. You may even find that the temperature in that particular room or area is different to the rest of your home. If you notice things such as this, there is a good chance that your dog has been behaving strangely because it has senses a ghost or spirit.  

How to React to Your Dog Sensing a Ghost or Spirit:

  • See whether you can also sense or feel something in the same area and at the same time.
  • Check whether this is at a particular time or in a certain area of the home.
  • See if your dog reacts strangely while in your home.