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The 1990s were a lot of fun. It was a decade involving a lot of classic films, vibrant colors, and much simpler times. The 1995 family film called A Kid in King Arthur’s Court was the epitome of the 1990s, and its dedication to fun may mean you could want to search for A Kid in King Arthur’s Court inspired dog name.

After all, wouldn’t it be like stepping back in time every time you called your dog a name you haven’t heard from your favorite movie since the 1990s? The film is also one that entertained adults and children alike, following a baseball player who finds himself falling from the 20th century into the sixth century. Give your family a slice of nostalgia by considering A Kid in King Arthur’s Court dog name for your new family addition. 

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A Kid in King Arthur's Court Dog Name Considerations

The best thing about choosing A Kid in King Arthur’s Court dog name is that the selection is broad. Because the movie took place in the 20th century and the sixth, you get to enjoy an eclectic mix of new and old names – both of which could suit your new four-legged friend well.

Out of all the considerations, gender should be the most important one. Some names are only suitable for male or female dogs, whereas, with others, you can get away with both. A boy dog would suit Arthur, but a female wouldn’t. A female would suit Kate, but a male wouldn’t.  It’s all about striking a balance between reliving the movie and choosing a suitable pet name.

Then, factor in your dog’s personality. The movie follows a lot of royalty, so consider the grandeur of your pooch. Is your pup prince-like? Then, maybe a name like Prince or King could be suitable. If they are quite proud, then you may even like to consider the name Knight. Put some thought into proper A Kid in King Arthur’s Court inspired dog names and select one that suits your dog well. Remember, once your dog has a name, it’s hard to change it! 

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