Can Your Dog See Ghosts?

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Has your dog ever started yapping at nothing? Anyone who has a dog will tell you they can act strangely at times, staring into space as if someone, or something, is looking back. Some folks insist that dogs are tuned in to the paranormal and actually see ghosts. 

Is it possible we have a nation of psychic dogs who can communicate with past family pets or people? Our ghost-whisperer canines might have the gift, as they do hear, smell, and feel more than people. Perhaps they are picking up on frequencies beyond our range of hearing, or maybe they just know they are looking at a ghost. This is a fascinating subject that requires a further look.

Introduction of Can Your Dog See Ghosts?

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Signs Your Dog Has Seen A Ghost

It’s the middle of the night and you’re woken by your pointer, who is whimpering softly. As you sleepily crawl out of bed, you see Jep, your trusty pooch, is by his bed staring vigilantly at the wall. This is puzzling, as there is nothing there. You gently call to him, but his body language is rigid - alert as he continues his obsession with the wall.

This is not the first time Jep has done this, so you wonder if maybe he is seeing a ghost. You turn to see Jep bark and he suddenly seems playful, as if he’s just met a familiar friend. His tail is wagging like crazy and his head is tilted to one side. It’s as though he is listening to someone talk. The whole thing is a little creepy and you wonder who or what is he seeing?

This scenario has been witnessed by many dog owners who find their pup engaged in a solitary dance with an invisible source.

Do our doggy pals have a sixth sense? We know dogs have super-power senses that can detect the electrical vibes leading to an earthquake, so can they pick up on the energy of a ghost? If Einstein’s theory is right, that energy cannot be destroyed, your bright-eyed Jep may be seeing a person or animal’s energy - in a ghostly form!

As far as we know, animals are not aware of human beliefs involving religion, politics, or the paranormal. Their minds are wide open, all senses on paws-alert. Our lives have been shaped by society’s views - while our doggy-mates have no concept of what the President tweeted today. Does that make them more aware and intuitive?

Celebrity medium, Bonnie Vent, advises caution if you think your dog is seeing a ghost. She also goes onto say that like humans, not all dogs can see people who have died. If they growl with their hackles up, the ghostly intruder may not be friendly and your dog may appear anxious or try to fend them off.

Body Language

Here are signs your dog is staring at a ghost:
  • Alert
  • Head tilting
  • Listening
  • Wag tail
  • Whimpering

Other Signs

Here are some more signs your dog can see spirits:
  • Staring at Nothing
  • Needing Comfort and Reassurance from You
  • Acting Defensive
  • Playing With Someone or Something That is Not There

A History Of Dogs and Ghosts

History of Can Your Dog See Ghosts?

Since time began, the door to the unknown has been ajar as ancient cultures explored life after death. Man’s need for immortality is well documented with ancient Egyptians, Romans, Grecian's and Asians all believing in a form of afterlife that could, at times, send forth ghosts. In all beliefs there was a system of judgment, a kind of heaven and hell, depending on how you lived your life.

Chinese philosopher, “Mo Ti”, who lived (470-391 BCE) thought if someone told a tale of ghosts, one should believe them if they were considered a trustworthy person. Here we are in the 21st century and folks who swear they are visited by ghosts are scoffed at and taunted on social media.

Our doggy pals have been busy in history, as the ancients were convinced dogs had an open door to the afterlife. Others saw dogs as ghost-busters who could dispel evil spirits. Our spooky pooches were exalted by the Aztecs as creatures of the eerie underworld and honored by ancient, royal Koreans who worshipped the Sapsali, or Saparee dog breed, as a ghost-hunting pooch.

Buzz Feed shared a story about a dog that was barking at the corner of a room where a girl had presumably died.  The dog was staying the night with its family at a friend’s house and had been put upstairs so as not to bother their host’s cats. The dog’s guardians were downstairs when they heard barking from their dog, who rarely yapped. It turned out, the previous owner had a daughter who had passed in that room and their dog may have seen her ghost.

