Top 10 Dog Breeds in Philadelphia, PA

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Philly is silly with dog-lovers! Philadelphia is home to dozens of doggie facilities and there's no shortage of Fido-friendly places to visit, things to do, or bark-friendly bites to eat (Hint: the oh-so-scrumptious Philly Cheese Dog). From the iconic Liberty Hall to Philly the Dog, a famous WWI veteran dog from this city, Philadelphia is just teeming with passionate canine-fanatics. Discover Philly's diverse array of dog-friendly business, from parks to doggie boutiques, bakeries, even cafés, and bars. Will you be able to spot all ten of these top dog breeds while wandering the City of Brotherly Love?

#1 Pit Bull

Known for their gentle yet fierce attitudes, Pit Bulls are a Philly resident's best pal! Make sure to take advantage of all of Philly's dog-friendly parks and hiking trails in order to stave off some of that extra Pit Bull energy! Pit Bulls + Philly go paw in paw!

#2 Mutt

Mutts, despite their name, are anything but a mutt! These doggos of many backgrounds seamlessly integrate into Philly's rich scene, but they also love a hefty plate of budget pasta or a greasy Philly Cheese Dog like anyone else. These pups are the ideal companions to hit the streets with tails in the air.

#3 Golden Retriever

It's always sunny in this town when you've got a loyal Golden Retriever trotting by your side! Show off your four-legged Goldie Locks with a wag around the city's hiking trails or sidewalks. Their "golden" behavior and gorgeous fur coat make them the pawfect travel companion, no matter where you go!
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#4 Chihuahua

Philly is raving with fiestas, and what better way to show up to the pawty than with a feisty and fun Chihuahua doggo? Chihuahua's have all the great qualities of a normal dog, but in a compact fun-size! Their small build makes them the perfect commute companion. Just make sure to watch where you step!

#5 Boxer

The good-looking Boxer has been one of America's most pawpular dog breeds for many years, and that's certainly the case in Philadelphia! With their boundless energy and protective nature, this loyal breed is the pawfect partner for hitting the city's dog-friendly trails with. After you get home from your hike, your Boxer will be more than happy to cuddle with you on the couch.

#6 Labrador Retriever

Available in black, yellow, or chocoloate, Labrador Retrievers truly encompass the kindness and cuteness we identify in man's best friend. Your lab will be the perfect wingman; no one can ignore that sweet face! There will never be a dull day with one of these furbabies by your side strutting the streets of the lovely, historic Philadelphia!

#7 Lab Mix

Strutting your stuff in Philly with a Lab Mix? Then you're guaranteed to receive some stares; Philly loves their Labs! Whether that's a Borador (Border Collie + Lab), or a fluffy Chabrador (Chow Chow + Lab), your pup will receive a lot of pats and kisses in the many dog-friendly parks, cafes, and restaurants.

#8 Shih Tzu

Although the name of the breed itself sounds like you're sneezing in another language, Shih Tzu's make the pawfect purse accessory to strut around downtown Philly with. These babies will enjoy getting primmed up in Philly at one of the many dog spas and doggie beauty parlors. Passers-by won't be able to resist those big, sweet eyes!

#9 Pitbull Mix

You can't go wrong with a Pitbull Mix in Philly. These pups are generally loved by all, thanks to their majestic faces, fun personalities, and kind-hearted spirits. Philly's diverse activities will have your Pittie Mix fitting right into Philly's action-packed streets! This intelligent and obedient breed will follow you across Philly, come rain or shine!

#10 Boxer Mix

Whether you have a Bogle (Boxer + Beagle), Boxador (Boxer + Labrador Retriever), Boxweiler (Boxer + Rottweiler), or some other Boxer Mix, your doggo will very likely have the loyalty, affection, and playfulness of a Boxer. Boxer Mixes are lovers, not fighters, making them the ideal friend to take to one of Philly's parks or to your favorite dog-friendly restaurant!