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For most of us, our pups are family, and just like any loved one, what we call them is important. After all, we'll be using their name a lot, and for their entire lives, so it makes sense to take some time to pick the pawfect one. Whether you're looking for an easy-to-remember name, or a unique moniker that speaks to the qualities of the breed, we've done some research to help you on your naming journey. Here are the 50 most popular dog names that are currently in use, and one of them may be just the right fit for your new best pal!

Most Popular Dog Names in Pop Culture

Bella in pop culture

Most Popular Dog Name Considerations

There are just as many names out there as kinds of pooches, and lots more on top of that! Finding the best one that fits your dog may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but there are several ways you can narrow down the list based on observations of your dog. Are they lazy or energetic? Certainly, a name like Sparky speaks to an active pup! Do they hold themselves like royalty? Perhaps a Rex or Princess are in order. 

You could also use their appearance, such as Tiny for a toy, or a giant dog! Use their color, such as Blacky or Cole for a black coated pup, or Smokey for a gray one. Got a ginger furbaby? Try Amber, Honey or simply Red. How about Bandit for a wiry coat that looks like its been outdoors way too long? Or Lady if your pooch has a luxurious one.

You can also look to pupular culture where names from movies, TV and books abound. Perhaps a Darcy for an uptight gentleman, Snoopy for your new beagle pup, or Drax for Marvel lovers? Got a favorite historical figure or mythical god? Napoleon would be furrific for a Chihuahua who thinks they are in charge. And if your Great Dane's footsteps sound like thunder, Thor would be highly appropriate. And if these all sound too way out there, the tried and true classics work every time.

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