Top 10 Obedient Dog Breeds

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Every dog has pawsome strengths. Some pups are expert guardians that thrive on watching over their people. Some are natural born athletes that can run for days. Other doggos are workhorses and can spend hours herding flocks. And some pooches are easy to train. Dogs that tend to be more obedient are generally people pleasers. They also are less distracted and concentrate when learning new commands. An obedient dog isn’t just born or even made overnight. It’s also up to their parent to work with them consistently. But there’s no denying some pupsters just have a knack for being trainable. Read on to learn about the top obedient breeds. 

#1 Border Collie

This breed is doggone talented. Not only are they one of the top herding dogs of all time, they are also incredibly intelligent. They learn new skills quickly and follow through with their assignments. Collies are also very athletic and have a lot of energy. So if they don’t get enough exercise, they can get into trouble. 

#2 Poodle

Known far and wide for their furrific curly coats, poodles come in three sizes. But whether you have a toy, miniature, or standard size pup, you will have a clever canine that is ready to learn. As natural people pleasers, Poodles are quick to obey and love being taught new tricks and commands. 

#3 German Shepherd

Due to their high intelligence, intuition, and obedient natures, German Shepherds are often used as K-9 pawlice officers, but they don’t rise to the ranks without effort. These pups undergo extensive training to become the heroes that they are. When they are off duty, German Shepherds are incredibly loyal pups that love to be around their people.  

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#4 Golden Retriever

Who can resist the face of a Golden Retriever? Their sweet countenance can melt even the coldest of hearts. Goldens are also full of energy and always up for a good time. But they have a serious side too. They are woofing smart and aim to please. So teaching them tricks and commands is never a chore. 

#5 Australian Shepherd

If you need a keen canine to help round up the cattle or herd some sheep, this pup will gladly volunteer. Full of energy, naturally athletic, and happy to be alive, Aussies are dependable and love to be trained. Since pick up on commands easily and love to run, they are ideal candidates for agility training. 

#6 Labrador Retriever

Loyal, athletic, sweet, and intelligent, there’s nothing this breed would rather do than please their beloved owner. Labs love to be part of the family and often let their silly side show. These pups are incredibly trainable, and once they know how to behave, are very obedient to commands. No wonder the world loves Labs!

#7 Doberman Pinscher

Unfurtunately, this doggo gets a bad rap. It is true that if they aren’t socialized pawperly, they can be aggressive. However, they are very smart and take well to training, so it is pawssible to teach them how to be social. Often used as guard dogs, Dobermans are obedient to their people and incredibly loyal. 

#8 Papillion

Extra large ears, adorable face, and a waterfall tail? It must be a Papillion! This toy breed loves cuddling up in a lap, but can come alive when it’s time to play. They are intelligent little pupsters that enjoy learning new tricks and commands. And since they love to be on their people’s good side, they are very obedient. 

#9 English Springer Spaniel

Famous among hunters, this breed will flush out birds all day if they could. There’s a reason they are a favorite sporting breed. Since they are highly intelligent, they learn quickly and obey commands in a flash. They aren’t just pawsome bird dogs, but also amazing family pets that know how to play and have fun.

#10 Rottweiler

This powerhouse of a pup sometimes gets bad press. There is no denying that they are definitely intimidating and can be aggressive. However, if socialized pawperly and trained at an early age, they are woofderful companion animals that aim to please. In fact, they crave a firm, but gentle guiding hand, and will bond tightly with family members.