Top 10 Dog Breeds for Young Families

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If you have small children, the kind of dog you incorporate into your family is important. To be family furiendly, the breed has to be naturally gentle, agreeable, and calm. You also want a dog who has a lot of energy because children have way too much, and if they can work off some of that with your pooch, that’s just furfect. The size of the breed is not really important unless you are living in a small apartment, but you don’t want a dog that is so small and dainty that your kids may hurt it. In fact, larger dogs are typically gentler and more docile than little ones, and they can provide protection for your family as well. Here are our top choices of dog breeds that are pawrfect for young families.

Golden Retriever

As one of the top poochies in the world, the Golden Retriever is a lovable pup. These canine kids are furfect family pets because they are gentle, easy to train, and make a great companion dog. They’re the number one service and therapy dog too because of their gentle intelligence and loyalty. 

Labrador Retriever

The Lab has been the number one dog in America for over a decade and continues to shine as a family fur baby because of their sweet disposition, fun personality, and ease of care. They are just as happy playing with the kids as they are working in the yard with you.


Don't let the Boxer's stern countenance fool you. These pupsters are softies at heart and love to be with their people. They are known for loving their two legged children and can be doggone affectionate with the entire family. Boxers are an energetic breed, so they are ideal playmates for your youngsters.
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One of the smartest breeds around, these furfectly adorable poochies are clever enough to know when to be mellow and when to be energetic, so they are happy to lay around with you or chase the kids around the yard. Your kids will love brushing their curly coat and cuddling while watching television.


If you have some extra space around your house, adopt a Newfie. Yes, they are on the larger side, but these gentle giants are mellow and simply a delight to be around. With easy going temperaments, they are ideal companions for busy children, are loyal to the entire family, and love to watch over little ones.

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you want a happy pup as a playmate for your kiddos, look no further! Berners are known for their fun loving personalities and ability to make people smile. They aren't overly exuberant and tend to be calm. But when playtime rolls around, these doggos definitely know how to have a woofin' good time!


The Beagle is one of the happiest dog breeds in the United States and is happy just to be wherever the family is, doing whatevfur they are doing. The bustling Beagle was originally bred to be a hunting dog, but they are just as happy cuddling with you and the kids.

Boston Terrier

If your family needs a pet on the small side, consider adopting a Boston Terrier. Topping out at 25 pounds, these pups are the pawfect size for apartment dwellers. They are lively little creatures with bright personalities that want nothing more than to be with their people. Your human children will instantly fall in love!

Irish Wolfhound

By far the largest dog on the list, the Irish Wolfhound is a lot of dog to love. If you bring one of these pups home, you'll need plenty of room. Despite their size, they are incredibly docile and gentle, especially with children. And since they need daily exercise, they will be pawfect companions for your active kids.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog may look furocious, but they are very gentle, loving, and want to be with the family wherever you go. Loyal and faithful, they love their humans and will use their mean looks to protect the family. Their short coat means no major grooming needs, and they also like other pets.