Top 10 Giant Dog Breeds

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Sometimes you just want a lot of dog to love. That’s where the giant breeds come in. Weighing in at 90 plus pounds and standing at least two feet tall at the shoulder, giant doggos are definitely a sight to behold. But don’t be fooled by their intimidating stature, as these extra large pups are often gentle and less high strung than their pint size peers. Owning a giant breed means doling out large quantities of kibble, keeping counter tops free of eye level temptations, and ducking when their super long tail starts to wag. It also means massive quantities of unconditional puppy love. Here are the top giant breeds that are sure to win you over!  

Irish Wolfhound

There’s no mistaking this long legged breed. Males can reach a shoulder height of 36 inches! That’s woofin’ tall! In true hound fashion, Irish Wolfhounds can be quite fast. But beware, their run is more of gallop. So, if you see one coming, you better get out of the way! Their docile nature and sweet dispositions make them ideal companion animals. 

Great Dane

Talk about a gentle giant. On average, Great Danes have a shoulder height of 32 inches! Although they loom over most dogs, these colossal canines have hearts of gold and love to be part of the family. These pups need plenty of room to move about, so they are not ideal if you live in tight quarters. 


When it comes to Mastiffs, you can either go big or go home. These ginormous doggos can top out at a whopping 230 pounds! That’s a lot of dog! While they are good natured and endearing towards those they love, they also have a protective side. Proper training and socialization is essential for this breed. 

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Oh, the face of the fluffy Newfoundland! Their sweet expressions melt the hearts of all they meet. These gigantic pups are docile and caring, and love watching over children so much, they are fondly referred to as “nanny dogs.” Since Newfies can reach up to 150 pounds, make sure you have plenty of room for this herculean hound.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With a stunning tri-colored coat, this breed is a show stopper. Their ancestors once worked diligently as herders on the farms of the beautiful Swiss Alps. Today, Berners are pupular family pets that are good natured and quick to please. They love being outside, but they are also happy to curl up at your feet. 

Saint Bernard

With a large noggin, droopy eyes, wrinkled brow, and powerhouse stature, Saint Bernards are easy to recognize. One of the most pupular giant breeds, they are mellow and ever watchful over their families. In exchange for putting up with a bit of drool, you’ll have a whole lotta dog to love!


The Bullmastiff’s pedigree includes the now extinct Old English Bulldog and the well known Mastiff. While they do have similar coloring and markings as the Mastiff, their wrinkly faces and slightly smaller size sets them apart. These doggos are natural born guardians, but with proper training can be furrific family pets.

Great Pyrenees

This thick coated beauty is famous for guarding mountain herds from looming predators. While on the clock, they are extremely focused and serious. But when not on duty, they are sweet spirited companions that enjoy a cuddle. Watchful yet affectionate, this breed is a pawfect combination of business and pleasure. 


Often portrayed as aggressive and on edge, this muscular breed also has a softer side. With proper training and socialization, a Rottie can be a puptacular family pet that enjoys playing and goofing around. Once they bond with their families, they will go to the ends of the earth to keep them safe and protected.

Old English Sheepdog

The quintessential shaggy dog, this breed has fur to spare. Under their fluffy white and gray coat is a muscular frame that commands attention. These pups appreciate a regular eyebrow trim so they can catch a glimpse of the world around them. Good with children, intelligent, and loyal are just some of their puptastic traits.