Presa Dane

80-125 lbs
Presa Canario
Great Dane
The Presa Dane is a mixed breed dog. His parent breeds are the Presa Canario and the Great Dane. Likely to be a giant-sized dog, the Presa Dane is actually a gentle giant. He is loyal and affectionate. He is friendly and gets along with other dogs and animals. He is also an excellent guard dog. His intimidating bark may scare would-be intruders, but the Presa Dane is not an aggressive dog. He will do well in an apartment or a home with or without a fenced-in yard; however, he does better in larger apartments due to his size. He will need daily walks to keep in shape, and owners should always remember to be the "alpha" in the relationship with a Presa Dane.
purpose Purpose
Companion, Watch Dog
history Date of Origin
ancestry Ancestry
Presa Canario, Great Dane

Presa Dane Health

Average Size
Male Presa Dane size stats
Height: 24-30 inches Weight: 100-150 lbs
Female Presa Dane size stats
Height: 24-30 inches Weight: 80-125 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Heart Disease
  • Bone Cancer
Minor Concerns
  • None Known
Occasional Diagnoses
  • None Known
Occasional Tests
  • Blood Analysis
  • Full Physical Eexamination by the Veterinarian to test the range of movement in the joint areas
  • Cardiac Test

Presa Dane Breed History

The Presa Dane is a rare hybrid dog. In order to understand more about his history, one should study his parentage and their origins. The Presa Canario's exact origins are unknown, but most experts believe he is a descendant of the now-extinct Bardino Majero and imported English Mastiffs. The Presa Canario is native to the Canary Islands, hence his name. He was originally intended to be a farm utility dog. He caught rogue cattle and wild boars. He protected livestock from wild predators. Unfortunately, he was also used in dog fighting until it was outlawed. The Great Dane is a majestic dog that hails from Denmark; however, dogs resembling the Dane have been depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork and also in Babylonian temples. It is believed that this ancient ancestor of the Great Dane was traded to the Greeks and Romans by the Assyrians. The dog was originally referred to as a Boar Hound as they were bred to hunt wild boar. In the late 1600s, German nobility began keeping Boar Hounds. A French naturalist visiting Denmark gave the Dane is current name (Grand Danois). While the Dane is native to Denmark, it was German breeders who developed the breed into the Great Dane of today. It is uncertain when the Dane was brought to America, but we do know that the American Kennel Club registered the first Great Dane in 1889.

Presa Dane Breed Appearance

The Presa Dane will be a very large dog. He will be strong and stocky. His head will be wide and he will have erect ears. His muzzle will be of average size. His tail will be long and straight. He may be a variety of colors: tan, fawn, brindle, black, white with black or brown spots, or he may be a cream color. He may also be described as "mantle" in color - black and white with a solid black blanket over the body. He may also be "blue" or a steel gray color. This will depend on the color of the dominant parent breed. His chest will likely be wide and muscular. His coat will likely be short and smooth. His paws will be large and powerful.
Eye Color Possibilities
blue Presa Dane eyes
hazel Presa Dane eyes
brown Presa Dane eyes
amber Presa Dane eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Presa Dane nose
Coat Color Possibilities
black Presa Dane coat
gray Presa Dane coat
brindle Presa Dane coat
cream Presa Dane coat
fawn Presa Dane coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Presa Dane straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Presa Dane Breed Maintenance

Caring for your Presa Dane will be relatively easy. He will likely shed a good bit, so brushing him regularly is paramount to keeping your Presa Dane from shedding all over your clothing and furniture. A firm bristle brush will do the trick. The Presa Dane is not easily enthused when it comes to bathing, which is something you should do only when necessary. In fact, you may want to try a dry shampoo unless he gets dirty (rolling in the dirt, for instance). Brush his teeth two or three times a week to prevent tartar build-up and bad breath; however, brushing his teeth daily will prevent tooth decay. Trim his nails every two or three weeks provided he does not wear them down naturally. It is recommended that since he is such a large dog, begin a grooming routine with him when he is young so that he will be accustomed to it as he grows.
Brushes for Presa Dane
Pin Brush
Pin Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
Presa Dane requires weekly brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Presa Dane Temperament

The Presa Dane is a gentle giant. Interestingly enough, both parent breeds are actually docile and affectionate. They are intensely loyal and protective of their family. The Presa Dane may be aloof with strangers at the beginning, and the bark of the Presa Dane can be rather intimidating. Obedience training is recommended for the Presa Dane, especially for first-time dog owners. It is also imperative that you as owner exhibits an "alpha dog" nature. Unfortunately, if the Presa Dane senses that you are not in control, he will take over. You can exhibit the "alpha" trait by walking ahead of him on the leash (as opposed to letting him lead).

Presa Dane Activity Requirements

The Presa Dane will become lazy and put on weight if he is not properly and routinely exercised; however, it is highly important that owners do not take the Presa Dane out for a jog until he has reached at least eighteen months of age. The Great Dane parent breed has issues with his bones growing and setting into place properly - taking him out on a jog before his bones are fully mature may cause damage. In fact, you might need to wait until he is at least two years of age. He will need 45 to 90 minutes of daily exercise. Unless you have property in a rural area, you might want a six-foot-high fence. The Presa Dane has a tendency to scare people due to his sheer size. He will enjoy a trip to the dog park, and he is likely to get along with the other dogs.
Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
9 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
45 minutes
activity minutes

Presa Dane Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
3 cups
cup per day cost cup per day cost cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$2.50 - $3.00
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$80.00 - $90.00
food bag monthly cost

Presa Dane Height & Weight

6 Months
Male Presa Dane size stats at six months
Height: 17.0 inches Weight: 45.0 lbs
Female Presa Dane size stats at six months
Height: 17.0 inches Weight: 45.0 lbs
12 Months
Male Presa Dane size stats at 12 months
Height: 21.0 inches Weight: 62.5 lbs
Female Presa Dane size stats at 12 months
Height: 21.0 inches Weight: 62.5 lbs
18 Months
Male Presa Dane size stats at 18 months
Height: 25.0 inches Weight: 95.0 lbs
Female Presa Dane size stats at 18 months
Height: 25.0 inches Weight: 85.0 lbs

Presa Dane Owner Experiences

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