Pet psychologist Marti Miller is adamant that dogs posses a sixth sense and may be more open to seeing ghosts than humans.

The Science of Dogs Seeing Ghosts

Science of Can Your Dog See Ghosts?

Science may be in denial when it comes to the existence of ghosts. If a survey of more than 2000 pet owners is anything to go by, animals may be on to something. Medical News reported a UK survey found over 30% of pet owners believe their cat or dog can see ghosts while 25% admitted to seeing their pets stare into thin air several times within the space of a month.

Other odd behavior included pets acting weird in places where people were known to have died or eye-gazing around a room when nothing appeared to be there.

Although inconclusive in scientific terms, there is a multitude of potential ghost stories where pets have behaved in peculiar ways. We know dogs are adept at smelling sickness, but what about death?

Its highly possible dogs can smell or sense death, and this has been proven when dogs have howled endlessly before someone has died. Psychology Today, reported a convincing story of a psychologist whose Beagle began howling for no apparent reason and could not be stopped. At the time, the psychologist was a child, and her father told her it meant someone must be dying.

Maggie the Beagle had never behaved like his before. Shortly after, a neighbor hearing the constant howling told them his sick mother had come to stay. They moved Maggie to the basement so she wouldn't disturb the sick woman, but she howled and howled until the neighbor’s mother died.

Our pups have an incredible sense of smell and can pick up subtle changes we can’t. They can also hear approximately forty times better than us. 

Scientists are curious about our canine friends and have found they are intelligent beings with extraordinary senses - far superior to humans. Perhaps they can see ghosts, but without solid proof, it remains a mystery - waiting to be solved!

Training a Dog to Detect Ghosts

Training of Can Your Dog See Ghosts?

Dogs are trained every day to help humanity and offer their services to the police and military. They also use their super-hero senses to help people who suffer from migraines, diabetes, and seizures.

If dogs can detect unseen entities, they could be of value to modern ghost-busters who go into homes and attempt to move spirits on. Some have high-tech equipment, while others use holy water or other forms of spiritual cleansing. There are also ancient rituals like smudging, where sacred herbs are burned to ward off spirits.

Dogs could be taught to trust their intuitive blessings and work alongside people who cleanse properties of ghosts. If a psychic pup was allowed to run free in a haunted house, they might lead their guardian to the spirit - the same way dogs sound the alarm when they locate someone on a search and rescue mission.

Training could be similar to dogs that find drugs where an illegal substance is wrapped up in a towel and placed strategically for the dog to find. If there is some sort of "ghost scent", dogs could be trained to identify it and find it.

How to React If Your Dog Sees a Ghost

  • Try not to freak out!
  • Take note of what your dog is looking at.
  • Let them play if they want to.
  • Reassure them everything is okay.
  • If they start growling and barking every time they are in a room - look for someone to clear the house.
4 Years
Mountain Cur
Definitely Can See Ghosts

Because she is calling us and staring off into space

1 year, 10 months ago
2 Years
Definitely Can See Ghosts
Walking in a circle as if someone is walking him
staring at wall
barks at night
scared to go around house
stays in 1 corner
walks around freely at aunts house but not ho
cries as if someone is grabbing him at night

He will stare at the wall and bark at 3 in the morning . He stays in a corner at home but at aunts house he runs around and is playful . When chained up will walk in circles as if someone is walking him and then looks at entrance of the door as if someone or something just left the room . Cries at night as if something tries grabbing him .

1 year, 8 months ago
8 Months
Golden Cocker Retriever
Definitely Can See Ghosts

We moved into a new place a few weeks ago and kora would start growling and being so focused on one spot on the house. I finally realized why she was doing it. When around 1 am she started barking, growling and shaking, I walked out of the bedroom to see what she was looking at and there was nothing! But she had to be by me it was like she was protecting me.

1 year, 7 months ago