Toy Chisoxy

7-10 lbs
Toy Fox Terrier
Taco Terrier, Toy Chitoxy, Toy Chiwoxy
The Toy Chisoxy is a hybrid dog. His parent breeds are the Toy Fox Terrier and the Chihuahua. Nicknamed the Taco Terrier, he is a small dog that will weigh no more than ten pounds at maturity. He is loving and loyal, and he is protective of his family. He loves nothing more than to be in the midst of play activities, and he loves playing with children in particular. He is a fairly healthy small dog, and he can adapt to living most anywhere. He is happy in a small apartment or a home with or without a fenced-in yard. Although he is small, he is a great watchdog.
purpose Purpose
Companion, Watchdog
history Date of Origin
ancestry Ancestry
Toy Fox Terrier, Chihuahua

Toy Chisoxy Health

Average Size
Male Toy Chisoxy size stats
Height: 8-10 inches Weight: 7-10 lbs
Female Toy Chisoxy size stats
Height: 8-10 inches Weight: 7-10 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Pulmonic Stenosis
  • Open Fontanel
  • Von Willebrand's Disease
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Collapsed Trachea
Minor Concerns
  • Hypoglycemia
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Heart Murmurs
Occasional Tests
  • Dna Test For Vwd
  • X-Rays
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Analysis

Toy Chisoxy Breed History

The Toy Chisoxy is a fairly rare hybrid breed. In order to learn more about the Toy Chisoxy, it is a good idea to look at the origins of his parent breed in order to understand the history of the hybrid. No one is quite certain how the Chihuahua of today came into existence. One idea is that the Chihuahua descended from a Central/South American dog known as the Techichi. This dog was a part of the Toltec civilization. He had a round head and large, erect ears much like the Chihuahua of today. Artwork depicting the Techichi dates back to the ninth century B.C. It is thought that the Techichi was absorbed into Aztec society when the larger, more powerful civilization overtook the Toltecs. Over time, the Techichi became a part of Aztec rituals. The Techichi was believed to have mystical powers - the ability to heal, see the future, and guide souls into the afterlife. As the Aztecs were obliterated by the Spanish, the Techichi fell into extinction. A second theory is that the ancestor of the Chihuahua was brought to Central and South America by Spanish traders. This dog would have been small and hairless, and it was interbred with native dogs, which produced the Chihuahua as we know it. Regardless of the exact origin, the dog of today hails from an area in Mexico also named Chihuahua. As tourists began visiting Mexico, they brought the small dog back to America with them. The first Chihuahua was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1904. The Toy Fox Terrier is directly descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier, a dog bred to flush foxes from their dens during the hunt. The Smooth Fox Terrier was approximately twenty pounds at maturity, and, while he was an adept hunter, the smaller "runts" of the Smooth Fox Terrier breed seemed a little feistier during the hunt. Breeders began attempting to cultivate a smaller, more resilient breed of Fox Terrier, and the Toy Fox Terrier was the result. The Toy Fox Terrier was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2003, nearly one hundred years after the United Kennel Club designated the Smooth Fox Terrier its own breed. It is possible that the Smooth Fox Terrier was interbred with Chihuahuas and Toy Manchester dogs in order to make the smaller breed. 

Toy Chisoxy Breed Appearance

The Toy Chisoxy is a very small dog. At maturity, he will likely weigh no more than ten pounds. His coloring is wildly unpredictable, and it will largely be the result of the dominant parent's genetics. He may be white, fawn, red, tri-color, white with black and brown markings on his face, gray, brindle, or cream-colored. His legs will be short and stocky. His tail will be medium-length, thick at the base, tapering to a point at the end. His ears are generally long and erect; however, you may need to take extra care to ensure that his ears stay clean and do not become a health issue. He is generally lean and slender. His nose will often be long in proportion to his head. The Toy Chisoxy often has short, straight, and fine hair. However, if the Chihuahua parent breed is long-haired, it is possible that the Toy Chisoxy may have lengthy hair as well.
Eye Color Possibilities
brown Toy Chisoxy eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Toy Chisoxy nose
Coat Color Possibilities
cream Toy Chisoxy coat
black Toy Chisoxy coat
pied Toy Chisoxy coat
brindle Toy Chisoxy coat
white Toy Chisoxy coat
brown Toy Chisoxy coat
fawn Toy Chisoxy coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Toy Chisoxy straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Toy Chisoxy Breed Maintenance

The Toy Chisoxy is requires little to no maintenance. Brush him weekly to loosen and remove any dead hair and skin. He will shed very little. Brush his teeth two or three times a week to prevent bad breath and the build-up of tartar. However, in order to prevent tooth decay, brush his teeth daily. Trim his nails every two or three weeks depending upon whether or not he wears them down on his own. Neglecting the nails can lead to splitting, cracking and pain. Also, you will need to use a little extra TLC on his ears. Use a damp cotton ball to wipe out his ears once a week. As you are cleaning, check his ears for redness or a foul odor. Either of these symptoms is indicative of an ear infection.
Brushes for Toy Chisoxy
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
fur daily fur weekly fur monthly
Toy Chisoxy requires weekly brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Toy Chisoxy Temperament

The Toy Chisoxy is a sweet, loving, friendly little dog. He is wonderful with children, however, he may need to be socialized in order to always be comfortable with them. In addition, he is happiest in homes with older children who better know how to handle a very small dog. He may have a tendency to bond closely to one person in his family. However, he will play and interact with all members of his human family, even if he does have a favorite "person." He may be standoffish with other dogs. He is easy to train; although he will not enjoy being alone for very long. He may suffer from separation anxiety. If so, he can become lethargic and withdrawn. He may become destructive if he is left alone for long periods of time. The Toy Chisoxy is happiest when he is surrounded by his loving family and is the recipient of all your attention.

Toy Chisoxy Activity Requirements

The Toy Chisoxy is a lively, happy, energetic little dog. He will enjoy short, brisk walks through the neighborhood with you. He will also enjoy trips to the dog park. It is not a good idea to leave him in a fenced-in area unsupervised. Because the Toy Chisoxy is so small, birds of prey may see him as a food source. (With a human near, the bird of prey is not likely to harm the Toy Chisoxy.) The Toy Chisoxy will also enjoy chew toys and other items that provide mental stimulation as well as physical play. In fact, the Toy Chisoxy will enjoy playing with you - games of fetch, tug-of-war - as much as he will enjoy playing with toys on his own. Again, take extra care not to play too rough with the Toy Chisoxy. His antics will entertain you and your visitors for hours on end.
Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
4 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
45 minutes
activity minutes

Toy Chisoxy Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
1 cups
cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$0.70 - $1.00
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$25.00 - $32.00
food bag monthly cost

Toy Chisoxy Height & Weight

6 Months
Male Toy Chisoxy size stats at six months
Height: 4.5 inches Weight: 3.5 lbs
Female Toy Chisoxy size stats at six months
Height: 4.5 inches Weight: 3.5 lbs
12 Months
Male Toy Chisoxy size stats at 12 months
Height: 6.5 inches Weight: 6.5 lbs
Female Toy Chisoxy size stats at 12 months
Height: 6.5 inches Weight: 6.5 lbs
18 Months
Male Toy Chisoxy size stats at 18 months
Height: 7.5 inches Weight: 7.0 lbs
Female Toy Chisoxy size stats at 18 months
Height: 7.5 inches Weight: 7.0 lbs

Toy Chisoxy Owner Experiences

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