Top 20 Hybrid Breeds for Introverts

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Ask any introverted pet parent and they'll no doubt say their pupper is their best friend. Quiet, independent, and there to comfort you after a long day socializing, doggos are the "pawfect" companions for introverts. 

Crossbreeds are among the best dogs for introverts, as they take the best traits from multiple breeds and tend to live a little longer. Some rescues survived a rough past of abuse and neglect, which may lead to a deeper connection. Plus, you and your fur-baby might both be a little shy. But which mutts are best? Here's a list of 20 of the best hybrid breeds for introverts.

Basset Shepherd

With the goofy laziness of a Basset Hound and the loyalty of a German Shepherd, a Basset Shepherd is the perfect crossbreed for introverts. This mix of breeds means a Basset Shepherd has just the right energy levels while also being highly intelligent and in touch with their pet parents' emotions. Plus, they love a good snuggle.

Boston Lab

Offering the best traits from Boston Terriers and Labrador Retrievers, expect your Boston Lab to be upbeat, loving, and loyal. This mid-sized breed is the ideal size for cuddling up on a couch, and the outgoing Labrador side of this breed will help you come out of your shell every once in a while.

Pug Shiba

Pug Shibas might be the "ultimutt" hybrid breed for introverts. Shiba Inus are often considered the most cat-like dogs, due to their independence and stubborn nature. Both Pugs and Shiba Inus don't crave being the center of attention and prefer to be important to just one person. Self-sufficient and dependable, Pug Shibas are the "pawfect" pets for introverts.

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Italian Greyhuahuas

Italian Greyhuahuas are ideal pets for athletic introverts. These skinny bundles of energy love a good walk but are just as happy taking a snooze in their favorite spot. Chihuahuas are also incredibly loyal and make great lapdogs. Just make sure you socialize your pupper properly; otherwise, they may become overly protective.

Dane Shepherd

You might think a mammoth breed like a Great Dane wouldn't make a good household hound, but think again. Great Danes are super lazy and can be shy, and are popular with apartment dwellers. Mix this with the intelligence and loyalty of a German Shepherd, and you've got an excellent dog for introverts.

Cava Inu

A Cava Inu is a fitting dog for introverts with experience as a pet parent. With the calm personality of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the independence of a Shiba Inu, they can make "pawsome" pets. However, they'll need plenty of training to ensure they don't unleash their mischievous side.


Basenjis are among the best breeds for introverts, mainly because they don't bark. Instead, Basenjis let out an adorable yodeling sound. Basenjis also appreciate personal space and are very clean dogs. Cross a Basenji with a Labrador Retriever, and you'll get a Labrasenji, a loyal and quiet dog with a pleasing bark.

Golden Labrador

Golden Labradors are the perfect pets, whether you love meeting new people or would prefer to laze around the house. Golden Labs are highly intelligent, easy to train, and incredibly loyal, making them great family pets. They're also calm, gentle, and in touch with their owners' emotions. Just make sure you take them for plenty of walkies, as Golden Labs are energetic and need lots of stimulation.


A Labrador/Great Dane cross is a superb fur-baby for any introverted pet parent. You'll get a pup with all the intelligence of a Labrador mixed with the shyness and laziness of a Great Dane. A Labradane is also sure to make an excellent cuddle buddy and be reasonably low-maintenance.

Great Dasenji

Great Dasenjis are among the more active Great Dane crosses, but they're still pretty lazy woofers. And thanks to being a Basenji mix, there's a good chance your Great Dasenji won't bark much. Great Dasenjis are rare pups, but most pet parents say they're fun-loving but a little shy around strangers.

Bagle Hound

The Bagle Hound is another wonderful hybrid dog breed for introverts. Mixing a high-energy breed like a Beagle with a lazy doggo like a Basset Hound means you'll have a pooch with "pawfect" energy levels. Both breeds can also be a little shy and are more than happy to spend the day snoozing in the sunshine.


Just like Great Danes, Newfoundlands are large yet laid-back and are a "pawpular" breed among introverts. They're also super sweet and great family pets. Cross that with another "fur-iendly" canine, the Poodle, and you get an intelligent, relaxing pup with a kind heart.


Baseagles are another breed that's ideal for introverts that love to stay active. Taking on many traits common in a Basenji, this hybrid is like a calmer version of your standard Beagle. Beagles are also very vocal, so crossing them with a Basenji will make this pooch a little quieter.

Chow Hound

This hybrid breed may be a bit unusual, but they make great pets for introverts. Chow Hounds take on a Chow Chow's best traits — they're low-maintenance, loyal, and quiet. Mix with a Basset Hound, and you'll have a lazy, lovable mutt that's happy chilling at home.


Looking for a pocket-sized pup that's ideal for introverts? Then consider getting a Cairoston. These compact canines are a mix between Cairn Terriers and Boston Terriers. They're well-adapted to apartment living and make for affectionate companions. They also only require one or two short walks a day, ideal if you fancy spending the day at home.

Golden Sammy

This beautiful and fluffy "fur-iend" is the ideal canine compadre for introverts. Part Samoyed, part Golden Retriever, this stunning hybrid breed often steals the limelight and is ideal if you want a pup that takes the attention away from you. Golden Sammys are also super smart, gentle, and easy-going.

Wolfhound Dane

You won't find many hybrid breeds bigger than a Wolfhound Dane. These mammoth mutts are part Irish Wolfhound, part Great Dane, and are the gentle giants of the dog world. Wolfhound Danes are surprisingly well-suited for apartment living, as they're lazy and low-maintenance. But since they weigh as much as 120 pounds, ensure you have enough space for these hefty hounds.

Alaskan Malador

A mash-up of an Alaskan Malamute and a Labrador, the Alaskan Malador is another excellent choice for an introvert with an active lifestyle. Malamutes love getting outdoors and, as pack animals, they're very caring and loyal to their pet parents. Mixed with Labradors, this is one of the most intelligent hybrid breeds around and can learn pretty much any trick in the book.


What happens when you mix cairn terrier and Poodle? You get a hybrid breed that's ideal for introverts. With the intelligence of a Poodle and the loyalty of a Cairn Terrier, these pups make great all-round pets. They also tend to be smaller than a Standard Poodle and don't require quite as much exercise.


Akitas are known for being a dependable breed, which can be shy around strangers. Mixed with a Labrador, they'll lose a bit of their shyness and turn them into a level-headed pup with intelligence and loyalty to spare. Just ensure you give your Labrakita lots of training so they don't become over-protective.