Top 8 Dog Breeds for Kids

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There is nothing more adorable than a kid with a puppy. However, it is important that you do your homework about dog breeds before choosing a dog for your little humans. Do you need a high energy pup, or a relaxed dog with lots of patience? While some dog breeds are less tolerant of children than others, and some just don’t like being aggravated at all, there are other breeds make perfect babysitters and will treat your kid like their own pup. Check out these top eight dog breeds that are the best for a household with kids for some pawtastic ideas!

Labrador Retriever

You probably aren't surprised to see this breed at the top of the list since these big cuddlers are like children themselves. They have a ton of energy too, so your human children may get worn out before they do. The Labrador Retriever is also intelligent and easy to train with a desire to please their humans.

Golden Retriever

One of the top ten dogs on almost every list, the Golden Retriever is a wonderful companion for all ages. They learn fast, love to play, have a fun personality, and are extremely patient with kids to boot. The pawfect choice for a family, these dogs will also protect your little ones from harm as well.


This breed may look tough, but they are lovable teddy bears at heart. With a lot of energy and patience, the Bulldog is a pawsome choice for a family with children. Also, since your kids can keep you as busy as your pooch, it's nice that the Bulldog doesn't need much grooming or training.
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The Newfoundland may look huge and menacing, but they're just big softies who love to be hugged and cuddled. They're very patient, so it won’t bother them much if your little one accidentally steps on their foot or pulls their fur. These giant pups are easy to care for, and your child will love brushing their soft coat.

Irish Setter

You will rarely see an Irish Setter lose their cool. In fact, these may be the most laid-back pooches around. They also have a lot of energy and need quite a bit of exercise, and your little human will love running them around the yard or taking them for a walk if they are old enough.


Remember Lassie? That dog was like a nanny to Timmy and helped get him out of all sorts of mischief without ever getting aggravated. So, it'll probably come as no surprise that Collies are one of the most furfect breeds for kids. They're laid back, patient, and easy to train which makes them great with kids.

Spanish Mastiff

This giant is a kid-loving breed that looks like a small pony. The Spanish Mastiff looks scary, but they're so affectionate and kind that they'll just sit there while your kids climb all over them. They would rather lick a stranger than bark at them, so they don’t make good watchdogs, although they do look imposing.


Even though Beagles were bred to be hunters, they're one of the best for kids because of their energy and trainability. Not only are they easy to train, but they're also fun to be around, so they'll not mind your little human bugging them to go play right after they lay down to take a nap.