Styrian Coarse Haired Hound

33-40 lbs
Austrian province of Styria
Peintinger Bracke, Styrian Hound, Steirische Rauhhaarbracke

The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is a rare breed that originated in the Austrian province of Styria. These hounds are naturally wary of strangers and do not make up with people quickly. They will do well with older children however should be closely watched around young children. They can become a very dominant and overbearing dog if not properly trained. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is not usually a pack animal but they will tolerate other dogs that they have been raised with and interact daily. Early training and socialization is required for this breed. They are not recommended for first time dog owners. 

purpose Purpose
Hunting Over Mountainous Regions
history Date of Origin
18th Century
ancestry Ancestry
Istrian Hound, Hanoverian Scent Hound

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Health

Average Size
Male Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats
Height: 19-21 inches Weight: 33-40 lbs
Female Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats
Height: 18-20 inches Weight: 33-40 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Usually A Very Healthy Breed
Minor Concerns
  • Ear Infections
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Cancer
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Obesity
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Occasional Tests
  • OFA
  • CERF
  • Blood And Urine Analysis
  • Yearly Physical Examination

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Breed History

The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound was developed to hunt primarily in the mountainous regions of Austria. This breed is one of the Grand Brackes meaning they can hunt over extreme terrains and through unforgiving climates. They are a scent hound that is believed to descend directly from the Istrian Hound and the Hanoverian Scent Hound. The development of the breed is credited to Karl Peintinger in the 18th century when he crossed the Hanoverian Scent Hound with the Istrian Hound. Peintinger was an industrialist from the province of Styria. Peintinger used selective breeding practices to cull dogs that did not fit with his vision of a rough coated dog with the ability to hunt wild boar over various types of rough terrain. Once Peintinger began consistently producing dogs that fit into his vision, he found that many hunters in both Austria and Slovenia wanted this dog. The breed was bred specifically to hunt, not be a companion. Therefore, the Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is not recommended as a companion dog. The breed was quickly recognized by the Osterreichische Kynologenverband or Austrian Kennel Club in 1889. The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) accepted the Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound as a scent hound in the early 1900s. It took several more decades before the breed found its way into the United States and Canada and the United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized them, allowing them to participate in all UKC sanctioned shows and events. The Osterreichischer Verein Brack or Austrian Hunt Club oversees all breedings of the Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound within Austria. Every Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is subjected to hunt testing prior to being approved for breeding. Any dog that struggles to pass their hunt test is not allowed to be bred. 

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Breed Appearance

 The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound has a very lithe but muscular body to allow them to run smoothly and easily over all types of terrain. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound should give the overall appearance of strength and confidence. This is a medium sized scent hound with a wiry or coarse coat. The hair on the head is softer than the body. Their undercoat is also softer to the touch. The breed is known for their fawn or red coloring. The wiry coat protects their body while on the hunt. Their legs are sturdy and well muscled but should never look bulky. They have a broad black nose and wide open nostrils. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound has slightly rounded medium sized eyes that are dark brown and have dark eye rims. Their ears are larger but still proportional to their head. Their ears do hang down flat and should lie close to the head. The hairs on the ears are covered with fine hair. 

Eye Color Possibilities
brown Styrian Coarse Haired Hound eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Styrian Coarse Haired Hound nose
Coat Color Possibilities
fawn Styrian Coarse Haired Hound coat
red Styrian Coarse Haired Hound coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Styrian Coarse Haired Hound wiry coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Breed Maintenance

The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound requires weekly grooming to keep their coat in good, healthy condition. The grooming regimen for a Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound being conditioned for show will be more intensive and require much more time. Generally, they will need to be brushed using a firm bristle brush that has closely spaced, short bristles or a slicker brush and brush with the coat’s grain. Be sure to brush their coat thoroughly after they have been hunting in case they have picked up burrs or small twigs in their coat. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound does not need to be bathed often, but when they do be sure to use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for wire coats. Their ears do hang, making them more prone to ear infections. Clean their ears weekly to prevent infections from setting in. Set up a dental plan to ensure their teeth are kept clean and free of disease. A yearly professional cleaning is also a good idea. Check their nails each week and trim them as needed. 

Brushes for Styrian Coarse Haired Hound
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
Styrian Coarse Haired Hound requires weekly brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Temperament

The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is strictly a hunter. They have been kept for centuries as hunters and not as companions. Therefore, they are wary of all strangers and will not easily accept people they do not know. They will tolerate older children but are not fond of smaller children. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is not a pack dog and they do not generally like to be around other dogs, but they will be accepting of dogs that they have been raised with. These dogs can easily become overly dominant if there is no defined leader within the home. They have a very independent nature and are also very stubborn, making training sometimes very difficult. Their prey drive is extremely high and they do not do well in homes with other pets. The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is a vocal breed and will express their displeasure by barking or howling. They also can become destructive when there is not enough opportunity for exercise or playtime. 

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Activity Requirements

The Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound is a hunter with a high prey drive and the need to run. They are not suited for small yards or apartment life. If not given enough exercise or human interaction, the Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound can become extremely vocal and will also become destructive, causing significant damage to your home. Expect to spend at least an hour letting them run and provide plenty of toys that will occupy them when you are busy and unable to entertain them. Hunting trials and lure coursing are also a great way to wear them out and solidify a bond between owner and dog. 

Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
10 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
60 minutes
activity minutes

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
1.6 cups
cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$1.20 - $1.40
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$34.00 - $45.00
food bag monthly cost

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Height & Weight

6 Months
Male Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at six months
Height: 15.5 inches Weight: 17.5 lbs
Female Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at six months
Height: 14.5 inches Weight: 17.5 lbs
12 Months
Male Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at 12 months
Height: 17.5 inches Weight: 27.0 lbs
Female Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at 12 months
Height: 16.5 inches Weight: 27.0 lbs
18 Months
Male Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at 18 months
Height: 20.0 inches Weight: 36.5 lbs
Female Styrian Coarse Haired Hound size stats at 18 months
Height: 19.0 inches Weight: 36.5 lbs

Styrian Coarse Haired Hound Owner Experiences

1 Year
3 People
House & Yard
Doesn’t like small children. Suffers with anxiety and gets overwhelmed by noise and being around too many people. Fantastic companion for me and great over all with the people in the house. Weary of people outside of house and can also be snappy. Also very playful
1 year, 7 months ago
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