15-30 lbs
United States
Standard Boloschnauzer

The Bolonauzer is a hybrid of the Bolognese and the Schnauzer breeds.  The Schnauzers belong to three breeds: Miniature, Standard, and Giant.  Typically, the Bolonauzer is a mix between the Bolognese and either the Miniature or Standard Schnauzer.  The size and weight of your Bolonauzer will vary significantly depending on which Schnauzer breed your Bolonauzer has mixed.  The Bolonauzer is a designer dog and bred as a companion.  Determining the potential traits of this hybrid can be difficult given the lack of detailed information and many owners have to turn to the parent breeds for more details. 

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Bolognese, Standard Schnauzer

Bolonauzer Health

Average Size
Male Bolonauzer size stats
Height: 15-18 inches Weight: 20-35 lbs
Female Bolonauzer size stats
Height: 12-15 inches Weight: 15-30 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Pancreatitis
Minor Concerns
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Bladder Stones
  • Corneal Dystrophy
  • Hot Spots
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip
  • Blood Test
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination
  • Ultrasound

Bolonauzer Breed History

The Bolonauzer is a hybrid of the Bolognese and the Schnauzer.  The mix is a modern designer dog intended as a companion dog and does not have a long and well-known history.  As such, owners must look at the history of the breed parents to understand the history of this hybrid. The Bolognese is a toy companion breed of the Water Spaniel family.  French and Italian courtesans and nobility maintained the breed, which also goes by the name Bichon Bolognese and is closely related to the Bichon Frise; frise being a French word for frizzy and referring to the soft, frizzy hair on the white coated toy close cousin.  This breed’s Italian name, Bolognese, refers to the Italian province of Bologna, where the breed is thought to have developed. The Schnauzer is believed to have developed in the Middle Ages in Germany and dates to the 15th century where the breed was often depicted in wooden carved artwork of Albrecht Dürer.  Originally bred to assist of the farm and hunt vermin, the Schnauzer also provided guard protection for farmers on their way to market.  The Schnauzer name is a literal German translation of mustache and the German name, Mittelschnauzer translates as a bearded muzzle.  Breeding programs help standardize the coat color of black and salt and pepper for this breed. Today, the Bolonauzer is not a well-known hybrid, and little documentation exists on the mix.  The Bolognese parent is a rare breed, but the Schnauzer is a well-known, well-loved breed.  All three Schnauzer breeds that could potentially contribute to the Bolonauzer character and physical traits are closely related and vary mostly in size.

Bolonauzer Breed Appearance

The Bolonauzer has a sturdy body thanks to both its parent breeds but is less compact than other Bolognese mixes because the Schnauzer adds height and weight to the hybrid.  Height and weight can vary between males and females and the coat often resembles the Schnauzer but is usually white like the Bolognese.  The head on a Bolonauzer is square shaped with a longer muzzle than other Bolognese mixes and the eyes are dark brown, oval shaped and carry an inquisitive and spirited expression.  The body appears slightly longer than it is tall and the tail is set high with a curve over the back but may be docked.

Bolonauzer Breed Maintenance

The Bolonauzer is a hypoallergenic hybrid as both parent breeds are hypoallergenic. This breed does not shed much but requires frequent grooming and brushing to keep its medium length hair free of mats.  While brushing your Bolonauzer, clean his ears with a veterinarian approved solution to remove any dirt, wax, or debris.  As a hypoallergenic mix, avoid bathing your Bolonauzer and stick to frequent brushing to distribute natural oils, remove dead and loose hair, and remove dirt and debris from the coat.  Routine teeth brushing and cleaning is also recommended to help reduce the chance of developing periodontal disease. 

Bolonauzer Temperament

The Bolonauzer is an active, friendly dog that is affectionate with their families.  This hybrid is a sturdy hybrid but doesn’t care for rough play with small children.  However, if socialized early, the Bolonauzer makes for an excellent companion for older children.  The Schnauzer parent makes the Bolonauzer leery of strangers, and you can expect him to alert you when strangers approach.  However, the Bolognese evens out the mix, and the Bolonauzer will settle down after encountering a new person. The Bolonauzer can be dog-friendly if it leans more towards the Bolognese parent.  However, the Schnauzer may lessen this quality in the mix.  Early and consistent socialization is key to living and interacting with other dogs.  They do love to play and may give chase for a few minutes to the family cat and will be more aggressive towards small animals and cats not in the family.  The Bolonauzer is an intelligent mix and easy to train and this hybrid needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation daily to lead and healthy life. 

Bolonauzer Activity Requirements

The Bolonauzer is a mix of two high energy breeds and needs a fair amount of daily exercise given its small size.  However, the intensity of exercise doesn’t have to be great.  You can break up exercise time to a few 30 minutes sessions, and a light walk or a game of ball will keep this hybrid well exercised.  This is an intelligent mix, and mental stimulation is just as important.  Plan on playing games or giving your Bolonauzer a challenging task to engage his mind. If the Bolonauzer can get all of its daily mental and physical exercise it is well suited for apartment living.  This mix also has a high tolerance for both hot and cold weather, but its indoor living arrangement makes living anywhere possible.

Bolonauzer Owner Experiences

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