Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families

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Adding a four legged family member to the household is a huge decision. Any dog owner can tell you that although they melt your heart, a furry friend sure is a lot of work. There are a whole host of reasons why dogs and kids are a match made in heaven. But there are some important things to consider before introducing a new pup to your pack. A breed’s temperament, energy level, size, and care requirements should be taken into account. Once you know what best suits your brood, finding the right pooch becomes a much easier task. Here are the top tried and true family breeds that will make a perfect new furry addition for your pack. 

#1 Golden Retriever

Widely known as one of the best family dogs around, this breed will make a dog lover out of even the grumpiest of critics. These happy-go-lucky dogs are always up for playing, and enjoy spending time with children. They are everything you want in a kid friendly pup, as they are patient, gentle, intelligent, and active. A pawfect addition to any family!

#2 Labrador Retriever

There is a reason labs consistently rank as one of the most pupular family breeds. Just one look at a lab and you’ll instantly fall in love! Extremely loyal, they are people pleasers and love to be on your good side. Kids will appreciate their silly nature and ability to play until quitting time.  

#3 Mutts

Very few things are as rewarding as rescuing a dog from the shelter. Mutts may not have the fanciest of pedigrees, but they can be some of the best pups in the world. Get your two legged children involved in the selection process and make it a family affair. These pups will be loyal and loving to their puptastic new family.
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#4 Beagle

Who can resist those long floppy ears and famous howl? Beagles are spunky pups that love being in the thick of things. Since they love romping around, they make ideal playmates for children. An added benefit of having a beagle in the house is they are great at taking care of the crumbs and bits of food that kids leave behind. 

#5 Collie

Ever since Lassie was introduced to the world, the Collie has been associated with taking care of kids. This patient breed loves to have a few charges to watch over. Although they are patient and mild mannered, they still know how to have a good time. If you bring a Collie home, just be sure to invest in a high quality dog brush. 

#6 Newfoundland

If you don’t mind having an extra large pup around the house, seriously consider taking in a Newfoundland. Notoriously mellow and kind, these doggos have a natural love for children. Newfies tend to drool and there will always be an abundance of dog hair on the floor, but their unconditional love more than makes up for any extra work. 

#7 Standard Poodle

Don’t let the prim and proper exterior fool you- Standard Poodles are as down to earth as they come. Not only are they smart, but they love playing and goofing around. Plus, their size allows them to stand up to light roughhousing. And since they are hypoallergenic, they are ideal for families that have children who are allergic to dog fur.

#8 Bull Dog

Sturdy, reliable, calm, and even tempered, Bulldogs are an excellent family dog. They aren’t bursting at the seams with energy, so they are great for apartment living. But, they do need plenty of exercise to keep their squatty bodies from getting too heavy. Make sure your kids are willing to pitch in and take them for regular walks.  

#9 Pug

If your family life requires a small breed, look no further. Pugs are adaptable and will do well in whatever situation they find themselves in. Their patience with children is an added bonus, and they are always ready and willing to play. Plus, those big black eyes and stubby snout will always put a smile on your face.  

#10 Irish Setter

With flowing auburn fur, this breed is definitely a looker. But their friendly disposition and playful nature also make them furrific pets. Since they have a lot of energy to burn, they are best suited for families with active children and a yard. These redheads love to please their people and will love your family fur-ever!